Other neurological disorders - Elixhauser primary care

David Metcalfe, James Masters, Antonella Delmestri, Andrew Judge, Daniel Perry, Cheryl Zogg, Belinda Gabbe, Matthew Costa

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Read codes v2
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Other neurological disorders comorbidity category for Elixhauser index, defined in Read codes for primary care by David Metcalfe et. al.


  • Metcalfe, D., Masters, J., Delmestri, A. et al. Coding algorithms for defining Charlson and Elixhauser co-morbidities in Read-coded databases. BMC Med Res Methodol 19, 115 (2019).

  • Elixhauser A, Steiner C, Harris DR, et al. Comorbidity measures for use with administrative data. Med Care. 1998;36(1):8–27.

  • Lyons J, Akbari A, Agrawal U, et al Protocol for the development of the Wales Multimorbidity e-Cohort (WMC): data sources and methods to construct a population-based research platform to investigate multimorbidity BMJ Open 2021;11:e047101. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2020-047101

Clinical Code List

Rows: 612
Code Description Medcode
13YA.00 Stroke group member 52246
1461.00 H/O: dementia 5931
1473.00 H/O: epilepsy 3783
1477.00 H/O: cerebrovascular disease 41577
147F.00 History of Parkinson's disease 101090
14A7.00 H/O: CVA/stroke 34135
14A7.12 H/O: stroke 5871
14AK.00 H/O: Stroke in last year 66873
1B1W.00 Transient epileptic amnesia 38919
1JA1.00 Suspected cerebrovascular disease 40098
1M4..00 Central post-stroke pain 100639
1O30.00 Epilepsy confirmed 22341
2828.00 Absence seizure 8097
297A.00 O/E - Parkinsonian tremor 10718
2987.00 O/E -Parkinson flexion posture 53655
2987.11 O/E - Parkinson posture 17004
2994.00 O/E-festination-Parkinson gait 59824
38G3.00 Hyperten, abnorm renal/liver funct, stroke, BLED score 103690
5C10.00 Carotid artery doppler abnormal 12413
661M700 Stroke self-management plan agreed 107195
662M.00 Stroke monitoring 10792
662M100 Stroke 6 month review 105100
662e.00 Stroke/CVA annual review 18686
662e.11 Stroke annual review 107886
662o.00 Haemorrhagic stroke monitoring 28914
666A.00 Multiple sclerosis review 44985
666B.00 Multiple sclerosis multidisciplinary review 43232
667..00 Epilepsy monitoring 6983
6672.00 Follow-up epilepsy assessment 26511
6674.00 Epilepsy associated problems 50012
6677.00 Epilepsy drug side effects 13073
6678.00 Epilepsy treatment changed 26512
6679.00 Epilepsy treatment started 34473
667A.00 Epilepsy treatment stopped 20566
667B.00 Nocturnal epilepsy 4602
667C.00 Epilepsy control good 19550
667D.00 Epilepsy control poor 13220
667E.00 Epilepsy care arrangement 19551
667F.00 Seizure free >12 months 11015
667G.00 Epilepsy restricts employment 26620
667H.00 Epilepsy prevents employment 50702
667J.00 Epilepsy impairs education 40863
667K.00 Epilepsy limits activities 26619
667M.00 Epilepsy management plan given 55706
667N.00 Epilepsy severity 22991
667Q.00 1 to 12 seizures a year 26618
667R.00 2 to 4 seizures a month 13221
667S.00 1 to 7 seizures a week 19549
667T.00 Daily seizures 18899
667V.00 Many seizures a day 39160
667W.00 Emergency epilepsy treatment since last appointment 46603
667Z.00 Epilepsy monitoring NOS 36696
66h..00 Dementia monitoring 55023
67AF.00 Pregnancy advice for patients with epilepsy 102359
67IJ000 Pre-conception advice for patients with epilepsy 100920
7004300 Evacuation of intracerebral haematoma NEC 7017
7A20300 Endarterectomy and patch repair of carotid artery 35916
7A20311 Carotid endarterectomy and patch 12733
7A20400 Endarterectomy of carotid artery NEC 2654
7P24200 Delivery of rehabilitation for stroke 55351
7Q04100 Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis drugs Band 1 109020
8BIF.00 Epilepsy medication review 9326
8BPa.00 Antipsychotic drug therapy for dementia 109047
8CMZ.00 Dementia care plan 106311
8CRB.00 Transient ischaemic attack clinical management plan 100015
8CS1.00 Multiple sclerosis care plan agreed 50161
