CCU002_01 Hypertension

Rochelle Knight, Venexia Walker, Samantha Ip, Jennifer A Cooper, Thomas Bolton, Spencer Keene, Rachel Denholm, Ashley Akbari, Hoda Abbasizanjani, Fatemeh Torabi, Efosa Omigie, Sam Hollings, Teri-Louise North, Renin Toms, Emanuele Di Angelantonio, Spiros Denaxas, Johan H Thygesen, Christopher Tomlinson, Ben Bray, Craig J Smith, Mark Barber, George Davey Smith, Nishi Chaturvedi, Cathie Sudlow, William N Whiteley, Angela Wood, Jonathan A C Sterne

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Disease or Syndrome
Valid event data range
01/01/1997 - 07/12/2020
♀  Female ♂  Male
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  • Rochelle Knight, Venexia Walker, Samantha Ip, Jennifer A Cooper, Thomas Bolton, Spencer Keene, Rachel Denholm, Ashley Akbari, Hoda Abbasizanjani, Fatemeh Torabi, Efosa Omigie, Sam Hollings, Teri-Louise North, Renin Toms, Emanuele Di Angelantonio, Spiros Denaxas, Johan H Thygesen, Christopher Tomlinson, Ben Bray, Craig J Smith, Mark Barber, George Davey Smith, Nishi Chaturvedi, Cathie Sudlow, William N Whiteley, Angela Wood, Jonathan A C Sterne, for the CVD-COVID-UK/COVID-IMPACT consortium and th

Clinical Code List

Rows: 5
Code Description terminology
I10 Essential (primary) hypertension ICD10
I11 Hypertensive heart disease ICD10
I12 Hypertensive renal disease ICD10
I13 Hypertensive heart and renal disease ICD10
I15 Secondary hypertension ICD10
Rows: 52
Code Description terminology code_type
10725009 Benign hypertension SNOMEDCT 1
1201005 Benign essential hypertension SNOMEDCT 1
123799005 Renovascular hypertension SNOMEDCT 1
129151000119102 Chronic kidney disease stage 4 due to hypertension SNOMEDCT 1
129171000119106 Chronic kidney disease stage 3 due to hypertension SNOMEDCT 1
132721000119104 Hypertensive emergency SNOMEDCT 1
169465000 Hypertension induced by oral contraceptive pill SNOMEDCT 1
194767001 Benign hypertensive heart disease with congestive cardiac failure SNOMEDCT 1
194779001 Hypertensive heart and renal disease with (congestive) heart failure SNOMEDCT 1
194780003 Hypertensive heart and renal disease with renal failure SNOMEDCT 1
194781004 Hypertensive heart and renal disease with both (congestive) heart failure and renal failure SNOMEDCT 1
194783001 Secondary malignant renovascular hypertension SNOMEDCT 1
194785008 Secondary benign hypertension SNOMEDCT 1
194788005 Hypertension secondary to endocrine disorders SNOMEDCT 1
194791005 Hypertension secondary to drug SNOMEDCT 1
275516004 Cardiomegaly - hypertensive SNOMEDCT 1
31992008 Secondary hypertension SNOMEDCT 1
36221001 Benign hypertensive heart disease SNOMEDCT 1
36315003 Malignant hypertensive heart disease without congestive heart failure SNOMEDCT 1
371125006 Labile essential hypertension (disorder) SNOMEDCT 1
38341003 Hypertensive disease SNOMEDCT 1
401047000 Hypertension treatment refused (context-dependent category) SNOMEDCT 1
407567007 Patient on maximal tolerated antihypertensive therapy (finding) SNOMEDCT 1
428163005 Hypertensive left ventricular hypertrophy (disorder) SNOMEDCT 1
443402002 Lifestyle education regarding hypertension (procedure) SNOMEDCT 1
443482000 Hypertensive urgency (disorder) SNOMEDCT 1
