CCU002_02 Hormone replacement therapy (HRT)

CVD-COVID-UK consortium, William N Whiteley, Samantha Ip, Jennifer A Cooper, Thomas Bolton, Spencer Keene, Venexia Walker, Rachel Denholm, Ashley Akbari, Efosa Omigie, Sam Hollings, Emanuele Di Angelantonio, Spiros Denaxas, Angela Wood, Jonathan A C Sterne, Cathie Sudlow

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08/12/2020 - 18/03/2021
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Code type is set to 1 for incident events, and 0 for prevalent events.


  • Association of COVID-19 vaccines ChAdOx1 and BNT162b2 with major venous, arterial, and thrombocytopenic events: whole population cohort study in 46 million adults in England CVD-COVID-UK consortium, William N Whiteley, Samantha Ip, Jennifer A Cooper, Thomas Bolton, Spencer Keene, Venexia Walker, Rachel Denholm, Ashley Akbari, Efosa Omigie, Sam Hollings, Emanuele Di Angelantonio, Spiros Denaxas, Angela Wood, Jonathan A C Sterne, Cathie Sudlow medRxiv 2021.08.18.21262222; doi:

Clinical Code List

Rows: 128
Code Description terminology
0604011ADAAAAAA Conjugated oestrogens 450microg / Bazedoxifene 20mg MR tab BNF
0604011ADBBAAAA Duavive 0.45mg/20mg modified-release tablets BNF
0604011D0AAAAAA Ethinylestradiol 10microgram tablets BNF
0604011D0AAACAC Ethinylestradiol 50microgram tablets BNF
0604011D0AAAEAE Ethinylestradiol 1mg tablets BNF
0604011D0AAALAL Ethinylestradiol 2microgram tablets BNF
0604011D0AAAWAW Ethinylestradiol 2microgram capsules BNF
0604011G0AAABAB Estradiol 50mg implant BNF
0604011G0AAAIAI Estradiol 2mg tablets BNF
0604011G0AAAUAU Estradiol 0.06% gel (750microgram per actuation) BNF
0604011G0AABABA Estradiol 25micrograms/24hours transdermal patches BNF
0604011G0AABDBD Estradiol 1mg tablets BNF
0604011G0AABEBE Estradiol 40micrograms/24hours transdermal patches BNF
0604011G0AABGBG Estradiol 80micrograms/24hours transdermal patches BNF
0604011G0AABHBH Estradiol 37.5micrograms/24hours transdermal patches BNF
0604011G0AABIBI Estradiol 500microgram gel sachets BNF
0604011G0AABJBJ Estradiol 1mg gel sachets BNF
0604011G0AABLBL Estradiol 50micrograms/24hours transdermal patches BNF
0604011G0AABNBN Estradiol 100micrograms/24hours transdermal patches BNF
0604011G0AABRBR Estradiol 75micrograms/24hours transdermal patches BNF
0604011G0AABTBT Estradiol 1.53mg/dose transdermal spray BNF
0604011G0BCAABL Estraderm TTS 50 patches BNF
0604011G0BCABBA Estraderm TTS 25 patches BNF
0604011G0BCADBA Estraderm MX 25 patches BNF
0604011G0BCAEBL Estraderm MX 50 patches BNF
0604011G0BCAFBN Estraderm MX 100 patches BNF
0604011G0BCAGBR Estraderm MX 75 patches BNF
0604011G0BEAAAI Zumenon 2mg tablets BNF
0604011G0BEABBD Zumenon 1mg tablets BNF
0604011G0BFAABL Evorel 50 patches BNF
0604011G0BFABBA Evorel 25 patches BNF
0604011G0BFACBR Evorel 75 patches BNF
0604011G0BFADBN Evorel 100 patches BNF
0604011G0BIABAU Oestrogel Pump-Pack 0.06% gel BNF
0604011G0BKAABL FemSeven 50 patches BNF
0604011G0BKABBR FemSeven 75 patches BNF
0604011G0BKACBN FemSeven 100 patches BNF
0604011G0BLAABL Progynova TS 50micrograms/24hours transdermal patches BNF
0604011G0BLABBN Progynova TS 100micrograms/24hours transdermal patches BNF
0604011G0BMAABD Elleste Solo 1mg tablets BNF
0604011G0BMABAI Elleste Solo 2mg tablets BNF
0604011G0BMACBE Elleste Solo MX 40 transdermal patches BNF
0604011G0BMADBG Elleste Solo MX 80 transdermal patches BNF
0604011G0BPAABI Sandrena 500microgram gel sachets BNF
0604011G0BPABBJ Sandrena 1mg gel sachets BNF
0604011G0BUAABR Estradot 75micrograms/24hours patches BNF
0604011G0BUABBN Estradot 100micrograms/24hours patches BNF
0604011G0BUACBA Estradot 25micrograms/24hours patches BNF
0604011G0BUADBH Estradot 37.5micrograms/24hours patches BNF
0604011G0BUAEBL Estradot 50micrograms/24hours patches BNF
0604011G0BVAAAI Bedol 2mg tablets BNF
0604011G0BWAABT Lenzetto 1.53mg/dose transdermal spray BNF
0604011H0BBAAAA Hormonin tablets BNF
0604011J0BBAAAA Trisequens tablets BNF
0604011K0AAAAAA Estradiol valerate 1mg tablets BNF
0604011K0AAABAB Estradiol valerate 2mg tablets BNF
0604011K0BBAAAA Progynova 1mg tablets BNF
