Appendicitis - Primary care

Kuan V, Denaxas S, Gonzalez-Izquierdo A, Direk K, Bhatti O, Husain S, Sutaria S, Hingorani M, Nitsch D, Parisinos C, Lumbers T, Mathur R, Sofat R, Casas JP, Wong I, Hemingway H, Hingorani A

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Clinical Code List

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Code Description
14C2.00 H/O: appendicitis
25J6.00 Appendix mass
7700000.0 Emergency excision of abnormal appendix and drainage HFQ
7700100.0 Emergency excision of abnormal appendix NEC
7700300.0 Emergency appendicectomy NEC
7700400.0 Endoscopic emergency appendicectomy
7700.00 Emergency excision of appendix
7700.11 Emergency appendicectomy
7700y00 Other specified emergency excision of appendix
7700z00 Emergency excision of appendix NOS

Rows: 38
Code Description Disease Medcode Category
14C2.00 H/O: appendicitis Appendicitis 7210.0 History of Appendicitis
25J6.00 Appendix mass Appendicitis 9388.0 Diagnosis of Appendicitis
7700.00 Emergency excision of appendix Appendicitis 10830.0 Procedure for Appendicitis
7700.11 Emergency appendicectomy Appendicitis 3141.0 Procedure for Appendicitis
7700000.0 Emergency excision of abnormal appendix and drainage HFQ Appendicitis 23344.0 Procedure for Appendicitis
7700100.0 Emergency excision of abnormal appendix NEC Appendicitis 33538.0 Procedure for Appendicitis
7700300.0 Emergency appendicectomy NEC Appendicitis 7832.0 Procedure for Appendicitis
7700400.0 Endoscopic emergency appendicectomy Appendicitis 9206.0 Procedure for Appendicitis
7700y00 Other specified emergency excision of appendix Appendicitis 60360.0 Procedure for Appendicitis
7700z00 Emergency excision of appendix NOS Appendicitis 33826.0 Procedure for Appendicitis
7701.00 Other excision of appendix Appendicitis 9699.0 Procedure for Appendicitis
7701.11 Non emergency appendicectomy Appendicitis 662.0 Procedure for Appendicitis
7701000.0 Interval appendicectomy Appendicitis 10119.0 Procedure for Appendicitis
7701300.0 Planned delayed appendicectomy NEC Appendicitis 5692.0 Procedure for Appendicitis
7701400.0 Endoscopic appendicectomy NEC Appendicitis 28587.0 Procedure for Appendicitis
7701y00 Other specified other excision of appendix Appendicitis 59158.0 Procedure for Appendicitis
7701z00 Other excision of appendix NOS Appendicitis 29710.0 Procedure for Appendicitis
7701z11 Appendicectomy NEC Appendicitis 422.0 Procedure for Appendicitis
7702000.0 Drainage of abscess of appendix Appendicitis 2394.0 Procedure for Appendicitis
7702100.0 Drainage of appendix NEC Appendicitis 29890.0 Procedure for Appendicitis
J20..00 Acute appendicitis Appendicitis 698.0 Diagnosis of Appendicitis
J200.00 Acute appendicitis with peritonitis Appendicitis 1999.0 Diagnosis of Appendicitis
J201.00 Acute appendicitis with appendix abscess Appendicitis 16040.0 Diagnosis of Appendicitis
J201.11 Abscess of appendix Appendicitis 16716.0 Diagnosis of Appendicitis
J201.12 Appendix abscess Appendicitis 4130.0 Diagnosis of Appendicitis
J202.00 Acute appendicitis without peritonitis Appendicitis 29882.0 Diagnosis of Appendicitis
J203.00 Acute appendicitis with generalised peritonitis Appendicitis 104496.0 Diagnosis of Appendicitis
J204.00 Acute appendicitis with localised peritonitis Appendicitis 104722.0 Diagnosis of Appendicitis
J20z.00 Acute appendicitis NOS Appendicitis 15490.0 Diagnosis of Appendicitis
J20z100 Acute gangrenous appendicitis Appendicitis 17014.0 Diagnosis of Appendicitis
J21..00 Appendicitis, unqualified Appendicitis 25856.0 Diagnosis of Appendicitis
J22..00 Other appendicitis Appendicitis 35406.0 Diagnosis of Appendicitis
J220.00 Subacute appendicitis Appendicitis 24325.0 Diagnosis of Appendicitis
J221.00 Chronic appendicitis Appendicitis 16152.0 Diagnosis of Appendicitis
J222.00 Relapsing appendicitis Appendicitis 3472.0 Diagnosis of Appendicitis
J223.00 Recurrent appendicitis Appendicitis 15393.0 Diagnosis of Appendicitis
J22z.00 Other appendicitis NOS Appendicitis 37817.0 Diagnosis of Appendicitis
Jyu2000 [X]Other appendicitis Appendicitis 52383.0 Diagnosis of Appendicitis


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3103 Appendicitis - Primary care ieuan.scanlon 2021-10-06 currently shown

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