Anxiety- Primary Care

John, A., Marchant, A. L., Fone, D. L., McGregor, J. I., Dennis, M. S., Tan, J. O. A., & Lloyd, K.

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These lists include diagnosis, symptoms and treatments of anxiety (e.g. chronic anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder), anxiety symptoms (e.g. anxiousness), mixed anxiety and depression, panic attacks and panic disorders. We included emotional disorders with onset usually in childhood (John et al., 2015), codes for phobias (Cornish et al., 2016) and obsessive compulsive disorders (John et al 2019; John et al., 2022) and PTSD (Moran et al., 2015) were also included. The algorithm encompassing a historical diagnosis which is currently being treated in combination with a current diagnosis which is treated or untreated improves sensitivity from using current diagnosis alone (John et al, 2016). This method was optimal for identifying common mental disorders in primary care.


  • Cornish, R. P., John, A., Boyd, A., Tilling, K., & Macleod, J. (2016). Defining adolescent common mental disorders using electronic primary care data: A comparison with outcomes measured using the CIS-R. BMJ Open, 6(12).

  • John, A., Friedmann, Y., Delpozo-Banos, M., Frizzati, A., Ford, T., & Thapar, A. 2022. Association of School Absence and Exclusion with Recorded Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Mental Disorders, or Self-Harm: A Nationwide, Retrospective, Electronic Cohort Study of Children and Young People in Wales, UK.

  • John, A., Marchant, A. L., McGregor, J. I., Tan, J. O. A., Hutchings, H. A., Kovess, V., ... & Lloyd, K. (2015). Recent trends in the incidence of anxiety and prescription of anxiolytics and hypnotics in children and young people: an e-cohort study. Journal of affective disorders, 183, 134-141.

  • John, A., McGregor, J., Fone, D., Dunstan, F., Cornish, R.., Lyons, R A., & Lloyd, K R. (2016). Case-finding for common mental disorders of anxiety and depression in primary care: an external validation of routinely collected data, BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making.

  • John, A, Wood, S., Rees, S., Wang, T., & Marchant, A. (2019). Mental Healthcare in Young People and Young Adults.

  • Moran, G. M., Calvert, M., Feltham, M. G., Ryan, R., & Marshall, T. (2015). A retrospective cohort study to investigate fatigue, psychological or cognitive impairment after TIA: protocol paper. BMJ open, 5(4), e008149.