471521000000108 [X]Hypertensive diseases (disorder) SNOMEDCT 1
48146000 Diastolic hypertension SNOMEDCT 1
5148006 Hypertensive heart disease with congestive heart failure SNOMEDCT 1
54225002 Malignant hypertensive heart disease SNOMEDCT 1
56218007 Systolic hypertension SNOMEDCT 1
59621000 Essential hypertension SNOMEDCT 1
64715009 Hypertensive heart disease SNOMEDCT 1
66052004 Benign hypertensive heart AND renal disease SNOMEDCT 1
66610008 Malignant hypertensive heart AND renal disease SNOMEDCT 1
70272006 Malignant hypertension SNOMEDCT 1
706882009 Hypertensive crisis (disorder) SNOMEDCT 1
712832005 Supine hypertension SNOMEDCT 1
73410007 Benign secondary renovascular hypertension SNOMEDCT 1
762463000 Diastolic hypertension co-occurrent with systolic hypertension (disorder) SNOMEDCT 1
77970009 Benign hypertensive heart disease without congestive heart failure SNOMEDCT 1
78975002 Malignant essential hypertension SNOMEDCT 1
83105008 Malignant hypertensive heart disease with congestive heart failure SNOMEDCT 1
843821000000102 Stage 1 hypertension (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence 2011) (disorder) SNOMEDCT 1
843841000000109 Severe hypertension (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence 2011) (disorder) SNOMEDCT 1
845891000000103 Hypertension resistant to drug therapy (disorder) SNOMEDCT 1
846371000000103 Stage 2 hypertension (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence 2011) (disorder) SNOMEDCT 1
86234004 Hypertensive heart AND renal disease SNOMEDCT 1
863191000000102 Nocturnal hypertension (disorder) SNOMEDCT 1
89242004 Malignant secondary hypertension SNOMEDCT 1
908631000000108 Stage 1 hypertension (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence 2011) without evidence of end organ damage (disorder) SNOMEDCT 1
908651000000101 Stage 1 hypertension (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence 2011) with evidence of end organ damage (disorder) SNOMEDCT 1
Rows: 849
Code Description terminology
0202010B0AAABAB Bendroflumethiazide 2.5mg tablets BNF
0202010B0AAACAC Bendroflumethiazide 5mg tablets BNF
0202010B0AAAQAQ Bendroflumethiazide 5mg/5ml oral suspension BNF
0202010B0AAAUAU Bendroflumethiazide 1.25mg/5ml oral suspension BNF
0202010B0AAAXAX Bendroflumethiazide 2.5mg/5ml oral suspension BNF
0202010B0BBAAAB Aprinox 2.5mg tablets BNF
0202010B0BEABAB Neo-Naclex 2.5mg tablets BNF
0202010D0AAAFAF Chlorothiazide 500mg tablets BNF
0202010D0AAAUAU Chlorothiazide 250mg/5ml oral suspension BNF
0202010D0AABCBC Chlorothiazide 250mg/5ml oral solution BNF
0202010D0AABHBH Chlorothiazide 40mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0202010D0AABIBI Chlorothiazide 200mg/5ml oral solution BNF
0202010D0AABJBJ Chlorothiazide 30mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0202010D0AABWBW Chlorothiazide 12.5mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0202010D0AACDCD Chlorothiazide 225mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0202010D0AACYCY Chlorothiazide 250mg tablets BNF
0202010D0AADDDD Chlorothiazide 150mg/5ml oral suspension BNF
0202010D0AADEDE Chlorothiazide 25mg/5ml oral suspension BNF
0202010D0AADFDF Chlorothiazide 300mg capsules BNF