8Cc0.00 Management of multiple sclerosis in onset phase 98835
8Cc1.00 Management of multiple sclerosis in early disease phase 97487
8Cc2.00 Management of multiple sclerosis in stable disability phase 95864
8Cc4.00 Management of multiple sclerosis in palliative phase 98521
8HBJ.00 Stroke / transient ischaemic attack referral 13707
8HHM.00 Ref to multidisciplinary stroke function improvement service 56458
8Hd6.00 Admission to stroke unit 105520
8Hkv.00 Referral to community multiple sclerosis team 103740
8Hla.00 Referral to dementia care advisor 103445
8IAb.00 Multiple sclerosis review declined 100503
8IAg.00 Contraceptive advice for patients with epilepsy declined 102190
8IAh.00 Pre-conception advice for patients with epilepsy declined 102265
8IAi.00 Pregnancy advice for patients with epilepsy declined 102191
8IB2.00 Contraceptiv advice for patients with epilepsy not indicated 101143
8IEC.00 Ref multidisciplinary stroke function improvement declined 104638
9Of3.00 Epilepsy monitoring verbal invite 45757
9Of4.00 Epilepsy monitoring telephone invite 72384
9Of5.00 Epilepsy monitoring call first letter 98442
9Of6.00 Epilepsy monitoring call second letter 98536
9Om..00 Stroke/transient ischaemic attack monitoring administration 31218
9Om0.00 Stroke/transient ischaemic attack monitoring first letter 28753
9Om1.00 Stroke/transient ischaemic attack monitoring second letter 34245
9Om2.00 Stroke/transient ischaemic attack monitoring third letter 34375
9Om3.00 Stroke/transient ischaemic attack monitoring verbal invitati 51465
9Ou..00 Dementia monitoring administration 85853
9Ou1.00 Dementia monitoring first letter 49674
9Ou2.00 Dementia monitoring second letter 83576
9Ou3.00 Dementia monitoring third letter 89036
9Ou4.00 Dementia monitoring verbal invite 89037
9h2..00 Exception reporting: stroke quality indicators 10962
9h21.00 Excepted from stroke quality indicators: Patient unsuitable 11039
9h22.00 Excepted from stroke quality indicators: Informed dissent 11074
9h6..00 Exception reporting: epilepsy quality indicators 45535
9kG..00 Spec serv for pat with multiple sclerosis - enh serv admin 48527
9mD0.00 Multiple sclerosis monitoring first letter 109049
9mD1.00 Multiple sclerosis monitoring second letter 109302
A411.00 Jakob-Creutzfeldt disease 38286
A413.00 Progressive multifocal leucoencephalopathy 52673
A413.11 Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy 49541
A940.11 Locomotor ataxia 29114
A94y100 Syphilitic parkinsonism 52589
BBbW.00 [M]Cerebellar sarcoma NOS 37473
C250.00 Beriberi 16444
C251.11 Wernicke's encephalopathy 4501
C253.00 Wernicke's encephalopathy 11107
C315100 Mitochond encephalopathy, lact acidosis & strokelike episode 57183
E00..11 Senile dementia 1916
E00..12 Senile/presenile dementia 1350
E000.00 Uncomplicated senile dementia 7323
E001.00 Presenile dementia 15165
E001000 Uncomplicated presenile dementia 42602
E001100 Presenile dementia with delirium 49513
E001200 Presenile dementia with paranoia 30032
E001300 Presenile dementia with depression 27677
E001z00 Presenile dementia NOS 38438
E002.00 Senile dementia with depressive or paranoid features 44674
E002000 Senile dementia with paranoia 18386
E002100 Senile dementia with depression 21887
E002z00 Senile dementia with depressive or paranoid features NOS 41089
E003.00 Senile dementia with delirium 37015
E004.00 Arteriosclerotic dementia 19477
E004.11 Multi infarct dementia 8634
E004000 Uncomplicated arteriosclerotic dementia 43089
E004100 Arteriosclerotic dementia with delirium 56912
E004200 Arteriosclerotic dementia with paranoia 55467
E004z00 Arteriosclerotic dementia NOS 42279
E012.00 Other alcoholic dementia 54505
E02y100 Drug-induced dementia 62132
E030400 Acute confusional state, of cerebrovascular origin 25114
E031400 Subacute confusional state, of cerebrovascular origin 24035
E041.00 Dementia in conditions EC 25386
Eu00.00 [X]Dementia in Alzheimer's disease 7664
Eu00000 [X]Dementia in Alzheimer's disease with early onset 49263
