Death by accidents (unnatural cause)

John, A, McGregor, J., Jones, I., Lee, S. C., Walters, J. T. R., Owen, M. J., O'Donovan, M., DelPozo-Banos, M., Berridge, D., & Lloyd, K.

PH1490 / 3000 Clinical-Coded Phenotype

  1. Overview

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  2. Definition

    Causes of deaths are ICD-10 codes associated with the “underlying cause of death” from the Office for National Statistics death registry. Based on a previous study (John et al., 2018), causes of deaths are first grouped into natural and unnatural main categories and then further grouped in accordance with the respective chapters of ICD-10:

    Natural causes

    Unnatural causes

    As discussed with a clinician in the study team (Prof Ann John), all codes related to deaths by suicide but with age of death not complying with the corresponding age criteria should be regarded as deaths by unknown causes. References John, A., McGregor, J., Jones, I., Lee, S.C., Walters, J.T., Owen, M.J., O'Donovan, M., DelPozo-Banos, M., Berridge, D. & Lloyd, K. (2018). Premature mortality among people with severe mental illness — New evidence from linked primary care data. Schizophrenia Research, 199, 154-162.

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