0202010D0AADGDG Chlorothiazide 200mg/5ml oral suspension BNF
0202010D0BCAAAU Diuril 250mg/5ml oral suspension BNF
0202010F0AAAAAA Chlortalidone 50mg tablets BNF
0202010F0BBAAAA Hygroton 50mg tablets BNF
0202010L0AAABAB Hydrochlorothiazide 25mg tablets BNF
0202010L0AAACAC Hydrochlorothiazide 50mg tablets BNF
0202010L0AAAJAJ Hydrochlorothiazide 12.5mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0202010L0AAAMAM Hydrochlorothiazide 25mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0202010L0AAAPAP Hydrochlorothiazide 50mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0202010L0AAASAS Hydrochlorothiazide 10mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0202010L0AAATAT Hydrochlorothiazide 5mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0202010L0AAAYAY Hydrochlorothiazide 12.5mg tablets BNF
0202010L0BCAAAB Hydrosaluric 25mg tablets BNF
0202010P0AAAAAA Indapamide 2.5mg tablets BNF
0202010P0AAABAB Indapamide 2.5mg/5ml oral suspension BNF
0202010P0AAADAD Indapamide 1.5mg modified-release tablets BNF
0202010P0AAAFAF Indapamide 1.5mg modified-release tablets (old) BNF
0202010P0BBAAAA Natrilix 2.5mg tablets BNF
0202010P0BBABAD Natrilix SR 1.5mg tablets BNF
0202010P0BHAAAD Tensaid XL 1.5mg tablets BNF
0202010P0BJAAAD Indipam XL 1.5mg tablets BNF
0202010P0BLAAAD Rawel XL 1.5mg tablets BNF
0202010P0BMAAAD Cardide SR 1.5mg tablets BNF
0202010P0BNAAAD Alkapamid XL 1.5mg tablets (HBS Healthcare) BNF
0202010P0BPAAAD Alkapamid XL 1.5mg tablets (Rivopharm) BNF
0202010P0BQAAAD Lorvacs XL 1.5mg tablets BNF
0202010V0AAAAAA Metolazone 5mg tablets BNF
0202010V0AAAKAK Metolazone 2.5mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0202010V0AAAMAM Metolazone 1.25mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0202010V0AAANAN Metolazone 2.5mg tablets BNF
0202010V0BBAAAA Metenix 5mg tablets BNF
0202010V0BEAAAN Zaroxolyn 2.5mg tablets BNF
0202010V0BEABAA Zaroxolyn 5mg tablets BNF
0202010Y0AAAAAA Xipamide 20mg tablets BNF
0202010Y0BBAAAA Diurexan 20mg tablets BNF
0202030C0AAACAC Amiloride 5mg tablets BNF
0202030C0AAASAS Amiloride 5mg/5ml oral solution sugar free BNF
0202030C0AAAXAX Amiloride 5mg/5ml oral suspension BNF
0202030C0AAAZAZ Amiloride 10mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0202030C0BFAAAS Amilamont 5mg/5ml oral solution sugar free BNF
0202030S0AAATAT Spironolactone 25mg tablets BNF
0202030S0AAAUAU Spironolactone 50mg tablets BNF
0202030S0AAAVAV Spironolactone 100mg tablets BNF
0202030S0AACMCM Spironolactone 5mg/5ml oral solution BNF
0202030S0AACPCP Spironolactone 50mg/5ml oral solution BNF
0202030S0AACQCQ Spironolactone 10mg/5ml oral solution BNF
0202030S0AACRCR Spironolactone 100mg/5ml oral solution BNF
0202030S0AACTCT Spironolactone 6.25mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0202030S0AACWCW Spironolactone 4mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0202030S0AACXCX Spironolactone 125mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0202030S0AACYCY Spironolactone 7mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0202030S0AACZCZ Spironolactone 250mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0202030S0AADADA Spironolactone 2.5mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0202030S0AADCDC Spironolactone 15mg/5ml oral suspension BNF