Eu00011 [X]Presenile dementia,Alzheimer's type 25704
Eu00012 [X]Primary degen dementia, Alzheimer's type, presenile onset 60059
Eu00013 [X]Alzheimer's disease type 2 61528
Eu00100 [X]Dementia in Alzheimer's disease with late onset 38678
Eu00111 [X]Alzheimer's disease type 1 46762
Eu00112 [X]Senile dementia,Alzheimer's type 11379
Eu00113 [X]Primary degen dementia of Alzheimer's type, senile onset 43346
Eu00200 [X]Dementia in Alzheimer's dis, atypical or mixed type 30706
Eu00z00 [X]Dementia in Alzheimer's disease, unspecified 29386
Eu00z11 [X]Alzheimer's dementia unspec 8195
Eu01.00 [X]Vascular dementia 6578
Eu01.11 [X]Arteriosclerotic dementia 9565
Eu01000 [X]Vascular dementia of acute onset 46488
Eu01100 [X]Multi-infarct dementia 11175
Eu01111 [X]Predominantly cortical dementia 55838
Eu01200 [X]Subcortical vascular dementia 8934
Eu01300 [X]Mixed cortical and subcortical vascular dementia 31016
Eu01y00 [X]Other vascular dementia 55313
Eu01z00 [X]Vascular dementia, unspecified 19393
Eu02.00 [X]Dementia in other diseases classified elsewhere 12621
Eu02000 [X]Dementia in Pick's disease 28402
Eu02100 [X]Dementia in Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease 54106
Eu02200 [X]Dementia in Huntington's disease 37014
Eu02300 [X]Dementia in Parkinson's disease 9509
Eu02400 [X]Dementia in human immunodef virus [HIV] disease 41185
Eu02500 [X]Lewy body dementia 26270
Eu02y00 [X]Dementia in other specified diseases classif elsewhere 64267
Eu02z00 [X] Unspecified dementia 4693
Eu02z11 [X] Presenile dementia NOS 48501
Eu02z13 [X] Primary degenerative dementia NOS 34944
Eu02z14 [X] Senile dementia NOS 4357
Eu02z16 [X] Senile dementia, depressed or paranoid type 27759
Eu04000 [X]Delirium not superimposed on dementia, so described 68125
Eu04100 [X]Delirium superimposed on dementia 53446
Eu05y11 [X]Epileptic psychosis NOS 6709
Eu06013 [X]Limbic epilepsy personality 48462
Eu80300 [X]Acquired aphasia with epilepsy [Landau - Kleffner] 43679
Eu84311 [X]Dementia infantalis 101999
F03..13 Transverse myelitis 5463
F037.00 Transverse myelitis 6494
F037000 Varicella transverse myelitis 92694
F040100 Cerebellar intracranial abscess 67971
F040111 Cerebellar abscess 40670
F10..00 Cerebral degenerations usually manifest in childhood 56288
F102100 Cerebral degeneration in Niemann-Pick disease 65343
F103.00 Cerebral degeneration in diseases EC 93372
F103000 Cerebral degeneration in Hunter's disease 63652
F103100 Cerebral degeneration in mucopolysaccharidoses 67762
F103z00 Cerebral degeneration in disease NOS 108773
F10z.00 Childhood cerebral degenerations NOS 59956
F11..00 Other cerebral degenerations 31892
F110.00 Alzheimer's disease 1917
F110000 Alzheimer's disease with early onset 16797
F110100 Alzheimer's disease with late onset 32057
F113.00 Acquired communicating hydrocephalus 4675
F113000 Normal pressure hydrocephalus 10288
F113011 Low pressure hydrocephalus 50976
F113z00 Communicating hydrocephalus - acquired NOS 70569
F114.00 Acquired obstructive hydrocephalus 15388
F115.00 Hydrocephalus 3584
F117.00 Infantile posthaemorrhagic hydrocephalus 45734
F11X.00 Post-traumatic hydrocephalus, unspecified 54085
F11x.00 Cerebral degeneration in other disease EC 97422
F11x200 Cerebral degeneration due to cerebrovascular disease 54744
F11x400 Cerebral degeneration due to neoplastic disease 70957
F11x500 Cerebral degeneration due to myxoedema 47658
F11x600 Cerebral degeneration due to vitamin B12 deficiency 24581
F11x700 Cerebral degeneration due to Jakob - Creutzfeldt disease 48531
F11x800 Cerebral degeneration due to multifocal leucoencephalopathy 99684
F11x900 Cerebral degeneration in Parkinson's disease 96860
F11xz00 Cerebral degeneration other disease NOS 44592
F11y.00 Other cerebral degeneration 34976
F11y100 Cerebral ataxia 15261
F11yz00 Other cerebral degeneration NOS 31524
F11z.00 Cerebral degeneration NOS 5651
F12..00 Parkinson's disease 4321
F120.00 Paralysis agitans 1691
