Deficiency anaemia - Elixhauser primary care

David Metcalfe, James Masters, Antonella Delmestri, Andrew Judge, Daniel Perry, Cheryl Zogg, Belinda Gabbe, Matthew Costa

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Deficiency anaemia comorbidity category for Elixhauser index, defined in Read codes for primary care by David Metcalfe et. al.


  • Metcalfe, D., Masters, J., Delmestri, A. et al. Coding algorithms for defining Charlson and Elixhauser co-morbidities in Read-coded databases. BMC Med Res Methodol 19, 115 (2019).

  • Elixhauser A, Steiner C, Harris DR, et al. Comorbidity measures for use with administrative data. Med Care. 1998;36(1):8–27.

  • Lyons J, Akbari A, Agrawal U, et al Protocol for the development of the Wales Multimorbidity e-Cohort (WMC): data sources and methods to construct a population-based research platform to investigate multimorbidity BMJ Open 2021;11:e047101. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2020-047101

Clinical Code List

Rows: 62
Code Description Medcode
1452.00 H/O: Anaemia vit.B12 deficient 54738
66E6.00 Reticulcytosis after B12 66935
C294300 Iron deficiency 5619
D0...00 Deficiency anaemias 7841
D0...12 Sideropenic anaemia 19383
D00..00 Iron deficiency anaemias 795
D00..12 Microcytic - hypochromic anaemia 539
D001.00 Iron deficiency anaemia due to dietary causes 21127
D00y.00 Other specified iron deficiency anaemia 33420
D00y.12 Plummer - Vinson syndrome 20123
D00y000 Sideropenic dysphagia 55478
D00y012 Plummer-Vinson syndrome 35199
D00yz00 Other specified iron deficiency anaemia NOS 9537
D00z.00 Unspecified iron deficiency anaemia 18137
D00z000 Achlorhydric anaemia 19951
D00z100 Chlorotic anaemia 57954
D00z200 Idiopathic hypochromic anaemia 40750
D00zz00 Iron deficiency anaemia NOS 15439
D01..00 Other deficiency anaemias 11961
D01..11 Megaloblastic anaemia 4475
D010.00 Pernicious anaemia 2464
D010.11 Addison's anaemia 2813
D010.12 Biermer's congenital pernicious anaemia 55370
D011.00 Other vitamin B12 deficiency anaemias 29486
D011.11 Vitamin B12 deficiency anaemia 5271
D011000 Vitamin B12 deficiency anaemia due to dietary causes 32953
D011011 Imerslund - Grasbeck syndrome 72895
D011013 Vegan's anaemia 69275
D011100 Vit B12 defic anaemia due to malabsorption with proteinuria 2482
D011X00 Vitamin B12 deficiency anaemia, unspecified 6028
D011z00 Other vitamin B12 deficiency anaemia NOS 31270
D012.00 Folate-deficiency anaemia 4080
D012.11 Folic acid deficiency anaemia 24870
D012100 Folate-deficiency anaemia due to dietary causes 36634
D012111 Goat's milk anaemia 98709
D012112 Megaloblastic anaemia due to dietary causes 59103
D012200 Folate-deficiency anaemia, drug induced 37082
D012300 Folate-deficiency anaemia due to malabsorption 55481
D012400 Folate-deficiency anaemia due to liver disorders 56114
D012z00 Folate-deficiency anaemia NOS 42117
D013.00 Other specified megaloblastic anaemia NEC 51489
D013000 Combined B12 and folate deficiency anaemia 22715
D013z00 Other specified megaloblastic anaemia NEC NOS 56348
D014.00 Protein-deficiency anaemia 2452
D014000 Amino-acid deficiency anaemia 64601
D014z00 Protein-deficiency anaemia NOS 70835
D01y000 Vitamin C deficiency anaemia 104812
D01y100 Vitamin E deficiency anaemia 62257
D01yz00 Other specified nutritional deficiency anaemia NOS 92106
D01z.00 Other deficiency anaemias NOS 57274
D01z.11 Megaloblastic anaemia NOS 53799
D01z000 [X]Megaloblastic anaemia NOS 10506
D0y..00 Other specified deficiency anaemias 26327
D0z..00 Deficiency anaemias NOS 8054
Dyu0000 [X]Other iron deficiency anaemias 4858
Dyu0100 [X]Other dietary vitamin B12 deficiency anaemia 47952
Dyu0200 [X]Other vitamin B12 deficiency anaemias 35092
Dyu0300 [X]Other folate deficiency anaemias 53783
Dyu0600 [X]Vitamin B12 deficiency anaemia, unspecified 53846
F381500 Myasthenic syndrome due to pernicious anaemia 56973
L182500 Iron deficiency anaemia of pregnancy 1668
U604100 [X]Vit B12/folic/oth ant-megalobl-anaem caus adv ef ther use 47470


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Version History

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2353 Deficiency anaemia - Elixhauser primary care coldeaa 2023-02-14 currently shown

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