Lithium Therapy - Primary Care

Evangelos Kontopantelis, David Springate, David Reeves, Darren M Ashcroft, Jose M Valderas, Tim Doran

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Name Version Type Logical type  
Kontopantelis_LithiumTherapy_jJztqCWSFrE9swcNagnH47_OXMISRead - Expression Select Add codes
Code Description
6657.11 Lithium monitoring
44W8.11 Lithium: blood level
44W8.00 Serum lithium level
44vE.00 Lithium level therapeutic
44W8200 Lithium level low
44W8000 Lithium level therapeutic
44W8100 Lithium level high - toxic
6657.00 On lithium
6657.12 Started lithium

Rows: 13
Code Description Entity type Coding System (OXMIS Read) Category
44W8.00 Serum lithium level lithium_therapy Read diagnostic
44W8.11 Lithium: blood level lithium_therapy Read diagnostic
44W8000 Lithium level therapeutic lithium_therapy Read diagnostic
44W8100 Lithium level high - toxic lithium_therapy Read diagnostic
44W8200 Lithium level low lithium_therapy Read diagnostic
44vE.00 Lithium level therapeutic lithium_therapy Read diagnostic
6657.00 On lithium lithium_therapy Read diagnostic
6657.11 Lithium monitoring lithium_therapy Read diagnostic
6657.12 Started lithium lithium_therapy Read diagnostic
665B.00 Lithium stopped lithium_therapy Read diagnostic
9859 TOXICITY LITHIUM lithium_therapy Read diagnostic
R105300 [D]Lithium; blood level abnormal lithium_therapy Read diagnostic
T3551CA LITHIUM THERAPY lithium_therapy Read diagnostic


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5002 Lithium Therapy - Primary Care ieuan.scanlon 2021-10-06 currently shown

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