0202030S0AADDDD Spironolactone 20mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0202030S0AADSDS Spironolactone 12mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0202030S0AADUDU Spironolactone 2mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0202030S0AAEAEA Spironolactone 25mg/5ml oral suspension BNF
0202030S0AAEBEB Spironolactone 50mg/5ml oral suspension BNF
0202030S0AAECEC Spironolactone 5mg/5ml oral suspension BNF
0202030S0AAEDED Spironolactone 10mg/5ml oral suspension BNF
0202030S0AAEEEE Spironolactone 100mg/5ml oral suspension BNF
0202030S0AAEFEF Spironolactone 25mg/5ml oral solution BNF
0202030S0AAEGEG Spironolactone 12.5mg tablets BNF
0202030S0BBAAAT Aldactone 25mg tablets BNF
0202030S0BBABAU Aldactone 50mg tablets BNF
0202030S0BBACAV Aldactone 100mg tablets BNF
0202030W0AAAAAA Triamterene 50mg capsules BNF
0202030X0AAAAAA Eplerenone 25mg tablets BNF
0202030X0AAABAB Eplerenone 50mg tablets BNF
0202030X0BBAAAA Inspra 25mg tablets BNF
0202030X0BBABAB Inspra 50mg tablets BNF
020400010AAAAAA Pindolol 10mg / Clopamide 5mg tablets BNF
020400010BBAAAA Viskaldix tablets BNF
020400030AAAEAE Timolol 10mg / Bendroflumethiazide 2.5mg tablets BNF
020400040AAAAAA Co-tenidone 50mg/12.5mg tablets BNF
020400040AAABAB Co-tenidone 100mg/25mg tablets BNF
020400040BBAAAA Tenoret 50mg/12.5mg tablets BNF
020400040BCAAAB Tenoretic 100mg/25mg tablets BNF
020400060AAAAAA Celiprolol 200mg tablets BNF
020400060AAABAB Celiprolol 400mg tablets BNF
020400060BBAAAA Celectol 200mg tablets BNF
020400060BBABAB Celectol 400mg tablets BNF
020400080AAABAB Carvedilol 12.5mg tablets BNF
020400080AAACAC Carvedilol 25mg tablets BNF
020400080AAAEAE Carvedilol 3.125mg tablets BNF
020400080AAAFAF Carvedilol 6.25mg tablets BNF
020400080AAAPAP Carvedilol 5mg/5ml oral suspension BNF
0204000ABAAAAAA Nebivolol 5mg tablets BNF
0204000ABAAABAB Nebivolol 2.5mg tablets BNF
0204000ABAAACAC Nebivolol 10mg tablets BNF
0204000ABAAADAD Nebivolol 1.25mg tablets BNF
0204000ABBBAAAA Nebilet 5mg tablets BNF
0204000ACAAAAAA Bisoprolol 5mg / Aspirin 75mg capsules BNF
0204000ACAAABAB Bisoprolol 10mg / Aspirin 75mg capsules BNF
0204000ACAAADAD Bisoprolol 5mg / Aspirin 100mg capsules BNF
0204000C0AAAAAA Acebutolol 100mg capsules BNF
0204000C0AAABAB Acebutolol 200mg capsules BNF
0204000C0AAADAD Acebutolol 400mg tablets BNF
0204000C0BBAAAA Sectral 100mg capsules BNF
0204000C0BBABAB Sectral 200mg capsules BNF
0204000C0BBADAD Sectral 400mg tablets BNF
0204000E0AAAAAA Atenolol 25mg/5ml oral solution sugar free BNF
0204000E0AAABAB Atenolol 50mg tablets BNF
0204000E0AAACAC Atenolol 100mg tablets BNF
0204000E0AAAGAG Atenolol 25mg tablets BNF
0204000E0AAANAN Atenolol 25mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0204000E0AAASAS Atenolol 10mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0204000E0BBABAA Tenormin 25mg/5ml syrup BNF
0204000E0BBACAC Tenormin 100mg tablets BNF
0204000E0BBAFAB Tenormin LS 50mg tablets BNF
0204000H0AAAAAA Bisoprolol 5mg tablets BNF
0204000H0AAABAB Bisoprolol 10mg tablets BNF
0204000H0AAAJAJ Bisoprolol 2.5mg tablets BNF
