Agranulocytosis - Primary care

Kuan V, Denaxas S, Gonzalez-Izquierdo A, Direk K, Bhatti O, Husain S, Sutaria S, Hingorani M, Nitsch D, Parisinos C, Lumbers T, Mathur R, Sofat R, Casas JP, Wong I, Hemingway H, Hingorani A

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Clinical Code List

Name Version Type Logical type  
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Code Description
42H2.00 Leucopenia - low white count
42H2.11 Leucopenia
42H4.00 Agranulocytosis
42J2.00 Neutropenia
D400000 Idiopathic agranulocytosis
D400011 Idiopathic neutropenia
D400100 Primary splenic neutropenia
D400200 Agranulocytosis - drug induced
D400211 Neutropenia - drug induced
D400312 Neutropenia due to irradiation

Rows: 22
Code Description Disease Medcode Category
42H2.00 Leucopenia - low white count Agranulocytosis 26325.0 Diagnosis of Agranulocytosis
42H2.11 Leucopenia Agranulocytosis 1955.0 Diagnosis of Agranulocytosis
42H4.00 Agranulocytosis Agranulocytosis 21258.0 Diagnosis of Agranulocytosis
42J2.00 Neutropenia Agranulocytosis 4463.0 Diagnosis of Agranulocytosis
D400.00 Agranulocytosis Agranulocytosis 4818.0 Diagnosis of Agranulocytosis
D400.11 Kostmann's syndrome Agranulocytosis 70337.0 Diagnosis of Agranulocytosis
D400.12 Neutropenia Agranulocytosis 2071.0 Diagnosis of Agranulocytosis
D400000 Idiopathic agranulocytosis Agranulocytosis 63204.0 Diagnosis of Agranulocytosis
D400011 Idiopathic neutropenia Agranulocytosis 18054.0 Diagnosis of Agranulocytosis
D400100 Primary splenic neutropenia Agranulocytosis 96380.0 Diagnosis of Agranulocytosis
D400200 Agranulocytosis - drug induced Agranulocytosis 54000.0 Diagnosis of Agranulocytosis
D400211 Neutropenia - drug induced Agranulocytosis 35719.0 Diagnosis of Agranulocytosis
D400312 Neutropenia due to irradiation Agranulocytosis 40310.0 Diagnosis of Agranulocytosis
D400400 Agranulocytosis due to infection Agranulocytosis 50375.0 Diagnosis of Agranulocytosis
D400411 Neutropenia due to infection Agranulocytosis 17705.0 Diagnosis of Agranulocytosis
D400600 Drug-induced neutropenia Agranulocytosis 30008.0 Diagnosis of Agranulocytosis
D400800 Acquired neutropenia NEC Agranulocytosis 49346.0 Diagnosis of Agranulocytosis
D400811 Acquired agranulocytosis NEC Agranulocytosis 65903.0 Diagnosis of Agranulocytosis
D400900 Cyclical neutropenia Agranulocytosis 32141.0 Diagnosis of Agranulocytosis
D400A00 Leucopenia Agranulocytosis 3372.0 Diagnosis of Agranulocytosis
D400y00 Other specified agranulocytosis Agranulocytosis 64300.0 Diagnosis of Agranulocytosis
D400z00 Agranulocytosis NOS Agranulocytosis 63055.0 Diagnosis of Agranulocytosis


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3023 Agranulocytosis - Primary care ieuan.scanlon 2021-10-06 currently shown

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