Tonsillitis Primary care

Chukwuma Iwundu, Clare MacRae, Eleftheria Vasileiou

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01/01/2001 to 31/01/2021
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The aim of this research work was to identify relevant diagnosis codes available in routine electronic health records from primary and secondary care settings in the UK. We looked for relevant codes in code repositories such as the University of Cambrigdge Primary Care Unit, Manchester Clinical Codes, HDR UK National Phenomics Resource Project, Oxford-RCGP RSC, OpenSAFELY and LSHTM Data Compass. We also searched for peer-reviewed studies published via PubMed in the last 12 months for any relevant codes. Please note that these codes are not intended to be mandatory, but are to be used as a starting point for the identification of Tonsillitis in routine electronic health record. Therefore, each study may differ in the sensitivity and specificity of the coding required. - No validations available


According to NHS, tonsillitis is an infection of the tonsils at the backof your throat. It is a common childhood illness, but teenagers and adults can get it too.

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  • Publications in 2020-2021 identified in PubMed

  • Sanders O, Bolton L, Nemeth Z, Hardy A, Meghji S. A 4-year retrospective study of tonsillectomy rate and admission rate of tonsillitis and complications in the East of England and nationally. Eur Arch Otorhinolaryngol. 2021 Jul;278(7):2613-2618. doi: 10.1007/s00405-020-06591-7. Epub 2021 Jan 9. PMID: 33420839.