0204000H0AAAKAK Bisoprolol 3.75mg tablets BNF
0204000H0AAALAL Bisoprolol 7.5mg tablets BNF
0204000H0AAAMAM Bisoprolol 1.25mg tablets BNF
0204000H0AAARAR Bisoprolol 10mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0204000H0AABBBB Bisoprolol 7.5mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0204000H0AABDBD Bisoprolol 625micrograms/5ml oral liquid BNF
0204000H0AABEBE Bisoprolol 2.5mg/5ml oral solution BNF
0204000H0AABFBF Bisoprolol 2.5mg/5ml oral suspension BNF
0204000H0AABGBG Bisoprolol 5mg/5ml oral solution BNF
0204000H0AABHBH Bisoprolol 5mg/5ml oral suspension BNF
0204000H0AABIBI Bisoprolol 1.25mg/5ml oral suspension BNF
0204000H0AABJBJ Bisoprolol 1.25mg/5ml oral solution BNF
0204000H0BFAAAM Cardicor 1.25mg tablets BNF
0204000H0BFABAJ Cardicor 2.5mg tablets BNF
0204000H0BFACAK Cardicor 3.75mg tablets BNF
0204000H0BFADAA Cardicor 5mg tablets BNF
0204000H0BFAEAL Cardicor 7.5mg tablets BNF
0204000H0BFAFAB Cardicor 10mg tablets BNF
0204000H0BKAAAM Congescor 1.25mg tablets (Tillomed) BNF
0204000H0BKABAJ Congescor 2.5mg tablets (Tillomed) BNF
0204000I0AAAAAA Labetalol 100mg/20ml solution for injection ampoules BNF
0204000I0AAABAB Labetalol 50mg tablets BNF
0204000I0AAACAC Labetalol 100mg tablets BNF
0204000I0AAADAD Labetalol 200mg tablets BNF
0204000I0AAAEAE Labetalol 400mg tablets BNF
0204000I0AAAIAI Labetalol 50mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0204000I0AAAJAJ Labetalol 200mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0204000I0BCAAAB Trandate 50mg tablets BNF
0204000I0BCABAC Trandate 100mg tablets BNF
0204000I0BCACAD Trandate 200mg tablets BNF
0204000I0BCADAE Trandate 400mg tablets BNF
0204000K0AAAAAA Metoprolol 5mg/5ml solution for injection ampoules BNF
0204000K0AAABAB Metoprolol 50mg tablets BNF
0204000K0AAACAC Metoprolol 100mg tablets BNF
0204000K0AAADAD Metoprolol 200mg modified-release tablets BNF
0204000K0AAAFAF Metoprolol 12.5mg capsules BNF
0204000K0AAAMAM Metoprolol 10mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0204000K0AAANAN Metoprolol 5mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0204000K0AAASAS Metoprolol 25mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0204000K0AAATAT Metoprolol 50mg/5ml oral suspension BNF
0204000K0AABKBK Metoprolol 12.5mg/5ml oral solution BNF
0204000K0AABLBL Metoprolol 12.5mg/5ml oral suspension BNF
0204000K0AABMBM Metoprolol 50mg/5ml oral solution BNF
0204000K0BBAAAB Betaloc 50mg tablets BNF
0204000K0BBACAA Betaloc I.V. 5mg/5ml solution for injection ampoules BNF
0204000K0BDAAAB Lopresor 50mg tablets BNF
0204000K0BDABAC Lopresor 100mg tablets BNF
0204000K0BDACAD Lopresor SR 200mg tablets BNF
0204000M0AAAAAA Nadolol 40mg tablets BNF
0204000M0AAABAB Nadolol 80mg tablets BNF
0204000M0AAADAD Nadolol 10mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0204000M0AAAFAF Nadolol 30mg/5ml oral solution BNF
0204000M0AAAGAG Nadolol 20mg/5ml oral solution BNF
0204000M0AAAHAH Nadolol 20mg/5ml oral suspension BNF
0204000M0AAAIAI Nadolol 30mg/5ml oral suspension BNF
0204000M0AAAJAJ Nadolol 40mg/5ml oral suspension BNF
0204000M0BBABAB Corgard 80mg tablets BNF
0204000N0AAABAB Oxprenolol 20mg tablets BNF
0204000N0AAACAC Oxprenolol 40mg tablets BNF
