Conduct Disorder Primary care

John,A., Friedmann, Y., DelPozo-Banos, M., Frizzati, A., Ford, T., & Thapar, A.

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Conduct disorders are characterised by a persistent and repetitive pattern of behaviour where age-appropriate societal norms or rules, or the rights of others are violated. These codes have been taken from previously validates code lists (John et al, 2019, John et al, 2022).


Clinical Code List

Rows: 29
Code Description
E2C.. disturbance of conduct nec
E2C0. aggress.unsocial conduct dis. | aggressive unsocial conduct disorder
E2C0z aggressive unsocial disord.nos | aggressive unsocial conduct disorder nos
E2C1. nonaggr.unsocial conduct dis. | nonaggressive unsocial conduct disorder
E2C10 unsocial childhood truancy
E2C1z nonaggr.unsocial cond.dis.nos | nonaggressive unsocial conduct disorder nos
E2C2. socialised conduct disorder
E2C20 socialised childhood truancy
E2C2z socialised conduct disord. nos | socialised conduct disorder nos
E2C4. mixed conduct/emotion disturb. | mixed disturbance of conduct and emotion
E2C4z mixed conduct/emotion dist.nos | mixed disturbance of conduct and emotion nos
E2Cy. other conduct disturbances
E2Cyz other conduct disturbances nos
E2Cz. disturbance of conduct unspec. | unspecified disturbance of conduct
E2Czz conduct disturbance nos | disturbance of conduct nos
E2Dy0 childhood oppositional disord. | childhood and adolescent oppositional disorder
E2E2. hyperkinetic conduct disorder
Eu901 [x]hyperkinetic conduct disord | [x]hyperkinetic conduct disorder
Eu91. [x]conduct disorders
Eu910 [x]conduct dis family context | [x]conduct disorder confined to the family context
Eu911 [x]unsocialized conduct disord | [x]unsocialized conduct disorder
Eu912 [x]socialized conduct disorder | [x]socialized conduct disorder
Eu913 [x]oppositional defiant disord | [x]oppositional defiant disorder
Eu91y [x]other conduct disorders
Eu91z [x]conduct disorder, unspecif | [x]conduct disorder, unspecified
Eu92. [x]mixed dis conduct/emotion | [x]mixed disorders of conduct and emotions
Eu920 [x]depressive conduct disorder | [x]depressive conduct disorder
Eu92y [x]oth mix disord conduct/emot | [x]other mixed disorders of conduct and emotions
Eu92z [x]mixed dis conduct/emot unsp | [x]mixed disorder of conduct and emotions, unspecified


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1947 Conduct Disorder Primary care ieuan.scanlon 2022-05-05 currently shown

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