Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Primary care

Underwood JFG, Del Pozo Baños M, Frizzati A, John A, Hall J

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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a group of neurodevelopmental disorders that are characterised by difficulties in communication, social interaction, as well as restricted interests and resistance to change (Underwood et al, 2019). These codes have been taken from previously validated code lists (Underwood et al, 2021). Pathological demand avoidance (Eu846) and Rett Syndrome (Eu842) have been excluded from this list based on clinical (Prof Ann John) and expert (Underwood) advice and due to the fact they are not included in the DSM or ICD-10.


  • Underwood JFG, Del Pozo Baos M, Frizzati A, John A, Hall J (2021). Evidence of increasing recorded diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders in Wales, UK - an e-cohort study. Rates of Major Psychiatric Disorders in ASD DOI:10.1177/13623613211059674

  • John, A., Friedmann, Y., Delpozo-Banos, M., Frizzati, A., Ford, T., & Thapar, A. 2022. “Association of School Absence and Exclusion with Recorded Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Mental Disorders, or Self-Harm: A Nationwide, Retrospective, Electronic Cohort Study of Children and Young People in Wales, UK.

  • Underwood, J., Kendall, K., Berrett, J., Lewis, C., Anney, R., Van den Bree, M., & Hall, J. (2019). Autism spectrum disorder diagnosis in adults: Phenotype and genotype findings from a clinically derived cohort. British Journal of Psychiatry, 215(5), 647-653. doi:10.1192/bjp.2019.30

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Clinical Code List

Rows: 8
Code Description
1J9.. suspected autism
E140. infantile autism
E1400 infantile autism - active | active infantile autism
E1401 infantile autism - residual | residual infantile autism
E140z infantile autism nos
Eu840 [x]childhood autism
Eu841 [x]atypical autism
Eu845 [x]asperger's syndrome


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