Asthma - Primary care

Kuan V, Denaxas S, Gonzalez-Izquierdo A, Direk K, Bhatti O, Husain S, Sutaria S, Hingorani M, Nitsch D, Parisinos C, Lumbers T, Mathur R, Sofat R, Casas JP, Wong I, Hemingway H, Hingorani A

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Clinical Code List

Name Version Type Logical type  
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Code Description
14B4.00 H/O: asthma
173A.00 Exercise induced asthma
173c.00 Occupational asthma
173d.00 Work aggravated asthma
1780.00 Aspirin induced asthma
1O2..00 Asthma confirmed
2126200.0 Asthma resolved
212G.00 Asthma resolved
H312000 Chronic asthmatic bronchitis
H330000 Extrinsic asthma without status asthmaticus

Rows: 42
Code Description Disease Medcode Category
14B4.00 H/O: asthma Asthma 719.0 History of Asthma
173A.00 Exercise induced asthma Asthma 5867.0 Diagnosis of Asthma
173c.00 Occupational asthma Asthma 22752.0 Diagnosis of Asthma
173d.00 Work aggravated asthma Asthma 73522.0 Diagnosis of Asthma
1780.00 Aspirin induced asthma Asthma 41017.0 Diagnosis of Asthma
1O2..00 Asthma confirmed Asthma 11370.0 Diagnosis of Asthma
2126200.0 Asthma resolved Asthma 10996.0 History of Asthma
212G.00 Asthma resolved Asthma 11839.0 History of Asthma
H312000 Chronic asthmatic bronchitis Asthma 5798.0 Diagnosis of Asthma
H33..00 Asthma Asthma 78.0 Diagnosis of Asthma
H33..11 Bronchial asthma Asthma 1555.0 Diagnosis of Asthma
H330.00 Extrinsic (atopic) asthma Asthma 7146.0 Diagnosis of Asthma
H330.11 Allergic asthma Asthma 2290.0 Diagnosis of Asthma
H330.12 Childhood asthma Asthma 1208.0 Diagnosis of Asthma
H330.13 Hay fever with asthma Asthma 15248.0 Diagnosis of Asthma
H330.14 Pollen asthma Asthma 7731.0 Diagnosis of Asthma
H330000 Extrinsic asthma without status asthmaticus Asthma 14777.0 Diagnosis of Asthma
H330011 Hay fever with asthma Asthma 5627.0 Diagnosis of Asthma
H330100 Extrinsic asthma with status asthmaticus Asthma 27926.0 Diagnosis of Asthma
H330111 Extrinsic asthma with asthma attack Asthma 6707.0 Diagnosis of Asthma
H330z00 Extrinsic asthma NOS Asthma 45782.0 Diagnosis of Asthma
H331.00 Intrinsic asthma Asthma 5267.0 Diagnosis of Asthma
H331.11 Late onset asthma Asthma 3665.0 Diagnosis of Asthma
H331000 Intrinsic asthma without status asthmaticus Asthma 29325.0 Diagnosis of Asthma
H331100 Intrinsic asthma with status asthmaticus Asthma 58196.0 Diagnosis of Asthma
H331111 Intrinsic asthma with asthma attack Asthma 18323.0 Diagnosis of Asthma
H331z00 Intrinsic asthma NOS Asthma 45073.0 Diagnosis of Asthma
H332.00 Mixed asthma Asthma 25796.0 Diagnosis of Asthma
H333.00 Acute exacerbation of asthma Asthma 185.0 Diagnosis of Asthma
H334.00 Brittle asthma Asthma 40823.0 Diagnosis of Asthma
H335.00 Chronic asthma with fixed airflow obstruction Asthma 106805.0 Diagnosis of Asthma
H33z.00 Asthma unspecified Asthma 4442.0 Diagnosis of Asthma
H33z.11 Hyperreactive airways disease Asthma 32727.0 Diagnosis of Asthma
H33z000 Status asthmaticus NOS Asthma 4892.0 Diagnosis of Asthma
H33z011 Severe asthma attack Asthma 233.0 Diagnosis of Asthma
H33z100 Asthma attack Asthma 232.0 Diagnosis of Asthma
H33z111 Asthma attack NOS Asthma 8335.0 Diagnosis of Asthma
H33z200 Late-onset asthma Asthma 12987.0 Diagnosis of Asthma
H33zz00 Asthma NOS Asthma 16070.0 Diagnosis of Asthma
H33zz11 Exercise induced asthma Asthma 4606.0 Diagnosis of Asthma
H33zz12 Allergic asthma NEC Asthma 21232.0 Diagnosis of Asthma
H33zz13 Allergic bronchitis NEC Asthma 18207.0 Diagnosis of Asthma


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3123 Asthma - Primary care ieuan.scanlon 2021-10-06 currently shown

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