F121.00 Parkinsonism secondary to drugs 33544
F121.11 Drug induced parkinsonism 19478
F123.00 Postencephalitic parkinsonism 51105
F124.00 Vascular parkinsonism 100128
F12X.00 Secondary parkinsonism, unspecified 26181
F12z.00 Parkinson's disease NOS 14912
F13..11 Extrapyramidal disease excluding Parkinson's disease 28170
F130300 Parkinsonism with orthostatic hypotension 8956
F132100 Progressive myoclonic epilepsy 37644
F132200 Myoclonic encephalopathy 45602
F132z12 Myoclonic seizure 8487
F134.00 Huntington's chorea 3591
F135.00 Other choreas 6889
F135000 Hemiballismus 4108
F135100 Paroxysmal choreo-athetosis 2685
F135200 Drug-induced chorea 34327
F135z00 Other choreas NOS 27450
F14..00 Spinocerebellar disease 21216
F14..11 Cerebellar disease 8692
F140.00 Friedreich's ataxia 4165
F142.00 Primary cerebellar degeneration 5128
F142000 Marie's cerebellar ataxia 99763
F142200 Dyssynergia cerebellaris myoclonica 49737
F142z00 Primary cerebellar degeneration NOS 58772
F143.00 Cerebellar ataxia NOS 2336
F144.00 Cerebellar ataxia in diseases EC 93137
F144000 Cerebellar ataxia due to alcoholism 33839
F144200 Cerebellar ataxia due to neoplasia 41622
F144z00 Cerebellar ataxia in disease NOS 20206
F146.00 Early onset cerebellar ataxia with hypogonadism 108131
F14y.00 Other spinocerebellar diseases 52795
F14y000 Ataxia-telangiectasia 73583
F14y100 Corticostriatal-spinal degeneration 73584
F14yz00 Other spinocerebellar disease NOS 57847
F14z.00 Spinocerebellar disease NOS 27331
F15..00 Anterior horn cell disease 21889
F150.11 Infantile spinal muscular atrophy 95615
F151.00 Spinal muscular atrophy 9179
F151000 Unspecified spinal muscular atrophy 70572
F151111 Juvenile spinal muscular atrophy 101222
F151200 Adult spinal muscular atrophy 66575
F151z00 Spinal muscular atrophy NOS 57632
F152000 Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 36433
F152100 Progressive muscular atrophy 30987
F152111 Duchenne Aran muscular atrophy 7470
F152300 Pseudobulbar palsy 18084
F15y.00 Other anterior horn cell disease 71400
F15z.00 Anterior horn cell disease NOS 58729
F1y0.00 Fragile X associated tremor ataxia syndrome 105180
F20..00 Multiple sclerosis 684
F200.00 Multiple sclerosis of the brain stem 40344
F201.00 Multiple sclerosis of the spinal cord 69886
F202.00 Generalised multiple sclerosis 23730
F203.00 Exacerbation of multiple sclerosis 2298
F204.00 Benign multiple sclerosis 96291
F206.00 Primary progressive multiple sclerosis 96607
F207.00 Relapsing and remitting multiple sclerosis 95972
F208.00 Secondary progressive multiple sclerosis 96246
F20z.00 Multiple sclerosis NOS 20493
F21..00 Other central nervous system demyelinating diseases 3464
F210.00 Neuromyelitis optica 44795
F211.00 Schilder's disease 105035
F21X.00 Acute disseminated demyelination, unspecified 28082
F21y.00 Other specified central nervous system demyelinating disease 43583
F21y211 Binswanger's encephalopathy 68194
F21y300 Central demyelination of corpus callosum 55426
F21yz00 Other specified central nervous system demyelination NOS 54300
F21z.00 Central nervous system demyelination NOS 12054
F24y000 Progressive supranuclear palsy 9385
F25..00 Epilepsy 573
F250.00 Generalised nonconvulsive epilepsy 11186
F250000 Petit mal (minor) epilepsy 2907
F250011 Epileptic absences 1715
F250100 Pykno-epilepsy 99548
F250200 Epileptic seizures - atonic 24309
F250300 Epileptic seizures - akinetic 31830
F250400 Juvenile absence epilepsy 17399
F250500 Lennox-Gastaut syndrome 34792
F250y00 Other specified generalised nonconvulsive epilepsy 59185
F250z00 Generalised nonconvulsive epilepsy NOS 44252
F251.00 Generalised convulsive epilepsy 26144
F251000 Grand mal (major) epilepsy 988
F251011 Tonic-clonic epilepsy 22804
F251100 Neonatal myoclonic epilepsy 37782
F251111 Otohara syndrome 49340
F251200 Epileptic seizures - clonic 18471
F251300 Epileptic seizures - myoclonic 4801
F251400 Epileptic seizures - tonic 5152
F251500 Tonic-clonic epilepsy 8187