Clinical Code List

Rows: 34
Code Description SNOMED CT Concept ID Read v2 SNOMED CT Description ID BREATHE recommended
100111000006119 Throat infection - tonsillitis 17741008 H03..11 29982014 Y
1136401000000110 History of tonsillitis 472958002 14B8.00 2952285019 N
149482010 Tonsillitis 90176007 H03..12 149482010 Y
150766011 Chronic tonsillitis 90979004 H140.00 150766011 N
255676015 O/E - follicular tonsillitis 164256007 2DB6.00 255676015 Y
2781561000006110 Infective tonsillitis 17741008 29983016 Y
29982014 Acute tonsillitis 17741008 H03..00 29982014 Y
301035011 Acute erythematous tonsillitis 195666007 H030.00 301035011 Y
301036012 Acute follicular tonsillitis 195667003 H031.00 301036012 Y
301037015 Acute ulcerative tonsillitis 195668008 H032.00 301037015 Y
301038013 Acute catarrhal tonsillitis 195669000 H033.00 301038013 Y
301040015 Acute gangrenous tonsillitis 195670004 H034.00 301040015 Y
301041016 Acute bacterial tonsillitis 195671000 H035.00 301041016 Y
301042011 Acute pneumococcal tonsillitis 195672007 H035000 301042011 Y
301043018 Acute staphylococcal tonsillitis 195673002 H035100 301043018 Y
301044012 Acute bacterial tonsillitis NOS 195671000 H035z00 301041016 Y
301046014 Acute viral tonsillitis 195676005 H036.00 301046014 Y
301047017 Recurrent acute tonsillitis 195677001 H037.00 301047017 Y
301049019 Acute tonsillitis NOS 17741008 H03z.00 29982014 Y
301229017 Chronic adenotonsillitis 195798007 H143.00 301229017 N
301234018 Caseous tonsillitis 195803003 H14y500 301234018 Y
301235017 Lingular tonsillitis 195804009 H14y600 301235017 Y
301803010 [X]Acute tonsillitis due to other specified organisms 17741008 Hyu0200 29982014 Y
348206016 Vincent's tonsillitis 232417005 AA1z.12 348206016 Y
360178015 Fusobacterial necrotising tonsillitis 240444009 A383000 360178015 Y
4577601000006110 On examination - follicular tonsillitis 164256007 2667578011 Y
4780151000006110 Acute exudative tonsillitis 195669000 301039017 Y
4780231000006110 RAT - Recurrent acute tonsillitis 195677001 301048010 Y
5036081000006110 Vincent tonsillitis 232417005 2837843014 Y
5147901000006110 Fusobacterial necrotizing tonsillitis 240444009 360180014 Y
661841000000114 History of recurrent tonsillitis 439142009 14B7.00 2794055010 Y
69365016 Streptococcal tonsillitis 41582007 A340300 69365016 Y
853251000006117 Recurrent tonsillitis 853251000006101 853251000006117 Y
885021000006114 Mild Tonsillitis 17741008 H03..99 885021000006114 Y
Rows: 26
Code Description CPRD GOLD Med BREATHE recommended
14B7.00 History of recurrent tonsillitis 95893 Y
14B8.00 History of tonsillitis 99785 Y
2DB6.00 O/E - follicular tonsillitis 7266 Y
A340300 Streptococcal tonsillitis 8496 Y
A383000 Fusobacterial necrotising tonsillitis 58538 Y
AA1z.12 Vincent's tonsillitis 16954 N
H03..00 Acute tonsillitis 138 Y
H03..11 Throat infection - tonsillitis 11499 Y
H03..12 Tonsillitis 2125 Y
H030.00 Acute erythematous tonsillitis 12010 Y
H031.00 Acute follicular tonsillitis 4061 Y
H032.00 Acute ulcerative tonsillitis 8452 Y
H033.00 Acute catarrhal tonsillitis 37409 Y
H034.00 Acute gangrenous tonsillitis 59986 Y
H035.00 Acute bacterial tonsillitis 10156 Y
H035000 Acute pneumococcal tonsillitis 58188 Y
H035100 Acute staphylococcal tonsillitis 64973 Y
H035z00 Acute bacterial tonsillitis NOS 15970 Y
H036.00 Acute viral tonsillitis 9357 Y
H037.00 Recurrent acute tonsillitis 1747 Y
H03z.00 Acute tonsillitis NOS 20104 Y
H140.00 Chronic tonsillitis 1667 N
H143.00 Chronic adenotonsillitis 9328 N
H14y500 Caseous tonsillitis 36462 Y
H14y600 Lingular tonsillitis 35249 Y
Hyu0200 [X]Acute tonsillitis due to other specified organisms 73118 Y
Rows: 31
Code Description
100111000006119 Throat infection - tonsillitis
149482010 Tonsillitis
255676015 O/E - follicular tonsillitis
2781561000006110 Infective tonsillitis
29982014 Acute tonsillitis
301035011 Acute erythematous tonsillitis
301036012 Acute follicular tonsillitis
301037015 Acute ulcerative tonsillitis
301038013 Acute catarrhal tonsillitis
301040015 Acute gangrenous tonsillitis
301041016 Acute bacterial tonsillitis
301042011 Acute pneumococcal tonsillitis
301043018 Acute staphylococcal tonsillitis
301044012 Acute bacterial tonsillitis NOS
301046014 Acute viral tonsillitis
301047017 Recurrent acute tonsillitis
301049019 Acute tonsillitis NOS
301234018 Caseous tonsillitis
301235017 Lingular tonsillitis
301803010 [X]Acute tonsillitis due to other specified organisms
348206016 Vincent's tonsillitis
360178015 Fusobacterial necrotising tonsillitis
4577601000006110 On examination - follicular tonsillitis
4780151000006110 Acute exudative tonsillitis
4780231000006110 RAT - Recurrent acute tonsillitis
5036081000006110 Vincent tonsillitis
5147901000006110 Fusobacterial necrotizing tonsillitis
661841000000114 History of recurrent tonsillitis
69365016 Streptococcal tonsillitis
853251000006117 Recurrent tonsillitis
885021000006114 Mild Tonsillitis
Rows: 23
Code Description
14B7.00 History of recurrent tonsillitis
14B8.00 History of tonsillitis
2DB6.00 O/E - follicular tonsillitis
A340300 Streptococcal tonsillitis
A383000 Fusobacterial necrotising tonsillitis
H03..00 Acute tonsillitis
H03..11 Throat infection - tonsillitis
H03..12 Tonsillitis
H030.00 Acute erythematous tonsillitis
H031.00 Acute follicular tonsillitis
H032.00 Acute ulcerative tonsillitis
H033.00 Acute catarrhal tonsillitis
H034.00 Acute gangrenous tonsillitis
H035.00 Acute bacterial tonsillitis
H035000 Acute pneumococcal tonsillitis
H035100 Acute staphylococcal tonsillitis
H035z00 Acute bacterial tonsillitis NOS
H036.00 Acute viral tonsillitis
H037.00 Recurrent acute tonsillitis
H03z.00 Acute tonsillitis NOS
H14y500 Caseous tonsillitis
H14y600 Lingular tonsillitis
Hyu0200 [X]Acute tonsillitis due to other specified organisms


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Version History

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2248 Tonsillitis Primary care zinnurar 2022-08-09 currently shown
1707 Tonsillitis Primary care zinnurar 2022-01-21

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