Sinusitis Secondary care

Chukwuma Iwundu, Clare MacRae, Eleftheria Vasileiou

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01/01/2001 to 31/01/2021
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The aim of this research work was to identify relevant diagnosis codes available in routine electronic health records from primary and secondary care settings in the UK. We looked for relevant codes in code repositories such as the University of Cambrigdge Primary Care Unit, Manchester Clinical Codes, HDR UK National Phenomics Resource Project, Oxford-RCGP RSC, OpenSAFELY and LSHTM Data Compass. We also searched for peer-reviewed studies published via PubMed in the last 12 months for any relevant codes. Please note that these codes are not intended to be mandatory, but are to be used as a starting point for the identification of Sinusitis in routine electronic health record. Therefore, each study may differ in the sensitivity and specificity of the coding required. - No validations available


According to NHS, sinusitis is swelling of the sinuses, usually caused by an infection. It's common and usually clears up on its own within 2 to 3 weeks.

According to NICE guidelines, sinusitis is defined as a symptomatic inflammation of the paranasal sinuses.

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  • No publications idenified via Pubmed in the last 12 months

Clinical Code List

Rows: 16
Code Description BREATHE recommended
J01 Acute sinusitis Y
J01.0 Acute maxillary sinusitis Y
J01.1 Acute frontal sinusitis Y
J01.2 Acute ethmoidal sinusitis Y
J01.3 Acute sphenoidal sinusitis Y
J01.4 Acute pansinusitis Y
J01.8 Other acute sinusitis Y
J01.9 Acute sinusitis, unspecified Y
J32 Chronic sinusitis Y
J32.0 Chronic maxillary sinusitis Y
J32.1 Chronic frontal sinusitis Y
J32.2 Chronic ethmoidal sinusitis Y
J32.3 Chronic sphenoidal sinusitis Y
J32.4 Chronic pansinusitis Y
J32.8 Other chronic sinusitis Y
J32.9 Chronic sinusitis, unspecified Y
Rows: 16
Code Description
J01 Acute sinusitis
J01.0 Acute maxillary sinusitis
J01.1 Acute frontal sinusitis
J01.2 Acute ethmoidal sinusitis
J01.3 Acute sphenoidal sinusitis
J01.4 Acute pansinusitis
J01.8 Other acute sinusitis
J01.9 Acute sinusitis, unspecified
J32 Chronic sinusitis
J32.0 Chronic maxillary sinusitis
J32.1 Chronic frontal sinusitis
J32.2 Chronic ethmoidal sinusitis
J32.3 Chronic sphenoidal sinusitis
J32.4 Chronic pansinusitis
J32.8 Other chronic sinusitis
J32.9 Chronic sinusitis, unspecified


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Version History

Name Owner Publish date
2247 Sinusitis Secondary care zinnurar 2022-08-09 currently shown
1705 Sinusitis Secondary care zinnurar 2022-01-21

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