Schizophrenia Primary Care

John, A, McGregor, J., Jones, I., Lee, S. C., Walters, J. T. R., Owen, M. J., O'Donovan, M., DelPozo-Banos, M., Berridge, D., & Lloyd, K.

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The following code list includes codes for schizophrenia-related disorders that include schizophrenia, schizotypal and delusional disorders used in the following papers (John et. al. 2018; John et. al. 2022) and reviewed by a clinician in the study (Prof Ann John).


  • John, A, McGregor, J., Jones, I., Lee, S. C., Walters, J. T. R., Owen, M. J., O'Donovan, M., DelPozo-Banos, M., Berridge, D., & Lloyd, K. (2018). Premature mortality among people with severe mental illness - New evidence from linked primary care data. Schizophrenia Research, 199, 154-162.

  • John, A., Friedmann, Y., Delpozo-Banos, M., Frizzati, A., Ford, T., & Thapar, A. 2022. "Association of School Absence and Exclusion with Recorded Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Mental Disorders, or Self-Harm: A Nationwide, Retrospective, Electronic Cohort Study of Children and Young People in Wales, UK."

  • Main reference link:

Clinical Code List

Rows: 97
Code Description
1464. h/o: schizophrenia
E10.. schizophrenic disorders
E100. simple schizophrenia
E1000 schizophrenia - unspecified | unspecified schizophrenia
E1001 schizophrenia- subchronic |subchronic schizophrenia
E1002 schizophrenia- chronic type | chronic schizophrenic
E1003 schizophrenia- subchr.+acute ex | acute exacerbation of subchronic schizophrenia
E1004 schizophrenia- chr.+acute exac.| acute exacerbation of chronic schizophrenia
E1005 schizophrenia in remission
E100z simple schizophrenia nos
E101. hebephrenic schizophrenia
E1010 hebephrenia - unspecified | unspecified hebephrenic schizophrenia
E1011 hebephrenia - subchronic | subchronic hebephrenic schizophrenia
E1012 hebephrenia - chronic | chronic hebephrenic schizophrenia
E1013 hebephrenia - subchr.+acute exac| acute exacerbation of subchronic hebephrenic schizophrenia
E1014 hebephrenia - chronic+acute exac | acute exacerbation of chronic hebephrenic schizophrenia
E1015 hebephrenia - in remission | hebephrenic schizophrenia in remission
E101z hebephrenic schizophrenia nos
E102. catatonic schizophrenia
E1020 catetonia - unspecified | unspecified catatonic schizophrenia
E1021 catetonia - subchronic | subchronic catatonic schizophrenia
E1022 catetonia - chronic | chronic catatonic schizophrenia
E1023 catetonia - subchr.+acute exac.| acute exacerbation of subchronic catatonic schizophrenia
E1024 catetonia - chronic.+acute exacer.| acute exacerbation of chronic catatonic schizophrenia
E1025 catetonia - in remission| catatonic schizophrenia in remission
E102z catetonic schizophrenia nos
E103. paranoid schizophrenia
E1030 paranoid schizo., unspecified | unspecified paranoid schizophrenia
E1031 paranoid schizo., subchronic | subchronic paranoid schizophrenia
E1032 paranoid schizo., chronic | chronic paranoid schizophrenia
E1033 paranoid schizo., -subchr.+ac ex| acute exacerbation of subchronic paranoid schizophrenia
E1034 paranoid schizo., -chr.+acute ex| acute exacerbation of chronic paranoid schizophrenia
E1035 paranoid schizo., -in remission| paranoid schizophrenia in remission
E103z paranoid schizophrenia nos
E104. acute schizophrenic episode
E105. latent schizophrenia
E1050 latent schizo.- unspecified | unspecified latent schizophrenia
E1051 latent schizo.- subchronic | subchronic latent schizophrenia
E1052 latent schizo.- chronic | chronic latent schizophrenia
E1053 latent schizo.- subchr.+ac.exac| acute exacerbation of subchronic latent schizophrenia
E1054 latent schizo.- chr.+acute exac | acute exacerbation of chronic latent schizophrenia
E1055 latent schizo.- in remission | latent schizophrenia in remission
E105z latent schizophrenia nos
E106. residual schizophrenia
E107. schizo-affective schizophrenia
E1070 schizo-affective- unspecified | unspecified schizo-affective schizophrenia
E1071 schizo-affective- subchronic | subchronic schizo-affective schizophrenia
E1072 schizo-affective- chronic | chronic schizo-affective schizophrenia
E1073 schizo-affective- subchr.+ac ex | acute exacerbation of subchronic schizo-affective schizophrenia
E1074 schizo-affective- chr.+acute ex | acute exacerbation of chronic schizo-affective schizophrenia
E1075 schizo-affective- in remission| schizo-affective schizophrenia in remission
E107z schizo-affective- schizophr.nos| schizo-affective schizophrenia nos
E10y. other schizophrenia
E10y0 atypical schizophrenia
E10y1 coenesthopathic schizophrenia
E10yz other schizophrenia nos
E10z. schizophrenia nos
E12.. paranoid states
E120. simple paranoid state
E121. chronic paranoid psychosis
E122. paraphrenia
E123. shared paranoid disorder
E12y. other paranoid states
E12y0 paranoia querulans
E12yz other paranoid states nos
E12z. paranoid psychosis nos
E2122 schizotypal personality
Eu2.. [x]schizoph, schizotyp, delusion | [x]schizophrenia, schizotypal and delusional disorders
Eu20. [x]schizophrenia
Eu200 [x]paranoid schizophrenia
Eu201 [x] hebephrenic schizophrenia
Eu202 [x] catatonic schizophrenia
Eu203 [x] undifferentiated schizophrn | [x]undifferentiated schizophrenia
Eu204 [x] post-schizophrenic depressn | [x] post-schizophrenic depression
Eu205 [x] residential schizophrenia
Eu206 [x] simple schizophrenia
Eu20y [x] other schizophrenia
Eu20z [x] schizophrenia, unspecified
Eu21. [x] schizotypal disorder
Eu22. [x] persistent delusional dis | [x]persistent delusional disorders
Eu220 [x] delusional disorder
Eu221 [x] delision misidentificat syn | [x] delusional misidentification syndrome
Eu222 [x] cotard syndrome
Eu223 [x] paranoid state in remission
Eu22y [x] oth persistent delusion dis | [x] other oersistent delusional disorders
Eu22z [x] persist delusion dis, unsp | [x]persistent delusional disorder, unspecified
Eu24. [x] induced delusional disorder | [x] induced delusional disorder
Eu25. [x] schizoaffective disorders
Eu250 [x] schizaffect dis manic type | [x]schizoaffective disorder, manic type
Eu251 [x] schizaffect dis depres type | [x]schizoaffective disorder, depressive type
Eu252 [x] schizaffect dis mixed type | [x]schizoaffective disorder, mixed type
Eu25y [x] ot schizaffective disorder | [x]other schizoaffective disorder
Eu25z [x] schizaffective disord unsp| [x]schizoaffective disorder, unspecified
Eu26. [x] nonorgan psychos in remiss| [x]nonorganic psychosis in remission
Eu2y. [x] ot nonorgan psychotic dis| [x]other nonorganic psychotic disorders
Eu2z. [x] ot nonorgan psychotic dis| [x]other nonorganic psychotic disorders
ZV110 [v]ph - schizophrenia | [v]personal history of schizophrenia


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