0204000N0AAAFAF Oxprenolol 160mg modified-release tablets BNF
0204000N0BEAAAF Slow-Trasicor 160mg tablets BNF
0204000P0AAAAAA Pindolol 5mg tablets BNF
0204000P0BBAAAA Visken 5mg tablets BNF
0204000T0AAABAB Sotalol 40mg tablets BNF
0204000T0AAACAC Sotalol 80mg tablets BNF
0204000T0AAAEAE Sotalol 160mg tablets BNF
0204000T0AAAFAF Sotalol 200mg tablets BNF
0204000T0AAAMAM Sotalol 40mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0204000T0AAARAR Sotalol 30mg/5ml oral solution BNF
0204000T0AAATAT Sotalol 25mg/5ml oral solution BNF
0204000T0AABCBC Sotalol 25mg/5ml oral suspension BNF
0204000T0BBAAAB Beta-Cardone 40mg tablets BNF
0204000T0BBABAC Beta-Cardone 80mg tablets BNF
0204000T0BBACAF Beta-Cardone 200mg tablets BNF
0204000T0BCAAAC Sotacor 80mg tablets BNF
0204000T0BCABAE Sotacor 160mg tablets BNF
0204000U0AAAAAA Atenolol 50mg / Nifedipine 20mg modified-release capsules BNF
0204000U0BBAAAA Beta-Adalat modified-release capsules BNF
0204000U0BCAAAA Tenif 50mg/20mg modified-release capsules BNF
0204000V0AAAAAA Timolol 10mg tablets BNF
0205010AAAAAAAA Macitentan 10mg tablets BNF
0205010ABAAADAD Riociguat 2mg tablets BNF
0205010ABAAAEAE Riociguat 2.5mg tablets BNF
0205010ABBBAEAE Adempas 2.5mg tablets BNF
0205010J0AAA3A3 Hydralazine 10mg/5ml oral solution BNF
0205010J0AAA4A4 Hydralazine 50mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0205010J0AAA8A8 Hydralazine 25mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0205010J0AAAGAG Hydralazine 25mg tablets BNF
0205010J0AAAHAH Hydralazine 50mg tablets BNF
0205010J0AABKBK Hydralazine 10mg tablets BNF
0205010J0AABQBQ Hydralazine 2.5mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0205010J0AABTBT Hydralazine 10mg/5ml oral suspension BNF
0205010J0BBAAAG Apresoline 25mg tablets BNF
0205010N0AAAAAA Minoxidil 2.5mg tablets BNF
0205010N0AAABAB Minoxidil 5mg tablets BNF
0205010N0AAACAC Minoxidil 10mg tablets BNF
0205010N0BBAAAA Loniten 2.5mg tablets BNF
0205010N0BBABAB Loniten 5mg tablets BNF
0205010N0BBACAC Loniten 10mg tablets BNF
0205010U0AAAAAA Bosentan 62.5mg tablets BNF
0205010U0AAABAB Bosentan 125mg tablets BNF
0205010U0BBABAB Tracleer 125mg tablets BNF
0205010U0BCABAB Stayveer 125mg tablets BNF
0205010V0AAACAC Iloprost 10micrograms/1ml nebuliser liquid ampoules BNF
0205010X0AAAAAA Ambrisentan 5mg tablets BNF
0205010X0AAABAB Ambrisentan 10mg tablets BNF
0205010X0BBAAAA Volibris 5mg tablets BNF
0205010X0BBABAB Volibris 10mg tablets BNF
0205010Y0AAAAAA Sildenafil 20mg tablets BNF
0205010Y0AAABAB Sildenafil 10mg/ml oral suspension sugar free BNF
0205010Y0AAACAC Sildenafil 10mg/12.5ml solution for injection vials BNF
0205010Y0BBAAAA Revatio 20mg tablets BNF
0205010Y0BBABAB Revatio 10mg/ml oral suspension BNF
0205010Y0BBACAC Revatio 10mg/12.5ml solution for injection vials BNF
0205010Z0BBAAAA Adcirca 20mg tablets BNF
0205020E0AAABAB Clonidine 150micrograms/1ml solution for injection ampoules BNF
0205020E0AAACAC Clonidine 100microgram tablets BNF
0205020E0AAAFAF Clonidine 100micrograms/24hours transdermal patches BNF
0205020E0AAAGAG Clonidine 200micrograms/24hours transdermal patches BNF
0205020E0AAAHAH Clonidine 300micrograms/24hours transdermal patches BNF