F251600 Grand mal seizure 5668
F251y00 Other specified generalised convulsive epilepsy 45927
F251z00 Generalised convulsive epilepsy NOS 40806
F252.00 Petit mal status 9886
F253.00 Grand mal status 5117
F253.11 Status epilepticus 4093
F254.00 Partial epilepsy with impairment of consciousness 32288
F254000 Temporal lobe epilepsy 3175
F254100 Psychomotor epilepsy 23634
F254200 Psychosensory epilepsy 36203
F254300 Limbic system epilepsy 55665
F254400 Epileptic automatism 34079
F254500 Complex partial epileptic seizure 11394
F254z00 Partial epilepsy with impairment of consciousness NOS 31920
F255.00 Partial epilepsy without impairment of consciousness 26015
F255000 Jacksonian, focal or motor epilepsy 9569
F255011 Focal epilepsy 5525
F255012 Motor epilepsy 65699
F255100 Sensory induced epilepsy 48134
F255200 Somatosensory epilepsy 37592
F255300 Visceral reflex epilepsy 73542
F255311 Partial epilepsy with autonomic symptoms 98870
F255400 Visual reflex epilepsy 55739
F255500 Unilateral epilepsy 68946
F255600 Simple partial epileptic seizure 40105
F255y00 Partial epilepsy without impairment of consciousness OS 26733
F255z00 Partial epilepsy without impairment of consciousness NOS 27526
F256.00 Infantile spasms 4478
F256.11 Lightning spasms 68486
F256.12 West syndrome 39023
F256000 Hypsarrhythmia 7945
F256100 Salaam attacks 23415
F256z00 Infantile spasms NOS 49322
F257.00 Kojevnikov's epilepsy 71719
F258.00 Post-ictal state 21885
F259.00 Early infant epileptic encephalopathy wth suppression bursts 37906
F259.11 Ohtahara syndrome 51998
F25A.00 Juvenile myoclonic epilepsy 19363
F25C.00 Drug-induced epilepsy 30816
F25D.00 Menstrual epilepsy 56359
F25E.00 Stress-induced epilepsy 65673
F25F.00 Photosensitive epilepsy 30635
F25G.00 Severe myoclonic epilepsy in infancy 108409
F25H.00 Generalised seizure 106571
F25X.00 Status epilepticus, unspecified 6271
F25y.00 Other forms of epilepsy 38307
F25y000 Cursive (running) epilepsy 55260
F25y100 Gelastic epilepsy 53483
F25y200 Locl-rlt(foc)(part)idiop epilep&epilptic syn seiz locl onset 9887
F25y300 Complex partial status epilepticus 25330
F25y400 Benign Rolandic epilepsy 19170
F25y500 Panayiotopoulos syndrome 96641
F25yz00 Other forms of epilepsy NOS 9979
F25z.00 Epilepsy NOS 9747
F25z.11 Fit (in known epileptic) NOS 3607
F281.11 Anoxic - ischaemic encephalopathy 5644
F283.00 Unspecified encephalopathy 3802
F29y300 Toxic encephalopathy 41744
F361.00 Peroneal muscular atrophy 28901
F365.00 Neuropathy in association with hereditary ataxia 46937
F374100 Polyneuropathy in beriberi 73337
Fyu1000 [X]Other hereditary ataxias 94150
Fyu2000 [X]Other drug-induced secondary parkinsonism 105947
Fyu2100 [X]Other secondary parkinsonism 97170
Fyu2200 [X]Parkinsonism in diseases classified elsewhere 86062
Fyu2600 [X]Other chorea 94540
Fyu2900 [X]Secondary parkinsonism, unspecified 72879
Fyu3000 [X]Other Alzheimer's disease 59122
Fyu4.00 [X]Demyelinating diseases of the central nervous system 53790
Fyu4000 [X]Other specified acute disseminated demyelination 107848
Fyu4100 [X]Other specified demyelinating diseases/the CNS 53919
Fyu4200 [X]Acute disseminated demyelination, unspecified 108530
Fyu5000 [X]Other generalized epilepsy and epileptic syndromes 99731
Fyu5100 [X]Other epilepsy 69831
Fyu5200 [X]Other status epilepticus 59120
Fyu5700 [X]Other vascular syndroms/brain in cerebrovasculr diseases 95347
Fyu5900 [X]Status epilepticus, unspecified 71801
FyuA100 [X]Other hydrocephalus 53773
FyuA400 [X]Hydrocephalus in neoplastic disease classified elsewhere 103462
FyuAG00 [X]Post-traumatic hydrocephalus, unspecified 100957
G02..00 Rheumatic chorea 5326
G02..11 Sydenham's chorea 20246
G020.00 Rheumatic chorea with heart involvement 69995
G021.00 Rheumatic chorea without mention of heart involvement 63252
G02z.00 Rheumatic chorea NOS 72936
G6...00 Cerebrovascular disease 2418
G60..00 Subarachnoid haemorrhage 1786
G600.00 Ruptured berry aneurysm 29939
