Alcohol Consumption - Primary Care - Alcohol consumption information

Bell S, Daskalopoulou M, Rapsomaniki E, George J, Britton A, Bobak M, Casas JP, Dale CE, Denaxas S, Shah AD, Hemingway H

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In the Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD, primary care data) we extracted information on alcohol consumption based on:

  • Clinician-recorded alcohol consumption information

  • Stuctured data elements related to daily/weekly alcohol unit consumption

  • Evidence of alcohol abuse

  • Evidence of alcohol-related harm


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Clinical Code List

Name Version Type Logical type  
caliber_alcohol_consumption_7aXDiYMtSR6aYEkZKPBdvm_Read2 - Expression Select Add codes
Code Description
1361 Teetotaller
1361.11 Non drinker alcohol
1361.12 Non-drinker alcohol
136M.00 Current non drinker
1367 Stopped drinking alcohol
136A.00 Ex-trivial drinker (<1u/day)
136B.00 Ex-light drinker - (1-2u/day)
136C.00 Ex-moderate drinker - (3-6u/d)
136D.00 Ex-heavy drinker - (7-9u/day)
136E.00 Ex-very heavy drinker-(>9u/d)

Rows: 54
Code Description CALIBER category
136..00 Alcohol consumption Drinker status not specified
1361 Teetotaller Non drinker
1361.11 Non drinker alcohol Non drinker
1361.12 Non-drinker alcohol Non drinker
1362.11 Drinks rarely Occasional drinker (less than once per week)
1362.12 Drinks occasionally Occasional drinker (less than once per week)
1367 Stopped drinking alcohol Ex drinker
1368 Alcohol consumption unknown Drinker status not specified
136A.00 Ex-trivial drinker (<1u/day) Ex drinker
136B.00 Ex-light drinker - (1-2u/day) Ex drinker
136C.00 Ex-moderate drinker - (3-6u/d) Ex drinker
136D.00 Ex-heavy drinker - (7-9u/day) Ex drinker
136E.00 Ex-very heavy drinker-(>9u/d) Ex drinker
136F.00 Spirit drinker Current drinker
136G.00 Beer drinker Current drinker
136H.00 Drinks beer and spirits Current drinker
136I.00 Drinks wine Current drinker
136J.00 Social drinker Current drinker
136K.00 Alcohol intake above recommended sensible limits Excess drinker
136L.00 Alcohol intake within recommended sensible limits Current drinker
136M.00 Current non drinker Non drinker
136N.00 Light drinker Current drinker
136O.00 Moderate drinker Current drinker
136P.00 Heavy drinker Excess drinker
136Q.00 Very heavy drinker Excess drinker
136R.00 Binge drinker Binge drinker
136S.00 Hazardous alcohol use Excess drinker
136T.00 Harmful alcohol use Excess drinker
136V.00 Alcohol units per week Drinker status not specified
136W.00 Alcohol misuse Excess drinker
136X.00 Alcohol units consumed on heaviest drinking day Drinker status not specified
136Z.00 Alcohol consumption NOS Drinker status not specified
13ZY.00 Disqualified from driving due to excess alcohol Excess drinker
1D19.00 Pain in lymph nodes after alcohol consumption Current drinker
2577 O/E - breath - alcohol smell Current drinker
2577.11 O/E - alcoholic breath Current drinker
9k19.00 Alcohol assesment declined - enhanced services admin Drinker status not specified
9k19.11 Alcohol assessment declined Drinker status not specified
E23..12 Alcohol problem drinking Excess drinker
E250.00 Nondependent alcohol abuse Excess drinker
E250.11 Drunkenness NOS Current drinker
E250.12 Hangover (alcohol) Current drinker
E250.13 Inebriety NOS Current drinker
E250.14 Intoxication - alcohol Current drinker
E250000 Nondependent alcohol abuse, unspecified Excess drinker
E250100 Nondependent alcohol abuse, continuous Excess drinker
E250200 Nondependent alcohol abuse, episodic Binge drinker
E250300 Nondependent alcohol abuse in remission Excess drinker
E250z00 Nondependent alcohol abuse NOS Excess drinker
R103.00 [D]Alcohol blood level excessive Current drinker
U81..00 [X]Evid of alcohol involv determind by level of intoxication Current drinker
Z786200 Drinking practice Drinker status not specified
ZV11311 [V]Problems related to lifestyle alcohol use Excess drinker
ZV4KC00 [V] Alcohol use Drinker status not specified


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