0205020E0BBAAAC Catapres 100microgram tablets BNF
0205020E0BBADAB Catapres 150micrograms/1ml solution for injection ampoules BNF
0205020E0BBAEAF Catapres TTS 1 patches BNF
0205020E0BBAFAG Catapres TTS 2 patches BNF
0205020E0BBAGAH Catapres TTS 3 patches BNF
0205020H0AAACAC Methyldopa 125mg tablets BNF
0205020H0AAADAD Methyldopa 250mg tablets BNF
0205020H0AAAEAE Methyldopa 500mg tablets BNF
0205020H0AAAIAI Methyldopa 250mg/5ml oral suspension BNF
0205020H0BBABAD Aldomet 250mg tablets BNF
0205020H0BBACAE Aldomet 500mg tablets BNF
0205020M0AAAAAA Moxonidine 200microgram tablets BNF
0205020M0AAABAB Moxonidine 400microgram tablets BNF
0205020M0AAACAC Moxonidine 300microgram tablets BNF
0205020M0BBAAAA Physiotens 200microgram tablets (Mylan) BNF
0205020M0BBABAB Physiotens 400microgram tablets (Mylan) BNF
0205020M0BBACAC Physiotens 300microgram tablets (Mylan) BNF
0205040D0AAAAAA Doxazosin 1mg tablets BNF
0205040D0AAABAB Doxazosin 2mg tablets BNF
0205040D0AAACAC Doxazosin 4mg tablets BNF
0205040D0AAAHAH Doxazosin 8mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0205040D0AAAIAI Doxazosin 2mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0205040D0AAAKAK Doxazosin 5mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0205040D0AAAQAQ Doxazosin 4mg modified-release tablets BNF
0205040D0AAARAR Doxazosin 8mg modified-release tablets BNF
0205040D0AAAXAX Doxazosin 4mg/5ml oral solution BNF
0205040D0AAAYAY Doxazosin 4mg/5ml oral suspension BNF
0205040D0AAAZAZ Doxazosin 1mg/5ml oral solution BNF
0205040D0AABABA Doxazosin 1mg/5ml oral suspension BNF
0205040D0AABBBB Doxazosin 8mg tablets BNF
0205040D0BBAAAA Cardura 1mg tablets BNF
0205040D0BBABAB Cardura 2mg tablets BNF
0205040D0BBADAQ Cardura XL 4mg tablets BNF
0205040D0BBAEAR Cardura XL 8mg tablets BNF
0205040D0BDAAAA Doxadura 1mg tablets BNF
0205040D0BDABAB Doxadura 2mg tablets BNF
0205040D0BDACAC Doxadura 4mg tablets BNF
0205040D0BDADAQ Doxadura XL 4mg tablets BNF
0205040D0BEAAAQ Slocinx XL 4mg tablets BNF
0205040D0BGABAQ Cardozin XL 4mg tablets (Almus) BNF
0205040D0BIAAAQ Doxzogen XL 4mg tablets BNF
0205040D0BJAAAQ Larbex XL 4mg tablets BNF
0205040D0BKAAAQ Raporsin XL 4mg tablets (Actavis) BNF
0205040I0AAAAAA Indoramin 25mg tablets BNF
0205040M0AAACAC Phenoxybenzamine 10mg capsules BNF
0205040S0AAABAB Prazosin 500microgram tablets BNF
0205040S0AAACAC Prazosin 1mg tablets BNF
0205040S0AAADAD Prazosin 2mg tablets BNF
0205040S0AAAEAE Prazosin 5mg tablets BNF
0205040S0AAAIAI Prazosin 500micrograms/5ml oral liquid BNF
0205040S0AAAKAK Prazosin 1mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0205040S0BBAAAB Hypovase 500microgram tablets BNF
0205040S0BBABAC Hypovase 1mg tablets BNF
0205040S0BCABAD Minipress 2mg tablets BNF
0205040V0AAAAAA Terazosin 2mg tablets and Terazosin 1mg tablets BNF
0205040V0AAABAB Terazosin 2mg tablets BNF
0205040V0AAACAC Terazosin 5mg tablets BNF
0205040V0AAADAD Terazosin 10mg tablets BNF
0205040V0BBABAB Hytrin 2mg tablets BNF
0205040V0BBACAC Hytrin 5mg tablets BNF
0205040V0BBADAD Hytrin 10mg tablets BNF
0205040V0BBAEAA Hytrin tablets starter pack BNF
0205040V0BCAAAB Benph 2mg tablets BNF
0205051AAAAABAB Perindopril tosilate 5mg tablets BNF