G601.00 Subarachnoid haemorrhage from carotid siphon and bifurcation 56007
G602.00 Subarachnoid haemorrhage from middle cerebral artery 19412
G603.00 Subarachnoid haemorrhage from anterior communicating artery 42331
G604.00 Subarachnoid haemorrhage from posterior communicating artery 9696
G605.00 Subarachnoid haemorrhage from basilar artery 41910
G606.00 Subarachnoid haemorrhage from vertebral artery 60692
G60X.00 Subarachnoid haemorrh from intracranial artery, unspecif 17326
G60z.00 Subarachnoid haemorrhage NOS 23580
G61..00 Intracerebral haemorrhage 5051
G61..11 CVA - cerebrovascular accid due to intracerebral haemorrhage 6960
G61..12 Stroke due to intracerebral haemorrhage 18604
G610.00 Cortical haemorrhage 31595
G611.00 Internal capsule haemorrhage 40338
G612.00 Basal nucleus haemorrhage 46316
G613.00 Cerebellar haemorrhage 13564
G614.00 Pontine haemorrhage 7912
G615.00 Bulbar haemorrhage 62342
G616.00 External capsule haemorrhage 30045
G617.00 Intracerebral haemorrhage, intraventricular 30202
G618.00 Intracerebral haemorrhage, multiple localized 57315
G619.00 Lobar cerebral haemorrhage 107440
G61X.00 Intracerebral haemorrhage in hemisphere, unspecified 31060
G61X000 Left sided intracerebral haemorrhage, unspecified 28314
G61X100 Right sided intracerebral haemorrhage, unspecified 19201
G61z.00 Intracerebral haemorrhage NOS 3535
G62..00 Other and unspecified intracranial haemorrhage 31805
G621.00 Subdural haemorrhage - nontraumatic 4273
G623.00 Subdural haemorrhage NOS 18912
G62z.00 Intracranial haemorrhage NOS 20284
G63..00 Precerebral arterial occlusion 45781
G63..11 Infarction - precerebral 57495
G63..12 Stenosis of precerebral arteries 63830
G630.00 Basilar artery occlusion 32447
G631.00 Carotid artery occlusion 4240
G631.11 Stenosis, carotid artery 2156
G632.00 Vertebral artery occlusion 40847
G633.00 Multiple and bilateral precerebral arterial occlusion 98642
G634.00 Carotid artery stenosis 2652
G63y.00 Other precerebral artery occlusion 51326
G63y000 Cerebral infarct due to thrombosis of precerebral arteries 23671
G63y100 Cerebral infarction due to embolism of precerebral arteries 24446
G63z.00 Precerebral artery occlusion NOS 71585
G64..00 Cerebral arterial occlusion 8837
G64..11 CVA - cerebral artery occlusion 5363
G64..12 Infarction - cerebral 569
G64..13 Stroke due to cerebral arterial occlusion 6155
G640.00 Cerebral thrombosis 16517
G640000 Cerebral infarction due to thrombosis of cerebral arteries 36717
G641.00 Cerebral embolism 15019
G641.11 Cerebral embolus 34758
G641000 Cerebral infarction due to embolism of cerebral arteries 27975
G64z.00 Cerebral infarction NOS 3149
G64z.11 Brainstem infarction NOS 15252
G64z.12 Cerebellar infarction 5602
G64z000 Brainstem infarction 25615
G64z100 Wallenberg syndrome 47642
G64z111 Lateral medullary syndrome 5185
G64z200 Left sided cerebral infarction 9985
G64z300 Right sided cerebral infarction 10504
G64z400 Infarction of basal ganglia 26424
G65..00 Transient cerebral ischaemia 504
G65..12 Transient ischaemic attack 1433
G65..13 Vertebro-basilar insufficiency 2417
G650.00 Basilar artery syndrome 23942
G650.11 Insufficiency - basilar artery 5268
G651.00 Vertebral artery syndrome 33377
G651000 Vertebro-basilar artery syndrome 21118
G653.00 Carotid artery syndrome hemispheric 44765
G654.00 Multiple and bilateral precerebral artery syndromes 50594
G656.00 Vertebrobasilar insufficiency 10794
G657.00 Carotid territory transient ischaemic attack 105738
G65y.00 Other transient cerebral ischaemia 19354
G65z.00 Transient cerebral ischaemia NOS 1895
G65z100 Intermittent cerebral ischaemia 16507
G65zz00 Transient cerebral ischaemia NOS 15788
G66..00 Stroke and cerebrovascular accident unspecified 1469
G66..11 CVA unspecified 1298
G66..12 Stroke unspecified 6253
G66..13 CVA - Cerebrovascular accident unspecified 6116
G660.00 Middle cerebral artery syndrome 18689
G662.00 Posterior cerebral artery syndrome 19260
G663.00 Brain stem stroke syndrome 8443
