Alcohol Consumption - Primary Care - Daily/weekly alcohol intake

Bell S, Daskalopoulou M, Rapsomaniki E, George J, Britton A, Bobak M, Casas JP, Dale CE, Denaxas S, Shah AD, Hemingway H

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In the Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD, primary care data) we extracted information on alcohol consumption based on:

  • Clinician-recorded alcohol consumption information

  • Stuctured data elements related to daily/weekly alcohol unit consumption

  • Evidence of alcohol abuse

  • Evidence of alcohol-related harm

We extracted alcohol unit intake information using the structured data part (entity type 5) of the additional table (units recorded in data2) field. We additionally extract information on intake through clinician-recorded classifications using Read terms (see below).


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Clinical Code List

Name Version Type Logical type  
caliber_alcohol_daily_intake_7aXDiYMtSR6aYEkZKPBdvm_Read2 - Expression Select Add codes
Code Description
1362 Trivial drinker - <1u/day
1363 Light drinker - 1-2u/day
1364 Moderate drinker - 3-6u/day
1365 Heavy drinker - 7-9u/day
1366 Very heavy drinker - >9u/day

Rows: 5
Code Description CALIBER category
1362 Trivial drinker - <1u/day Less than 1 unit/day
1363 Light drinker - 1-2u/day 1-2 units/day
1364 Moderate drinker - 3-6u/day 3-6 units/day
1365 Heavy drinker - 7-9u/day 7-9 units/day
1366 Very heavy drinker - >9u/day More than 9 units/day


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5496 Alcohol Consumption - Primary Care - Daily/weekly alcohol intake ieuan.scanlon 2021-10-19 currently shown

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