Endometriosis - Primary care

Kuan V, Denaxas S, Gonzalez-Izquierdo A, Direk K, Bhatti O, Husain S, Sutaria S, Hingorani M, Nitsch D, Parisinos C, Lumbers T, Mathur R, Sofat R, Casas JP, Wong I, Hemingway H, Hingorani A

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Clinical Code List

Name Version Type Logical type  
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Code Description
7E0D800 Laparoscopic laser destruction of endometriosis
BBL1.11 [M]Stromal endometriosis
K500000 Internal endometriosis
K500100 Endometriosis of myometrium
K500111 Adenomyosis of endometrium
K500200 Endometriosis of cervix
K500.00 Endometriosis of uterus
K500z00 Endometriosis of uterus NOS
K501.00 Endometriosis of ovary
K501.11 Chocolate cyst of ovary

Rows: 37
Code Description Disease Medcode Category
7E0D800 Laparoscopic laser destruction of endometriosis Endometriosis 12175.0 Procedure for Endometriosis
BBL1.11 [M]Stromal endometriosis Endometriosis 56751.0 Diagnosis of Endometriosis
K50..00 Endometriosis Endometriosis 499.0 Diagnosis of Endometriosis
K50..11 Adenomyosis Endometriosis 3432.0 Diagnosis of Endometriosis
K500.00 Endometriosis of uterus Endometriosis 41735.0 Diagnosis of Endometriosis
K500000 Internal endometriosis Endometriosis 19266.0 Diagnosis of Endometriosis
K500100 Endometriosis of myometrium Endometriosis 61192.0 Diagnosis of Endometriosis
K500111 Adenomyosis of endometrium Endometriosis 22007.0 Diagnosis of Endometriosis
K500200 Endometriosis of cervix Endometriosis 36805.0 Diagnosis of Endometriosis
K500z00 Endometriosis of uterus NOS Endometriosis 42092.0 Diagnosis of Endometriosis
K501.00 Endometriosis of ovary Endometriosis 19682.0 Diagnosis of Endometriosis
K501.11 Chocolate cyst of ovary Endometriosis 16143.0 Diagnosis of Endometriosis
K502.00 Endometriosis of the fallopian tube Endometriosis 30091.0 Diagnosis of Endometriosis
K503.00 Endometriosis of the pelvic peritoneum Endometriosis 22662.0 Diagnosis of Endometriosis
K503000 Endometriosis of the broad ligament Endometriosis 67137.0 Diagnosis of Endometriosis
K503100 Endometriosis of the pouch of Douglas Endometriosis 50464.0 Diagnosis of Endometriosis
K503200 Endometriosis of the parametrium Endometriosis 63232.0 Diagnosis of Endometriosis
K503300 Endometriosis of the round ligament Endometriosis 50544.0 Diagnosis of Endometriosis
K503z00 Endometriosis of the pelvic peritoneum NOS Endometriosis 42424.0 Diagnosis of Endometriosis
K504.00 Endometriosis of the rectovaginal septum and vagina Endometriosis 70854.0 Diagnosis of Endometriosis
K504000 Endometriosis of the rectovaginal septum Endometriosis 50518.0 Diagnosis of Endometriosis
K504100 Endometriosis of the vagina Endometriosis 37392.0 Diagnosis of Endometriosis
K504z00 Endometriosis of the rectovaginal septum and vagina NOS Endometriosis 94268.0 Diagnosis of Endometriosis
K505.00 Endometriosis of the intestine Endometriosis 20194.0 Diagnosis of Endometriosis
K505000 Endometriosis of the appendix Endometriosis 71993.0 Diagnosis of Endometriosis
K505100 Endometriosis of the colon Endometriosis 62982.0 Diagnosis of Endometriosis
K505200 Endometriosis of the rectum Endometriosis 60784.0 Diagnosis of Endometriosis
K505z00 Endometriosis of the intestine NOS Endometriosis 97045.0 Diagnosis of Endometriosis
K506.00 Endometriosis in scar of skin Endometriosis 60097.0 Diagnosis of Endometriosis
K50y.00 Other endometriosis Endometriosis 49603.0 Diagnosis of Endometriosis
K50y000 Endometriosis of the bladder Endometriosis 36930.0 Diagnosis of Endometriosis
K50y100 Endometriosis of the lung Endometriosis 69931.0 Diagnosis of Endometriosis
K50y200 Endometriosis of the umbilicus Endometriosis 48222.0 Diagnosis of Endometriosis
K50y300 Endometriosis of the vulva Endometriosis 68037.0 Diagnosis of Endometriosis
K50yz00 Other endometriosis NOS Endometriosis 66361.0 Diagnosis of Endometriosis
K50z.00 Endometriosis NOS Endometriosis 9492.0 Diagnosis of Endometriosis
Kyu9000 [X]Other endometriosis Endometriosis 63749.0 Diagnosis of Endometriosis


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3429 Endometriosis - Primary care ieuan.scanlon 2021-10-06 currently shown

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