G664.00 Cerebellar stroke syndrome 17322
G665.00 Pure motor lacunar syndrome 33499
G666.00 Pure sensory lacunar syndrome 51767
G667.00 Left sided CVA 7780
G668.00 Right sided CVA 12833
G67..00 Other cerebrovascular disease 13577
G671.00 Generalised ischaemic cerebrovascular disease NOS 40053
G671000 Acute cerebrovascular insufficiency NOS 70536
G671z00 Generalised ischaemic cerebrovascular disease NOS 12555
G672.00 Hypertensive encephalopathy 3979
G676000 Cereb infarct due cerebral venous thrombosis, nonpyogenic 39344
G677.00 Occlusion/stenosis cerebral arts not result cerebral infarct 31704
G677000 Occlusion and stenosis of middle cerebral artery 51759
G677100 Occlusion and stenosis of anterior cerebral artery 57527
G677200 Occlusion and stenosis of posterior cerebral artery 65770
G677300 Occlusion and stenosis of cerebellar arteries 55602
G677400 Occlusion+stenosis of multiple and bilat cerebral arteries 71274
G679.00 Small vessel cerebrovascular disease 98188
G67y.00 Other cerebrovascular disease OS 34117
G67z.00 Other cerebrovascular disease NOS 37493
G68..00 Late effects of cerebrovascular disease 23361
G680.00 Sequelae of subarachnoid haemorrhage 44740
G681.00 Sequelae of intracerebral haemorrhage 48149
G682.00 Sequelae of other nontraumatic intracranial haemorrhage 43451
G683.00 Sequelae of cerebral infarction 39403
G68W.00 Sequelae/other + unspecified cerebrovascular diseases 51138
G68X.00 Sequelae of stroke,not specfd as h'morrhage or infarction 6228
G6W..00 Cereb infarct due unsp occlus/stenos precerebr arteries 40758
G6X..00 Cerebrl infarctn due/unspcf occlusn or sten/cerebrl artrs 33543
G6y..00 Other specified cerebrovascular disease 51311
G6z..00 Cerebrovascular disease NOS 10062
G70y011 Carotid artery disease 22677
Gyu6.00 [X]Cerebrovascular diseases 73901
Gyu6000 [X]Subarachnoid haemorrhage from other intracranial arteries 108668
Gyu6100 [X]Other subarachnoid haemorrhage 65745
Gyu6200 [X]Other intracerebral haemorrhage 53810
Gyu6300 [X]Cerebrl infarctn due/unspcf occlusn or sten/cerebrl artrs 91627
Gyu6400 [X]Other cerebral infarction 53745
Gyu6500 [X]Occlusion and stenosis of other precerebral arteries 90572
Gyu6600 [X]Occlusion and stenosis of other cerebral arteries 92036
Gyu6A00 [X]Other cerebrovascular disorders in diseases CE 99367
Gyu6E00 [X]Subarachnoid haemorrh from intracranial artery, unspecif 108630
Gyu6F00 [X]Intracerebral haemorrhage in hemisphere, unspecified 96630
Gyu6G00 [X]Cereb infarct due unsp occlus/stenos precerebr arteries 94482
J622.11 Encephalopathy - hepatic 22411
L440.00 Cerebrovascular disorders in the puerperium 42335
L440.11 CVA - cerebrovascular accident in the puerperium 47607
L440.12 Stroke in the puerperium 56279
L440000 Puerperal cerebrovascular disorder unspecified 67640
L440100 Puerperal cerebrovascular disorder - delivered 97470
L440300 Puerperal cerebrovascular disorder with antenatal comp 91272
P10..00 Spina bifida with hydrocephalus 46790
P100.00 Unspecified spina bifida with hydrocephalus 42497
P100000 Spina bifida with hydrocephalus, unspecified 5306
P100100 Cervical spina bifida with hydrocephalus 109243
P100200 Thoracic spina bifida with hydrocephalus 50565
P100300 Lumbar spina bifida with hydrocephalus 57113
P100z00 Spina bifida with hydrocephalus NOS 98298
P102.00 Spina bifida with hydrocephalus - open 98811
P102.11 Fissured spine with hydrocephalus 104943
P102.13 Myelocele with hydrocephalus 52683
P102.14 Rachischisis with hydrocephalus 53471
P102200 Thoracic spina bifida with hydrocephalus - open 57243
P102300 Lumbar spina bifida with hydrocephalus - open 103284
P102400 Sacral spina bifida with hydrocephalus - open 60623
P102z00 Spina bifida with hydrocephalus - open NOS 47288
P103.00 Spina bifida with hydrocephalus - closed 93902
P103300 Lumbar spina bifida with hydrocephalus - closed 105767
P103400 Sacral spina bifida with hydrocephalus - closed 72928
P103z11 Thoracolumbar spina bifida with hydrocephalus - closed 90482