Clinical Code List

Rows: 49
Code Description
E200. anxiety states
E2000 anxiety state unspecified
E2001 panic disorder
E2002 generalised anxiety disorder
E2004 chronic anxiety
E2005 recurrent anxiety
E200z anxiety state nos
E202. phobic disorders
E2020 phobia unspecified
E2021 agoraphobia with panic attacks
E2022 agoraphobia - no panic attacks | agoraphobia without mention of panic attacks
E2023 social phobia-eating in public | social phobia, fear of eating in public
E2024 social phobia-public speaking | social phobia, fear of public speaking
E2025 social phobia-public washing | social phobia, fear of public washing
E2026 acrophobia
E2027 animal phobia
E2028 claustrophobia
E2029 fear of crowds
E202A fear of flying
E202B cancer phobia
E202C dental phobia
E202D fear of death
E202E fear of pregnancy
E202z phobic disorder nos
E203. obsessive-compulsive disorders
E2030 compulsive neurosis
E2031 obsessional neurosis
E203z obsessive-compulsive dis nos | obsessive-compulsive disorder nos
E28z. acute stress reaction nos
E2920 separation anxiety disorder
Eu40. [x]phobic anxiety disorders
Eu400 [x]agoraphobia
Eu401 [x]social phobias
Eu402 [x]specific (isolated) phobia | [x]specific (isolated) phobias
Eu403 [x]needle phobia
Eu40y [x]other phobic anxiety disord | [x]other phobic anxiety disorders
Eu40z [x]phobic anxiety disordr unsp | [x]phobic anxiety disorder, unspecified
Eu41. [x]other anxiety disorders
Eu410 [x]panic episodic paroxysm anx | [x]panic disorder [episodic paroxysmal anxiety]
Eu411 [x]generalized anxiety disord | [x]generalized anxiety disorder
Eu413 [x]other mixed anxiety disord | [x]other mixed anxiety disorders
Eu41y [x]other specif anxiety disord | [x]other specified anxiety disorders
Eu41z [x]anxiety disord unspecified | [x]anxiety disorder, unspecified
Eu42. [x]obsessive - compulsive dis | [x]obsessive - compulsive disorder
Eu420 [x]predom obsessional thoughts | [x]predominantly obsessional thoughts or ruminations
Eu421 [x]predom compuls acts/ritual | [x]predominantly compulsive acts [obsessional rituals]
Eu422 [x]mixed obsess thoughts/acts | [x]mixed obsessional thoughts and acts
Eu42y [x]oth obsessve-compulsve dis | [x]other obsessive-compulsive disorders
Eu42z [x]obsessve-complsve dis unsp | [x]obsessive-compulsive disorder, unspecified
Rows: 7
Code Description
E2D0. anxiety/fear child/adoles.dis. | disturbance of anxiety and fearfulness childhood/adolescent | disturbance of anxiety and fearfulness in childhood and adolescence
E2D00 child/adolesc.overanxious.dis. | childhood and adolescent overanxiousness disturbance
E2D01 child/adolesc.fearfulness dis. | childhood and adolescent fearfulness disturbance
E2D0z anxiety/fear child/adolesc.nos | disturbance anxiety and fearfulness childhood/adolescent nos | disturbance of anxiety and fearfulness in childhood and adolescence nos
Eu930 [x]separ anxiety dis childhood | [x]separation anxiety disorder of childhood
Eu931 [x]phobic anxiet dis childhood | [x]phobic anxiety disorder of childhood
Eu932 [x]social anx dis childhood | [x]social anxiety disorder of childhood
Rows: 7
Code Description
1B12. nerves - nervousness
1B13. anxiousness
1B1V. c/o - panic attack
2258 o/e - anxious
2259 o/e - nervous
225J. o/e - panic attack
R2y2. [d]nervousness
Rows: 150
Code Description
d2... anxiolytics
d21.. diazepam [anxiolytic]
