Learning difficulties

A. John, Y. Friedmann, M. DelPozo-Banos, A. Frizzati, T. Ford, A. Thapar

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Learning difficulties is a broad term used for different conditions that affect the normal learning ability of individuals (Burt, 2004, p. 786). Learning difficulties can be identified with Read Codes (primary care) and/or ICD-10 codes collated from previously validated code lists or were compiled in collaboration with clinicians (John et al, 2022).


  • John, A., Friedmann, Y., DelPozo-Banos, M., Frizzati, A., Ford, T., & Thapar, A. (2022). Association of school absence and exclusion with recorded neurodevelopmental disorders, mental disorders, or self-harm: A nationwide, retrospective, electronic cohort study of children and young people in Wales, UK. The Lancet Psychiatry, 9(1), 23–34.

Clinical Code List

Rows: 19
Code Description
2B5.. o/e - symbolic dysfunction
2B55. o/e - dyslexia
8E23. dyslexia training
E2F02 developmental dyslexia
Eu80. [x]spec develop dis speech/lan | [x]specific developmental disorders of speech and language
Eu800 [x]specif speech articulat dis | [x]specific speech articulation disorder
Eu801 [x]expressive language disordr | [x]expressive language disorder
Eu80z [x]dev disord speech/lang unsp | [x]developmental disorder of speech and language unspecified | [x]developmental disorder of speech and language, unspecified
Eu81. [x]specif scholastic devel dis | [x]specific developmental disorders of scholastic skills
Eu810 [x]specific reading disorder
Eu811 [x]specific spelling disorder
Eu812 [x]specific disord arithmetic | [x]specific disorder of arithmetical skills
Eu813 [x]mixed scholastic skill dis | [x]mixed disorder of scholastic skills
Eu81y [x]oth dis scholastic skills | [x]other developmental disorders of scholastic skills
Eu81z [x]dev dis scholas skills unsp | [x]developmental disorder of scholastic skills, unspecified
Eu82. [x]spec devel disor motor func | [x]specific developmental disorder of motor function
Eu83. [x]mix specific develop disord | [x]mixed specific developmental disorders
R046. [d]other symbolic dysfunction
R0463 [d]dyslexia
Rows: 15
Code Description
F80 specific developmental disorders of speech an language
F80.0 specific speech articulation disorder
F80.1 expressive language disorder
F80.9 developmental disorder of speech and language, unspecified
F81 specific developmental disorders of scholastic skills
F81.0 specific readinf disorder
F81.1 specific spelling disorder
F81.2 specific disorder of arithmetical skills
F81.3 mixed disorder of scholastic skills
F81.8 other developmental disorders of scholastic skills
F81.9 developmental disorder od scholastic skills, unspecified
F82 specific developmental disorder of motor function
F83 mixed specific developmental disorders
R48 dyslexia and other symbolic dysfunctions, not elsewhere specified
R48.0 dyslexia and alexia


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2451 Learning difficulties ieuan.scanlon 2023-09-20 currently shown
1949 Learning Difficulties Primary care ieuan.scanlon 2022-05-05

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