P104.00 Spina bifida with hydrocephalus of late onset 102628
P10y.00 Other specified spina bifida with hydrocephalus 73085
P10z.00 Spina bifida with hydrocephalus NOS 64717
P11..00 Spina bifida without mention of hydrocephalus 5431
P110000 Spina bifida without hydrocephalus, site unspecified 101013
P110100 Cervical spina bifida without mention of hydrocephalus 68221
P110200 Thoracic spina bifida without mention of hydrocephalus 96709
P110300 Lumbar spina bifida without mention of hydrocephalus 96407
P110z00 Unspecified spina bifida without hydrocephalus NOS 95018
P117.00 Spina bifida without hydrocephalus - open 99281
P117200 Thoracic spina bifida without hydrocephalus - open 95478
P117300 Lumbar spina bifida without hydrocephalus - open 69397
P117400 Sacral spina bifida without hydrocephalus - open 71525
P117z00 Spina bifida without hydrocephalus - open NOS 73608
P118.00 Spina bifida without hydrocephalus - closed 48609
P118000 Unspecified spina bifida without hydrocephalus - closed 69370
P118100 Cervical spina bifida without hydrocephalus - closed 72018
P118300 Lumbar spina bifida without hydrocephalus - closed 65936
P118400 Sacral spina bifida without hydrocephalus - closed 70923
P118z00 Spina bifida without hydrocephalus - closed NOS 65246
P11y.00 Other specified spina bifida without hydrocephalus 99894
P11z.00 Spina bifida without mention of hydrocephalus NOS 98280
P22z.11 Cerebellar hypoplasia 37785
P23..00 Congenital hydrocephalus 9611
P233.12 Hydrocephalus with atresia of foramina of Magendie+Luschka 97663
P235.00 X-linked hydrocephalus 107207
P23z.00 Congenital hydrocephalus NOS 28353
P7y0.00 Cerebrovascular system anomalies 31451
P7y0y00 Other specified cerebrovascular anomaly 94105
P7y0z00 Cerebrovascular system anomaly NOS 60781
Pyu0100 [X]Other congenital hydrocephalus 100673
Pyu0400 [X]Unspecified spina bifida with hydrocephalus 106579
Q200011 Intracerebral haemorrhage in fetus or newborn 36559
Q402311 Congenital hydrocephalus due to toxoplasmosis 107917
Q417000 Intracerebral (nontraumatic) haemorrhage of fet and newborn 57783
Q417100 Cerebellar (nontraum) and post fossa haemorhage fet newborn 19577
Q437000 Bilirubin encephalopathy 47802
R003300 [D]Reflex anoxic seizure 21935
R003400 [D]Nocturnal seizure 99834
R003z11 [D]Seizure NOS 1306
R013000 [D]Ataxia NOS 3428
S621.00 Open traumatic subarachnoid haemorrhage 96717
S628.00 Traumatic subdural haemorrhage 8181
S63z.00 Other cerebral haemorrhage following injury NOS 42283
SC20000 Traumatic epilepsy 4109
SL6y.00 Antiparkinsonism drug poisoning 38936
SL6yz00 Antiparkinsonian drug poisoning NOS 95027
SL6z.00 Anticonvulsant or antiparkinsonian drug poisoning NOS 67658
TJ64.00 Adverse reaction to antiparkinsonism drugs 62724
TJ64z00 Adverse reaction to antiparkinsonism drugs NOS 70072
U606.00 [X]Antiepilept + antiparksn drug caus advers eff therap use 54365
U606.11 [X] Adverse react to anticonvulsants & anti-parkinsons drugs 89713
U606600 [X]Oth unspec antiepileptics caus adverse eff in therap use 73879
U606700 [X]Antiparkinsonism drugs caus advers effects in therap use 68336
U606711 [X] Adverse reaction to antiparkinsonism drug 66724
U606718 [X] Adverse reaction to antiparkinsonism drugs NOS 98426
U606719 [X] Adverse react to anticonvuls or antiparkinson drug NOS 99902
Z7E4.00 Ataxia 18493
Z7E4300 Truncal ataxia 25884
Z7E4400 Cerebellar ataxia 10890
ZS42111 Pseudobulbar palsy type of dysarthria 60703
ZS42113 Suprabulbar palsy type of dysarthria 64216
ZS42400 Cerebellar dysarthria 42267
ZS7C500 Language disorder of dementia 55222
ZS82.00 Acquired epileptic aphasia 49889
ZV12511 [V]Personal history of stroke 19348
ZV12512 [V]Personal history of cerebrovascular accident (CVA) 7138


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Version History

Name Owner Publish date
2381 Other neurological disorders - Elixhauser primary care coldeaa 2023-02-14 currently shown

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