d211. *diazepam 2mg capsules
d212. *diazepam 5mg capsules
d213. diazepam 2mg tablets
d214. diazepam 5mg tablets
d215. diazepam 10mg tablets
d216. diazepam 2mg/5ml elixir
d217. *alupram 2mg tablets
d218. *alupram 5mg tablets
d219. *alupram 10mg tablets
d21A. diazepam 5mg/5ml oral solution
d21B. *rimapam 2mg tablets
d21C. *rimapam 5mg tablets
d21D. *rimapam 10mg tablets
d21E. dialar 2mg/5ml syrup
d21F. dialar 5mg/5ml syrup
d21G. *valclair 10mg suppositories
d21J. diazepam 10mg/5ml suspension
d21a. *atensine 2mg tablets
d21b. *atensine 5mg tablets
d21c. *atensine 10mg tablets
d21d. diazemuls 10mg/2ml ampoules
d21e. *evacalm 2mg tablets
d21f. *evacalm 5mg tablets
d21g. *solis 2mg capsules
d21h. *solis 5mg capsules
d21i. *stesolid 10mg/2ml injection
d21j. *stesolid 20mg/4ml injection
d21k. stesolid 5mg rectal solution
d21l. stesolid 10mg rectal solution
d21m. tensium 2mg tablets
d21n. tensium 5mg tablets
d21o. tensium 10mg tablets
d21p. *valium 2mg capsules
d21q. *valium 5mg capsules
d21r. *valium 2mg tablets
d21s. *valium 5mg tablets
d21t. *valium 10mg tablets
d21u. *valium 2mg/5ml syrup
d21v. valium [anxiol] 10mg/2ml inj | valium [anxiol] 10mg/2ml injection
d21w. *valium dup del injection
d21x. *valium 5mg suppositories
d21y. *valium 10mg suppositories
d21z. *diazepam 10mg suppositories
d22.. alprazolam
d221. xanax 250micrograms tablets
d222. xanax 500micrograms tablets
d22y. alprazolam 250mcg tablets | alprazolam 250microgram tablets
d22z. alprazolam 500mcg tablets | alprazolam 500microgram tablets
d23.. bromazepam
d231. *lexotan 1.5mg tablets
d232. *lexotan 3mg tablets
d23y. *bromazepam 1.5mg tablets
d23z. *bromazepam 3mg tablets
d24.. chlordiazepoxide
d241. chlordiazepoxide 5mg capsules
d242. chlordiazepoxide 10mg capsules
d243. chlordiazepoxide hcl 5mg tabs | chlordiazepoxide hydrochloride 5mg tablets
d244. chlordiazepoxide hcl 10mg tabs | chlordiazepoxide hydrochloride 10mg tablets
d245. *chlordiazepoxide hcl 25mg tab | chlordiazepoxide hydrochloride 25mg tablets
d246. *chlordiazepoxide 5mg tablets
d247. *chlordiazepoxide 10mg tablets
d248. *chlordiazepoxide 25mg tablets
d249. librium 5mg capsules
d24a. librium 10mg capsules
d24b. *librium 5mg tablets
d24c. *librium 10mg tablets
d24d. *librium 25mg tablets
d24e. *librium 100mg injection
d24f. tropium 5mg capsules
d24g. *tropium 10mg capsules
d24h. tropium 5mg tablets
d24i. tropium 10mg tablets
d24j. *tropium 25mg tablets
d25.. chlormezanone
d251. *trancopal 200mg tablets
d25z. *chlormezanone 200mg tablets
d26.. clobazam
d261. *clobazam 10mg capsules
d262. *frisium 10mg capsules
d263. clobazam 10mg tablets
d264. frisium 10mg tablets
d265. tapclob 5mg/5ml oral susp | tapclob 5mg/5ml oral suspension
d266. clobazam 5mg/5ml oral susp | clobazam 5mg/5ml oral suspension
d267. tapclob 10mg/5ml oral susp | tapclob 10mg/5ml oral suspension
d268. clobazam 10mg/5ml oral susp | clobazam 10mg/5ml oral suspension
d269. perizam 1mg/ml oral suspension
d26A. perizam 2mg/ml oral suspension
d27.. clorazepate dipotassium
d271. *tranxene 7.5mg capsules
d272. *tranxene 15mg capsules
d27y. *clorazepate 7.5mg capsules | clorazepate dipotassium 7.5mg capsules
d27z. *clorazepate 15mg capsules | clorazepate dipotassium 15mg capsules
d28.. hydroxyzine hcl [anxiolytic]
d281. atarax 10mg tablets
d282. atarax 25mg tablets
d283. *atarax 10mg/5ml syrup
d284. ucerax 25mg tablets