0604011K0BBABAB Progynova 2mg tablets BNF
0604011K0BCAAAA Climaval 1mg tablets BNF
0604011K0BCABAB Climaval 2mg tablets BNF
0604011L0AAACAC Generic Cyclo-Progynova 2mg tablets BNF
0604011L0AAAKAK Estradiol 2mg / Norethisterone acetate 1mg tablets BNF
0604011L0AAALAL Generic Tridestra tablets BNF
0604011L0AAAMAM Generic Femoston 2/10mg tablets BNF
0604011L0AAAPAP Generic Femoston 1/10mg tablets BNF
0604011L0AAATAT Generic Elleste Duet 2mg tablets BNF
0604011L0AAAWAW Generic Elleste Duet 1mg tablets BNF
0604011L0AAAXAX Estradiol 50microg/Norethist 170microg/24hours ptch BNF
0604011L0AAAYAY Generic Evorel Sequi transdermal patches BNF
0604011L0AABABA Estradiol 1mg / Norethisterone acetate 500microgram tablets BNF
0604011L0AABDBD Estradiol 1mg / Dydrogesterone 5mg tablets BNF
0604011L0AABEBE Estradiol valerate 1mg / Medroxyprogesterone 2.5mg tablets BNF
0604011L0AABFBF Estradiol valerate 1mg / Medroxyprogesterone 5mg tablets BNF
0604011L0AABGBG Estradiol valerate 2mg / Medroxyprogesterone 5mg tablets BNF
0604011L0AABHBH Generic Novofem tablets BNF
0604011L0AABIBI Generic FemSeven Sequi transdermal patches BNF
0604011L0AABJBJ Estradiol 50microg/Levonorgestrel 7microg/24hours ptch BNF
0604011L0AABKBK Estradiol 1mg / Drospirenone 2mg tablets BNF
0604011L0AABLBL Estradiol 500micrograms / Dydrogesterone 2.5mg tablets BNF
0604011L0BCABAC Cyclo-Progynova 2mg tablets BNF
0604011L0BEAAAF Nuvelle tablets BNF
0604011L0BEACAK Nuvelle Continuous tablets BNF
0604011L0BGAAAH Climagest 1mg tablets BNF
0604011L0BGABAI Climagest 2mg tablets BNF
0604011L0BHABAX Evorel Conti patches BNF
0604011L0BHACAY Evorel Sequi patches BNF
0604011L0BIAAAK Kliofem tablets BNF
0604011L0BJAAAL Tridestra tablets BNF
0604011L0BKAAAM Femoston 2/10mg tablets BNF
0604011L0BKABAN Femoston 2/20mg tablets BNF
0604011L0BKACAP Femoston 1/10mg tablets BNF
0604011L0BKADBD Femoston-conti 1mg/5mg tablets BNF
0604011L0BKAEBL Femoston-conti 0.5mg/2.5mg tablets BNF
0604011L0BMAAAR Climesse tablets BNF
0604011L0BPAAAT Elleste Duet 2mg tablets BNF
0604011L0BPABAW Elleste Duet 1mg tablets BNF
0604011L0BPACAK Elleste Duet Conti tablets BNF
0604011L0BRAABA Kliovance tablets BNF
0604011L0BTAABE Indivina 1mg/2.5mg tablets BNF
0604011L0BTABBF Indivina 1mg/5mg tablets BNF
0604011L0BTACBG Indivina 2mg/5mg tablets BNF
0604011L0BUAABH Novofem tablets BNF
0604011L0BVAABI FemSeven Sequi patches BNF
0604011L0BWAABJ FemSeven Conti patches BNF
0604011L0BZAABK Angeliq 1mg/2mg tablets BNF
0604011L0CBAAA0 Clinorette tablets BNF
0604011P0AAABAB Conjugated oestrogens 625microgram tablets BNF
0604011P0AAACAC Conjugated oestrogens 1.25mg tablets BNF
0604011P0AAAFAF Conjugated oestrogens 300microgram tablets BNF
0604011P0BBAAAB Premarin 0.625mg tablets BNF
0604011P0BBABAC Premarin 1.25mg tablets BNF
0604011P0BBAGAF Premarin 0.3mg tablets BNF
0604011Q0AAACAC Conj oestrogens 625microg tab and Norgestrel 150microg tab BNF
0604011Q0AAADAD Conj oestrogens 1.25mg tab and Norgestrel 150microg tab BNF
0604011Q0AAAEAE Conjugated oestrogens 625microg/Medroxyprogesterone 5mg tab BNF
0604011Q0AAAHAH Conj oestrogens 300microg/Medroxyprogesterone 1.5mg MR tab BNF
0604011Q0BBACAC Prempak-C 0.625mg/0.15mg tablets BNF
0604011Q0BBADAD Prempak-C 1.25mg/0.15mg tablets BNF
0604011Q0BCACAG Premique Cycle 0.625mg/10mg tablets BNF
0604011Q0BCADAE Premique 0.625mg/5mg tablets BNF
0604011Q0BCAEAH Premique Low Dose 0.3mg/1.5mg modified-release tablets BNF
0604011X0AAAAAA Raloxifene 60mg tablets BNF
0604011X0BBAAAA Evista 60mg tablets BNF
0604011X0BDAAAA Razylan 60mg tablets BNF
0604011X0BEAAAA Ostiral 60mg tablets BNF
0604011X0BFAAAA Evirex 60mg tablets BNF
0604011Y0AAAAAA Tibolone 2.5mg tablets BNF
0604011Y0BBAAAA Livial 2.5mg tablets BNF


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Version History

Name Owner Publish date
2186 CCU002_02 Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) ieuan.scanlon 2022-05-17 currently shown
2095 CCU002_02 Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) ieuan.scanlon 2022-05-09

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