Bronchiestasis - Primary care

Eleanor L Axson, Jennifer K Quint

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Clinical Code List

Name Version Type Logical type  
axson_bronchiestasis_ZckoXfUWNXn8Jn7fdLQuxj_SNOMEDCT - Expression Select Add codes
Code Description
H34..00 Bronchiectasis
H34z.00 Bronchiectasis NOS
P861.00 Congenital bronchiectasis
H341.00 Post-infective bronchiectasis
H340.00 Recurrent bronchiectasis
A115.00 Tuberculous bronchiectasis

Rows: 6
Code Description SNOMED CT Description ID SNOMED CT Concept ID Used by Quint et al. 2016
A115.00 Tuberculous bronchiectasis 38677017 23022004 Y
H34..00 Bronchiectasis 21163015 12295008 Y
H340.00 Recurrent bronchiectasis 301524014 195984007 Y
H341.00 Post-infective bronchiectasis 301525010 195985008 Y
H34z.00 Bronchiectasis NOS 21163015 12295008 Y
P861.00 Congenital bronchiectasis 128792019 77593006 Y


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Version History

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2617 Bronchiestasis - Primary care ieuan.scanlon 2021-10-06 currently shown

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