d285. ucerax 10mg/5ml syrup
d28x. hydroxyzine hcl 10mg tablets
d28y. hydroxyzine hcl 25mg tablets
d28z. hydroxyzine hcl 10mg/5ml syrup
d29.. *ketazolam
d291. *anxon 15mg capsules
d292. *anxon 30mg capsules
d29y. *ketazolam 15mg capsules
d29z. *ketazolam 30mg capsules
d2a.. lorazepam [anxiolytic]
d2a1. lorazepam 1mg tablets
d2a2. lorazepam 2.5mg tablets
d2a3. *almazine 1mg tablets
d2a4. *almazine 2.5mg tablets
d2a5. *ativan 1mg tablets
d2a6. *ativan 2.5mg tablets
d2a7. ativan 4mg/1ml injection
d2ax. *ativan 4mg/ml injection
d2az. lorazepam 4mg/1ml injection
d2b.. *medazepam
d2b1. *nobrium 5mg capsules
d2b2. *nobrium 10mg capsules
d2by. *medazepam 5mg capsules
d2bz. *medazepam 10mg capsules
d2c.. meprobamate
d2c1. *meprobamate 200mg tablets
d2c2. meprobamate 400mg tablets
d2c3. *equanil 200mg tablets
d2c4. *equanil 400mg tablets
d2c5. meprate 400mg tablets
d2c6. *tenavoid tablets
d2d.. oxazepam
d2d1. *oxazepam 30mg capsules
d2d2. oxazepam 10mg tablets
d2d3. oxazepam 15mg tablets
d2d4. oxazepam 30mg tablets
d2d5. *oxanid 10mg tablets
d2d6. *oxanid 15mg tablets
d2d7. *oxanid 30mg tablets
d2e.. *prazepam
d2e1. *centrax 10mg tablets
d2ez. *prazepam 10mg tablets
d2f.. buspirone hydrochloride
d2f1. buspirone 5mg tablets
d2f2. *buspar 5mg tablets
d2f3. *buspar 5mg tablets x126
d2f4. *buspar 10mg tablets
d2f5. buspirone 10mg tablets
d2g.. flumazenil
d2g1. flumazenil 500mcg/5ml inj | flumazenil 500microgram/5ml injection
d2g2. anexate 500mcg/5ml injection | anexate 500micrograms/5ml injection
Rows: 117
Code Description
d1... hypnotics
d11.. chloral hydrate
d111. *chloral 500mg/5ml mixture
d112. *chloral paed 200mg/5ml elixir | chloral paediatric 200mg/5ml elixir
d113. *noctec 500mg capsules
d114. *chloral hydrate 500mg caps | chloral hydrate 500mg capsules
d115. welldorm 143mg/5ml elixir
d116. welldorm tablets
d117. chloral hydrate 414mg tablets
d118. chloral hydrate 143mg/5ml elix | chloral hydrate 143mg/5ml elixir
d119. chloral hydrate 500mg/5ml syr | chloral hydrate 500mg/5ml syrup
d11A. somnwell 707mg tablets
d12.. clomethiazole ed. [hypnot] | clomethiazole edisylate [hypnotic]
d121. *heminevrin 192mg capsules
d122. *heminevrin 250mg/5ml syrup
d123. *heminevrin 8mg/ml infusion
d12v. clomethiazole(base) 192mg caps | clomethiazole(base) 192mg capsules
d12w. clomethiaz edis 250mg/5ml syrp | clomethiazole edisilate 250mg/5ml syrup
d12z. *chlormethiazole 8mg/ml inf | chlormethiazole edisylate 8mg/ml infusion
d13.. *dichloralphenazone
d131. *welldorm 650mg tablets
d132. *welldorm 225mg/5ml elixir
d13y. *dichloralphenazone 650mg tabs | dichloralphenazone 650mg tablets
d13z. *dichloralphenazone 225mg/5ml | dichloralphenazone 225mg/5ml elixir
d14.. *flunitrazepam
d141. *rohypnol 1mg tablets
d14z. *flunitrazepam 1mg tablets
d15.. flurazepam
d151. dalmane 15mg capsules
d152. dalmane 30mg capsules
d153. *paxane 15mg capsules
d154. *paxane 30mg capsules
d15y. flurazepam 15mg capsules
d15z. flurazepam 30mg capsules
d16.. loprazolam
d161. loprazolam 1mg tablets
d162. *dormonoct 1mg tablets
d17.. lormetazepam
d171. lormetazepam 500mcg tablets | lormetazepam 500micrograms tablets
d172. lormetazepam 1mg tablets
d173. *noctamid 500mcg tablets | noctamid 500micrograms tablets
d174. *noctamid 1mg tablets
d18.. nitrazepam
d181. *nitrazepam 5mg capsules
d182. nitrazepam 5mg tablets
d183. *nitrazepam 10mg tablets
