Paralysis - Elixhauser primary care

David Metcalfe, James Masters, Antonella Delmestri, Andrew Judge, Daniel Perry, Cheryl Zogg, Belinda Gabbe, Matthew Costa

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Paralysis comorbidity category for Elixhauser index, defined in Read codes for primary care by David Metcalfe et. al.


  • Metcalfe, D., Masters, J., Delmestri, A. et al. Coding algorithms for defining Charlson and Elixhauser co-morbidities in Read-coded databases. BMC Med Res Methodol 19, 115 (2019).

  • Elixhauser A, Steiner C, Harris DR, et al. Comorbidity measures for use with administrative data. Med Care. 1998;36(1):8–27.

  • Lyons J, Akbari A, Agrawal U, et al Protocol for the development of the Wales Multimorbidity e-Cohort (WMC): data sources and methods to construct a population-based research platform to investigate multimorbidity BMJ Open 2021;11:e047101. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2020-047101

Clinical Code List

Rows: 107
Code Description Medcode
1B33.00 Paralysis present 44908
283..00 O/E - paralysis 9258
2833.00 O/E - hemiplegia 22135
2834.00 O/E - monoplegia 4921
2835.00 O/E - paraplegia 36133
2836.00 O/E - quadriplegia 8282
2837.00 O/E - diplegia 3621
283Z.00 O/E - paralysis NOS 71572
2949.00 Lower limb spasticity 18957
294A.00 Upper limb spasticity 40893
294B.00 Worsening limb spasticity 103777
294E.00 Upper limb flaccidity 105240
2992.00 O/E - gait spastic 61884
2992.11 O/E - spastic gait 8459
38Gw.00 Gross Motor Function Classification System Cerebral Palsy 107844
7L0D100 Correction of obstetric palsy 69356
7L0D111 Correction of Erb's palsy 28331
7L0D114 L'Episcopo operation for obstetric palsy 62279
7L0D115 Sever operation for Erb's palsy 36056
8E53.00 Exercises for paralysis 49151
8E54.00 Exercises for spasticity 7035
A941.11 General paralysis of insane 42396
E201400 Hysterical paralysis 34696
E260000 Psychogenic paralysis 48561
F038.00 Tropical spastic paraplegia 58576
F137.11 Athetoid cerebral palsy 73943
F137000 Athetoid cerebral palsy 16977
F141.00 Hereditary spastic paraplegia 3514
F152200 Progressive bulbar palsy 27377
F22..00 Hemiplegia 1749
F220.00 Flaccid hemiplegia 39085
F221.00 Spastic hemiplegia 20122
F221.11 Spastic foot 35106
F222.00 Left hemiplegia 8933
F223.00 Right hemiplegia 3293
F22z.00 Hemiplegia NOS 8492
F23..00 Congenital cerebral palsy 2069
F23..11 Congenital spastic cerebral palsy 15530
F23..12 Infantile cerebral palsy 5560
F230.00 Congenital diplegia 25324
F230.11 Paraplegia - congenital 99040
F230000 Congenital paraplegia 37160
F230100 Cerebral palsy with spastic diplegia 5512
F230111 Spastic diplegic cerebral palsy 104775
F230z00 Congenital diplegia NOS 45551
F231.00 Congenital hemiplegia 27966
F232.00 Congenital quadriplegia 21249
F232.11 Tetraplegia - congenital 48126
F233.00 Congenital monoplegia 33925
F233.11 Congenital spastic foot 55593
F234.00 Infantile hemiplegia NOS 2019
F23y000 Ataxic infantile cerebral palsy 21548
F23y100 Flaccid infantile cerebral palsy 104828
F23y200 Spastic cerebral palsy 25570
F23y300 Dyskinetic cerebral palsy 49967
F23y400 Ataxic diplegic cerebral palsy 52659
F23y600 Choreoathetoid cerebral palsy 107551
F23yz00 Other infantile cerebral palsy NOS 12666
F23z.00 Congenital cerebral palsy NOS 28306
F240.00 Quadriplegia 9271
F240.11 Tetraplegia 16117
F240000 Flaccid tetraplegia 46128
F240100 Spastic tetraplegia 35540
F241.00 Paraplegia 3063
F241000 Flaccid paraplegia 46175
F241100 Spastic paraplegia 9375
F242.00 Diplegia of upper limbs 22907
F243.00 Monoplegia of lower limb 16033
F244.00 Monoplegia of upper limb 23632
F245.00 Monoplegia unspecified 45795
F246.00 Cauda equina syndrome 15277
F246000 Cauda equina syndrome not affecting bladder 61273
F246100 Cauda equina syndrome with cord bladder 53545
F246z00 Cauda equina syndrome NOS 57614
F24yz11 Specified palsy NEC 7167
F24z.00 Paralysis NOS 2640
F2B..00 Cerebral palsy 104498
F2B0.00 Spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy 104580
F2B1.00 Spastic hemiplegic cerebral palsy 105133
F2By.00 Other cerebral palsy 104782
F2Bz.00 Cerebral palsy NOS 104654
F342100 Tardy ulnar nerve palsy 27805
F343000 Acute radial nerve palsy 2073
F36y000 Supranuclear paralysis 29515
F393.00 Familial periodic paralysis 31329
F393.11 Familial hypokalaemic periodic paralysis 46528
Fyu9.00 [X]Cerebral palsy and other paralytic syndromes 53755
Fyu9000 [X]Other infantile cerebral palsy 90520
G669.00 Cerebral palsy, not congenital or infantile, acute 16956
N12C300 Lumbar disc prolapse with cauda equina compression 22866
N231011 Massive muscular calcification associated with paraplegia 59494
Q206.00 Brachial plexus palsy due to birth trauma 18969
Q206000 Brachial palsy unspecified, due to birth trauma 40328
Q206111 Erb-Duchenne paralysis 42156
Q206112 Erb's palsy 18288
Q206y00 Other specified brachial plexus palsy due to birth trauma 71125
Q206z00 Brachial plexus palsy due to birth trauma NOS 71911
Q207.00 Other cranial or peripheral nerve palsy due to birth trauma 103227
Q207z00 Cranial or peripheral nerve palsy due to birth trauma NOS 94732
R012200 [D]Spastic gait 23366
R014.00 [D]Transient paralysis of a limb 3608
R014000 [D]Transient monoplegia NOS 29657
S114500 Closed spinal fracture with cauda equina lesion 73788
SJ24.00 Cauda equina injury without bony injury 50155
SJ24000 Closed injury cauda equina 92886
SN48111 Paralysis following electric shock 67279
SN48112 Paralysis following electric shock 24105


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Version History

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2383 Paralysis - Elixhauser primary care coldeaa 2023-02-14 currently shown

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