Nanjo, A.,Banerjee A.

Lifestyle Risk Factor
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01/01/1999 - 01/07/2019
Female, Male
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Clinical Code List

Rows: 19
Code Description medcode
13D..00 Housing lack 9367
13D..11 Homeless 2562
13D1.00 Homeless family 32774
13D2.00 Homeless single person 25452
13D3.11 Tramp 32753
13D3.12 Vagabond 59523
13D5.00 Vagrant 41388
13D7.00 Sofa surfer - person of no fixed abode 97757
13D8.00 Length of time homeless 104962
13DZ.00 Housing lack NOS 52386
13F9.00 Living in hostel 31951
13FA.00 Living in B&B accommodation 35716
13FL.00 Living rough 34506
13FW.00 Living in temporary housing 70848
9Ngr.00 Under care of homeless advocacy service 107393
9k6..00 Homeless - enhanced services administration 67112
9k60.00 Homeless - enhanced service completed 96605
ZV60000 [V]Lack of housing 31661
ZV60014 [V]Tramp 103510
Rows: 19
Code Description readcode
103510 [V]Tramp ZV60014
104962 Length of time homeless 13D8.00
107393 Under care of homeless advocacy service 9Ngr.00
25452 Homeless single person 13D2.00
2562 Homeless 13D..11
31661 [V]Lack of housing ZV60000
31951 Living in hostel 13F9.00
32753 Tramp 13D3.11
32774 Homeless family 13D1.00
34506 Living rough 13FL.00
35716 Living in B&B accommodation 13FA.00
41388 Vagrant 13D5.00
52386 Housing lack NOS 13DZ.00
59523 Vagabond 13D3.12
67112 Homeless - enhanced services administration 9k6..00
70848 Living in temporary housing 13FW.00
9367 Housing lack 13D..00
96605 Homeless - enhanced service completed 9k60.00
97757 Sofa surfer - person of no fixed abode 13D7.00


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Version History

Name Owner Publish date
692 Homelessness ieuan.scanlon 2021-10-06 currently shown

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