Julie George, Emily Herrett, Liam Smeeth, Harry Hemingway, Anoop Shah, Spiros Denaxas

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01/01/1999 - 01/07/2016
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Combining evidence across sources to define and date phenotypes

HT is defined as either a explicit diagnosis in primary or secondary care, or implicity based on blood pressure readings or prescription of blood pressure controll medications in primary care.


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Clinical Code List

Rows: 84
Code Description CALIBER.Category
6146200 Hypertension induced by oral contraceptive pill Secondary hypertension
6624 Borderline hyperten:yearly obs Hypertension
6627 Good hypertension control Hypertension
6628 Poor hypertension control Hypertension
662F.00 Hypertension treatm. started Hypertension
662G.00 Hypertensive treatm.changed Hypertension
662O.00 On treatment for hypertension Hypertension
662b.00 Moderate hypertension control Hypertension
662c.00 Hypertension six month review Hypertension
662d.00 Hypertension annual review Hypertension
662r.00 Trial withdrawal of antihypertensive therapy Hypertension
7Q01.00 High cost hypertension drugs Hypertension
8B26.00 Antihypertensive therapy Hypertension
8BL0.00 Patient on maximal tolerated antihypertensive therapy Hypertension
8I3N.00 Hypertension treatment refused Hypertension
F404200 Blind hypertensive eye Hypertension
F421300 Hypertensive retinopathy Hypertension
G2...00 Hypertensive disease Hypertension
G2...11 BP - hypertensive disease Hypertension
G20..00 Essential hypertension Hypertension
G200.00 Malignant essential hypertension Hypertension
G201.00 Benign essential hypertension Hypertension
G202.00 Systolic hypertension Hypertension
G203.00 Diastolic hypertension Hypertension
G20z.00 Essential hypertension NOS Hypertension
G20z.11 Hypertension NOS Hypertension
G21..00 Hypertensive heart disease Hypertension
G210.00 Malignant hypertensive heart disease Hypertension
G210000 Malignant hypertensive heart disease without CCF Hypertension
G210100 Malignant hypertensive heart disease with CCF Hypertension
G211.00 Benign hypertensive heart disease Hypertension
G211000 Benign hypertensive heart disease without CCF Hypertension
G211100 Benign hypertensive heart disease with CCF Hypertension
G21z.00 Hypertensive heart disease NOS Hypertension
G21z000 Hypertensive heart disease NOS without CCF Hypertension
G21z011 Cardiomegaly - hypertensive Hypertension
G21z100 Hypertensive heart disease NOS with CCF Hypertension
G21zz00 Hypertensive heart disease NOS Hypertension
G22..00 Hypertensive renal disease Hypertension
G220.00 Malignant hypertensive renal disease Hypertension
G221.00 Benign hypertensive renal disease Hypertension
G222.00 Hypertensive renal disease with renal failure Hypertension
G22z.00 Hypertensive renal disease NOS Hypertension
G22z.11 Renal hypertension Hypertension
G23..00 Hypertensive heart and renal disease Hypertension
G230.00 Malignant hypertensive heart and renal disease Hypertension
G231.00 Benign hypertensive heart and renal disease Hypertension
G232.00 Hypertensive heart&renal dis wth (congestive) heart failure Hypertension
G233.00 Hypertensive heart and renal disease with renal failure Hypertension
G234.00 Hyperten heart&renal dis+both(congestv)heart and renal fail Hypertension
G23z.00 Hypertensive heart and renal disease NOS Hypertension
G24..00 Secondary hypertension Secondary hypertension
G240.00 Secondary malignant hypertension Secondary hypertension
G240000 Secondary malignant renovascular hypertension Secondary hypertension
G240z00 Secondary malignant hypertension NOS Secondary hypertension
G241.00 Secondary benign hypertension Secondary hypertension
G241000 Secondary benign renovascular hypertension Secondary hypertension
G241z00 Secondary benign hypertension NOS Secondary hypertension
G244.00 Hypertension secondary to endocrine disorders Secondary hypertension
G24z.00 Secondary hypertension NOS Secondary hypertension
G24z000 Secondary renovascular hypertension NOS Secondary hypertension
G24z100 Hypertension secondary to drug Secondary hypertension
G24zz00 Secondary hypertension NOS Secondary hypertension
G2y..00 Other specified hypertensive disease Hypertension
G2z..00 Hypertensive disease NOS Hypertension
G672.00 Hypertensive encephalopathy Hypertension
G672.11 Hypertensive crisis Hypertension
Gyu2.00 [X]Hypertensive diseases Hypertension
Gyu2100 [X]Hypertension secondary to other renal disorders Secondary hypertension
L122.00 Other pre-existing hypertension in preg/childbirth/puerp Hypertension
L122000 Other pre-existing hypertension in preg/childb/puerp unspec Hypertension
L122100 Other pre-existing hypertension in preg/childb/puerp - deliv Hypertension
L122300 Other pre-exist hypertension in preg/childb/puerp-not deliv Hypertension
L122z00 Other pre-existing hypertension in preg/childb/puerp NOS Hypertension
L127.00 Pre-eclampsia or eclampsia with pre-existing hypertension Hypertension
L127z00 Pre-eclampsia or eclampsia + pre-existing hypertension NOS Hypertension
L128.00 Pre-exist hypertension compl preg childbirth and puerperium Hypertension
L128000 Pre-exist hyperten heart dis compl preg childbth+puerperium Hypertension
L128200 Pre-exist 2ndry hypertens comp preg childbth and puerperium Hypertension
TJC7.00 Adverse reaction to other antihypertensives Hypertension
TJC7z00 Adverse reaction to antihypertensives NOS Hypertension
U60C500 [X]Oth antihyperten drug caus advers eff in therap use, NEC Hypertension
U60C511 [X] Adverse reaction to other antihypertensives Hypertension
U60C51A [X] Adverse reaction to antihypertensives NOS Hypertension
Rows: 5
Code Description CALIBER.Category
I10 Essential (primary) hypertension Hypertension
I11 Hypertensive heart disease Hypertension
I12 Hypertensive renal disease Hypertension
I13 Hypertensive heart and renal disease Hypertension
I15 Secondary hypertension Secondary hypertension
Rows: 2
Code Description CALIBER.Category
X82.8 Other specified high cost hypertension drugs Hypertension
X82.9 Unspecified high cost hypertension drugs Hypertension


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2267 Hypertension ieuan.scanlon 2022-08-23 currently shown

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