Asthma - Primary care

Eleanor L Axson, Jennifer K Quint

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Code Description

Rows: 150
Code Description Description Quality and Outcomes Framework Read Codes 2017/18 Validated Non-Specific Asthma Read Codes Nissen et al. 2017 Validated Specific Asthma Read Codes Nissen et al. 2017 Read v2 Code
10692761000119107 Asthma-chronic obstructive pulmonary disease overlap syndrome Y H3B..00
1086701000000102 Extrinsic asthma with status asthmaticus Y Y H330100
1086711000000100 Intrinsic asthma with status asthmaticus Y Y H331100
12428000 Intrinsic asthma without status asthmaticus Y Y H331000
161105008 Asthma society member Y 13Y4.00
161527007 H/O: asthma Y 14B4.00
170627008 Airways obstruction reversible 663J.00
170631002 Asthma disturbing sleep Y 663N.00
170632009 Asthma causing night waking Y 663N000
170633004 Asthma disturbs sleep weekly Y 663N100
170634005 Asthma disturbs sleep frequently Y 663N200
170635006 Asthma not disturbing sleep Y 663O.00
170636007 Asthma never disturbs sleep Y 663O000
170637003 Asthma limiting activities Y 663P.00
170638008 Asthma not limiting activities Y 663Q.00
170642006 Asthma severity Y 663V.00
170647000 Asthma prophylactic medication used Y 663W.00
170655007 Asthma restricts exercise Y 663e.00
170656008 Asthma sometimes restricts exercise Y 663e000
170657004 Asthma severely restricts exercise Y 663e100
170658009 Asthma never restricts exercise Y 663f.00
182724005 Further asthma - drug prevent. Y 8791.00
182726007 Asthma control step 0 Y 8793.00
182727003 Asthma control step 1 Y 8794.00
182728008 Asthma control step 2 Y 8795.00
182729000 Asthma control step 3 Y 8796.00
182730005 Asthma control step 4 Y 8797.00
182731009 Asthma control step 5 Y 8798.00
183099005 Asthma leaflet given Y 8CE2.00
183478001 Emergency admission, asthma Y 8H2P.00
185242005 Seen in asthma clinic Y 9N1d.00
185728001 Attends asthma monitoring Y 9OJ1.00
185730004 Asthma monitor offer default Y 9OJ3.00
185731000 Asthma monitor 1st letter Y 9OJ4.00
185732007 Asthma monitor 2nd letter Y 9OJ5.00
185734008 Asthma monitor 3rd letter Y 9OJ6.00
185735009 Asthma monitor verbal invite Y 9OJ7.00
185736005 Asthma monitor phone invite Y 9OJ8.00
185940009 Patient in asthma study Y 9Q21.00
195949008 Chronic asthmatic bronchitis Y Y H312000
195967001 Asthma Y Y H33..00
195977004 Mixed asthma Y H332.00
198971000000102 Asthma outreach clinic Y 9NI8.00
201031000000108 Asthma trigger - respiratory infection Y 1789.00
201041000000104 Asthma trigger - seasonal Y 1787.00
201051000000101 Asthma trigger - animals Y 1786.00
201191000000108 Asthma trigger - cold air Y 1788.00
201201000000105 Asthma trigger - damp Y 1785.00
201211000000107 Asthma trigger - emotion Y 1784.00
225057002 Brittle asthma Y Y H334.00
23315001 Sequoiosis (red-cedar asthma) Y H35y600
233678006 Childhood asthma Y H330.12
233679003 Late onset asthma Y Y H331.11
233683003 Hay fever with asthma Y Y H330.13
266361008 Intrinsic asthma Y Y H331.00
270442000 Asthma monitored Y 9OJA.11
275908000 Asthma monitoring Y 663..11
302331000000106 Royal College of Physicians asthma assessment Y 388t.00
312453004 Asthma - currently active Y 663j.00
312454005 Asthma - currently dormant Y 663h.00
31387002 Exercise induced asthma Y Y H33zz11
340891000000106 Asthma trigger - airborne dust Y 178A.00
340901000000107 Asthma trigger - exercise Y 178B.00
340911000000109 Asthma trigger - pollen Y 1781.00
340921000000103 Asthma trigger - tobacco smoke Y 1782.00
340931000000101 Asthma trigger - warm air Y 1783.00
366874008 Number of asthma exacerbations in past year Y 663y.00
370202007 Asthma causes daytime symptoms 1 to 2 times per month Y 663t.00
370203002 Asthma causes daytime symptoms 1 to 2 times per week Y 663u.00
370204008 Asthma causes daytime symptoms most days Y 663v.00
370205009 Asthma causes night symptoms 1 to 2 times per month Y 663r.00
370206005 Asthma limits walking on the flat Y 663x.00
370207001 Asthma limits walking up hills or stairs Y 663w.00
370208006 Asthma never causes daytime symptoms Y 663s.00
370218001 Mild asthma Y 663V100
370219009 Moderate asthma Y 663V200
370220003 Occasional asthma Y 663V000
370221004 Severe asthma Y 663V300
370225008 Asthma treatment compliance unsatisfactory Y 663p.00