d184. nitrazepam 2.5mg/5ml mixture
d185. *mogadon 5mg capsules
d186. mogadon 5mg tablets
d187. *nitrados 5mg tablets
d188. *noctesed 5mg tablets
d189. remnos 5mg tablets
d18a. *remnos 10mg tablets
d18b. *somnite 5mg tablets
d18c. somnite 2.5mg/5ml mixture
d18d. *surem 5mg capsules
d18e. *unisomnia 5mg tablets
d18f. nitrazepam 5mg/5ml suspension
d1a.. temazepam [hypnotic]
d1a1. *temazepam 10mg capsules
d1a2. *temazepam 15mg capsules
d1a3. *temazepam 20mg capsules
d1a4. *temazepam 30mg capsules
d1a5. *temazepam 10mg/5ml elixir
d1a6. *normison 10mg capsules
d1a7. *normison 20mg capsules
d1a8. *temazepam planpak capsules
d1a9. temazepam 10mg tablets
d1aa. temazepam 20mg tablets
d1ab. *temazepam gelthix 10mg caps | temazepam gelthix 10mg capsules
d1ac. *temazepam gelthix 20mg caps | temazepam gelthix 20mg capsules
d1ad. *temazepam gelthix 15mg caps | temazepam gelthix 15mg capsules
d1ae. *temazepam gelthix 30mg caps | temazepam gelthix 30mg capsules
d1af. *temazepam gel filled 10mg cap | temazepam gel filled 10mg capsules
d1ag. *temazepam gel filled 20mg cap | temazepam gel filled 20mg capsules
d1ah. *temazepam gel filled 15mg cap | temazepam gel filled 15mg capsules
d1ai. *temazepam gel filled 30mg cap | temazepam gel filled 30mg capsules
d1aj. *temazepam 10mg/sachet soln | temazepam 10mg/sachet oral solution
d1ak. *temazepam 20mg/sach oral soln | temazepam 20mg/sachet oral solution
d1al. *euhypnos 10mg/sachet solution | euhypnos 10mg/sachet oral solution
d1am. *euhypnos 20mg/sachet solution | euhypnos 20mg/sachet oral solution
d1an. *euhypnos 10mg/5ml oral soln | euhypnos 10mg/5ml oral solution
d1ao. temazepam 10mg/5ml s/f soln | temazepam 10mg/5ml sugar free oral solution
d1b.. *triazolam
d1b1. *triazolam 125mcg tablets | triazolam 125microgram tablets
d1b2. *triazolam 250mcg tablets | triazolam 250microgram tablets
d1b3. *halcion 125microgram tablets
d1b4. *halcion 250microgram tablets
d1c.. triclofos sodium
d1c1. *triclofos 500mg/5ml liquid
d1d.. zopiclone
d1d1. zopiclone 7.5mg tablets
d1d2. zimovane 7.5mg tablets
d1d3. zopiclone 3.75mg tablets
d1d4. zimovane ls 3.75mg tablets
d1d5. *zileze 7.5 tablets
d1d6. *zileze 3.75 tablets
d1f.. zolpidem
d1f1. stilnoct 5mg tablets
d1f2. zolpidem tartrate 5mg tablets
d1f3. zolpidem tartrate 10mg tablets
d1f4. stilnoct 10mg tablets
d1g.. zaleplon
d1g1. sonata 5mg capsules
d1g2. sonata 10mg capsules
d1gy. zaleplon 5mg capsules
d1gz. zaleplon 10mg capsules
d1h.. melatonin
d1h1. circadin 2mg m/r tablets
d1hz. melatonin 2mg m/r tablets
d1i.. dexmedetomidine
d1i1. dexdor 200mcg/2ml conc for inf | dexdor 200micrograms/2ml concentrate for soln for infusion
d1i2. dexmedetomidine 200mcg/2ml inj | dexmedetomidine 200micrograms/2ml conc for soln for inj
d1i3. dexdor 400mcg/4ml conc for inf | dexdor 400micrograms/4ml concentrate for soln for infusion
d1i4. dexmedetomidine 400mcg/4ml inj | dexmedetomidine 400micrograms/4ml conc for soln for inj
d1i5. dexdor 1mg/10ml conc for inf | dexdor 1mg/10ml concentrate for solution for infusion
d1i6. dexmedetomidine 1mg/10ml inj | dexmedetomidine 1mg/10ml concentrate for soln for injection
Rows: 3
Code Description
8G52. antiphobic therapy
8G94. anxiety management training
8HHp. ref guid self-help for anxiety | referral for guided self-help for anxiety


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