Kuan V, Denaxas S, Gonzalez-Izquierdo A, Direk K, Bhatti O, Husain S, Sutaria S, Hingorani M, Nitsch D, Parisinos C, Lumbers T, Mathur R, Sofat R, Casas JP, Wong I, Hemingway H, Hingorani A

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01/01/1999 - 01/07/2016
Female, Male
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At the specified date, a patient is defined as having had Splenomegaly IF they meet the criteria for any of the following on or before the specified date. The earliest date on which the individual meets any of the following criteria on or before the specified date is defined as the first event date:

Primary care

  1. Splenomegaly diagnosis or history of diagnosis during a consultation

OR Secondary care (ICD10)

  1. ALL diagnoses of Splenomegaly or history of diagnosis during a hospitalization



  • Kuan V., Denaxas S., Gonzalez-Izquierdo A. et al. A chronological map of 308 physical and mental health conditions from 4 million individuals in the National Health Service. The Lancet Digital Health - DOI 10.1016/S2589-7500(19)30012-3

Clinical Code List

Rows: 8
Code Description Disease Medcode Category
D414.00 Hypersplenism Splenomegaly 10702.0 Diagnosis of Splenomegaly
D415100 Chronic congestive splenamegaly Splenomegaly 96439.0 Diagnosis of Splenomegaly
J61y200 Hepatosplenomegaly Splenomegaly 1780.0 Diagnosis of Splenomegaly
PK03.00 Congenital splenomegaly Splenomegaly 59741.0 Diagnosis of Splenomegaly
PK03.11 Hyperplasia of spleen Splenomegaly 62455.0 Diagnosis of Splenomegaly
R092.00 [D]Splenomegaly Splenomegaly 3125.0 Diagnosis of Splenomegaly
R092000 [D]Spleen enlargement Splenomegaly 29832.0 Diagnosis of Splenomegaly
R092z00 [D]Splenomegaly NOS Splenomegaly 44281.0 Diagnosis of Splenomegaly
Rows: 8
Code Description Disease ReadcodeDescr Readcode
10702.0 Diagnosis of Splenomegaly Splenomegaly Hypersplenism D414.00
1780.0 Diagnosis of Splenomegaly Splenomegaly Hepatosplenomegaly J61y200
29832.0 Diagnosis of Splenomegaly Splenomegaly [D]Spleen enlargement R092000
3125.0 Diagnosis of Splenomegaly Splenomegaly [D]Splenomegaly R092.00
44281.0 Diagnosis of Splenomegaly Splenomegaly [D]Splenomegaly NOS R092z00
59741.0 Diagnosis of Splenomegaly Splenomegaly Congenital splenomegaly PK03.00
62455.0 Diagnosis of Splenomegaly Splenomegaly Hyperplasia of spleen PK03.11
96439.0 Diagnosis of Splenomegaly Splenomegaly Chronic congestive splenamegaly D415100
Rows: 4
Code Description Disease Category
D73.1 Hypersplenism Splenomegaly Diagnosis of Splenomegaly
D73.2 Chronic congestive splenomegaly Splenomegaly Diagnosis of Splenomegaly
R16.1 Splenomegaly, not elsewhere classified Splenomegaly Diagnosis of Splenomegaly
R16.2 Hepatomegaly with splenomegaly, not elsewhere classified Splenomegaly Diagnosis of Splenomegaly


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Version History

Name Owner Publish date
624 Splenomegaly ieuan.scanlon 2021-10-06 currently shown

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