370226009 Asthma treatment compliance satisfactory Y 663n.00
373899003 Asthma daytime symptoms Y 663q.00
389145006 Allergic asthma Y Y H330.11
390872009 Change in asthma management plan Y 66Y5.00
390877003 Step up change in asthma management plan Y 66Y9.00
390878008 Step down change in asthma management plan Y 66YA.00
390921001 Absent from work or school due to asthma Y 66YC.00
390940007 Asthma monitoring due Y 66YE.00
394700004 Asthma annual review Y 66YJ.00
394701000 Asthma follow-up Y 66YK.00
394720003 Asthma medication review Y 8B3j.00
395022009 Asthma night-time symptoms Y 66YP.00
400987003 Asthma trigger Y 178..00
401135008 Health education - asthma Y 679J.00
401182001 Asthma monitoring by nurse Y 66YQ.00
401183006 Asthma monitoring by doctor Y 66YR.00
401193004 Asthma confirmed Y 1O2..00
406162001 Asthma management plan given Y 663U.00
407674008 Aspirin induced asthma Y 1780.00
415265005 Referral to asthma clinic Y 8HTT.00
41553006 Detergent asthma Y H47y000
424643009 Extrinsic asthma NOS Y Y H330z00
443117005 Asthma control test Y 38DL.00
448003001 Royal College Physician asthma assessment 3 question score Y 388t000
473391009 Asthma never causes night symptoms Y 66Ys.00
527171000000103 Patient has a written asthma personal action plan Y 8CMA000
527191000000104 Health education - asthma self management Y 679J000
527211000000100 Health education - structured asthma discussion Y 679J100
527231000000108 Health education - structured patient focused asthma discuss Y 679J200
56968009 Wood asthma Y H35y700
57607007 Occupational asthma Y 173c.00
63088003 Extrinsic asthma without status asthmaticus Y Y H330000
698509001 Under care of asthma specialist nurse Y 9NNX.00
708038006 Asthma NOS Y Y H33zz00
708090002 Severe asthma attack Y Y H33z011
708093000 Extrinsic asthma with asthma attack Y Y H330111
708094006 Intrinsic asthma with asthma attack Y Y H331111
708358003 Emergency asthma admission since last appointment Y 663d.00
708373002 Asthma accident and emergency attendance since last visit Y 663m.00
713701000000108 Asthma monitoring admin. Y 9OJ..00
713711000000105 Asthma clinic administration Y 9OJ..11
715191006 Telehealth asthma monitoring 66Yz500
715801000000103 Exception reporting: asthma quality indicators Y 9hA..00
716491000000100 Excepted from asthma quality indicators: Informed dissent Y 9hA2.00
717291000000103 Excepted from asthma quality indicators: Patient unstable Y 9hA1.00
734904007 Status asthmaticus NOS Y Y H33z000
736056000 Asthma clinical management plan Y 8CR0.00
754061000000100 Asthma review using Roy Colleg of Physicians three questions Y 66Yp.00
763077003 Asthma control questionnaire Y 38DT.00
763221007 Refuses asthma monitoring Y 9OJ2.00
763695004 Mini asthma quality of life questionnaire Y 38DV.00
771901000000100 Asthma causes night time symptoms 1 to 2 times per week Y 66Yq.00
771941000000102 Asthma causes symptoms most nights Y 66Yr.00
771981000000105 Asthma limits activities 1 to 2 times per month Y 663P000
772011000000107 Asthma limits activities 1 to 2 times per week Y 663P100
772051000000106 Asthma limits activities most days Y 663P200
791401000000104 Seen in school asthma clinic 9N1d000
810901000000102 Asthma self-management plan review Y 661N100
811151000000105 Number days absent from school due to asthma in past 6 month Y 66Yu.00
811921000000103 Asthma self-management plan agreed Y 661M100
866881000000101 Chronic asthma with fixed airflow obstruction Y Y H335.00
892301000000100 Asthma management plan declined 66Yz000
89581000000109 DNA - Did not attend asthma clinic Y 9N4Q.00
905301000103 Childhood Asthma Control Test 38QM.00
928451000000107 Asthma monitoring invitation SMS (short message service) text message 9OJB.00
92851000000107 Asthma monitoring invitation email 9OJC.00
959401000000101 Asthma monitoring SMS (short message service) text message first invitation 9OJB000
959421000000105 Asthma monitoring SMS (short message service) text message second invitation 9OJB100
959441000000103 Asthma monitoring SMS (short message service) text message third invitation 9OJB200
966011000000109 At risk severe asthma exacerbation 14Ok000
966031000000101 Severe asthma exacerbation risk assessment 38B8.00


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