0205051AAAAACAC Perindopril tosilate 10mg tablets BNF
0205051ABAAAAAA Perindopril tosilate 5mg / Indapamide 1.25mg tablets BNF
0205051ACAAAAAA Perindopril erbumine 4mg / Amlodipine 5mg tablets BNF
0205051ACAAABAB Perindopril erbumine 4mg / Amlodipine 10mg tablets BNF
0205051ACAAACAC Perindopril erbumine 8mg / Amlodipine 10mg tablets BNF
0205051ACAAADAD Perindopril erbumine 8mg / Amlodipine 5mg tablets BNF
0205051E0AAAEAE Cilazapril 5mg tablets BNF
0205051F0AAADAD Captopril 12.5mg tablets BNF
0205051F0AAAEAE Captopril 25mg tablets BNF
0205051F0AAAFAF Captopril 50mg tablets BNF
0205051F0AABNBN Captopril 5mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0205051F0AABPBP Captopril 20mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0205051F0AABRBR Captopril 10mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0205051F0AABTBT Captopril 12.5mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0205051F0AABWBW Captopril 25mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0205051F0AABXBX Captopril 6.25mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0205051F0AABYBY Captopril 2.5mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0205051F0AACACA Captopril 50mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0205051F0AACDCD Captopril 3mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0205051F0AACICI Captopril 3.125mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0205051F0AACTCT Captopril 5mg/ml oral solution sugar free BNF
0205051F0AADFDF Captopril 12mg/5ml oral solution BNF
0205051F0AADUDU Captopril 50mg capsules BNF
0205051F0AADZDZ Captopril 25mg/5ml oral solution sugar free BNF
0205051F0AAEAEA Captopril 5mg/5ml oral solution sugar free BNF
0205051F0BCABAE Capoten 25mg tablets BNF
0205051F0BCACAF Capoten 50mg tablets BNF
0205051F0BDABAE Ecopace 25mg tablets BNF
0205051F0BIAADZ Noyada 25mg/5ml oral solution BNF
0205051F0BIABEA Noyada 5mg/5ml oral solution BNF
0205051G0AAAAAA Co-zidocapt 25mg/50mg tablets BNF
0205051G0AAABAB Co-zidocapt 12.5mg/25mg tablets BNF
0205051G0BCAAAA Capozide 25mg/50mg tablets BNF
0205051H0AAAAAA Enalapril 20mg / Hydrochlorothiazide 12.5mg tablets BNF
0205051H0BBAAAA Innozide 20mg/12.5mg tablets BNF
0205051I0AAAAAA Enalapril 2.5mg tablets BNF
0205051I0AAABAB Enalapril 5mg tablets BNF
0205051I0AAACAC Enalapril 10mg tablets BNF
0205051I0AAADAD Enalapril 20mg tablets BNF
0205051I0AAAJAJ Enalapril 2.5mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0205051I0AAAUAU Enalapril 10mg/5ml oral solution BNF
0205051I0AABFBF Enalapril 1.25mg/5ml oral solution BNF
0205051I0AABSBS Enalapril 1.5mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0205051I0AABTBT Enalapril 1.2mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0205051I0AABYBY Enalapril 5mg/5ml oral solution BNF
0205051I0AABZBZ Enalapril 5mg/5ml oral suspension BNF
0205051I0AACACA Enalapril 10mg/5ml oral suspension BNF
0205051I0AACBCB Enalapril 1.25mg/5ml oral suspension BNF
0205051I0BBAAAA Innovace 2.5mg tablets BNF
0205051I0BBABAB Innovace 5mg tablets BNF
0205051I0BBACAC Innovace 10mg tablets BNF
0205051I0BBADAD Innovace 20mg tablets BNF
0205051J0AAAAAA Fosinopril 10mg tablets BNF
0205051J0AAABAB Fosinopril 20mg tablets BNF
0205051J0BBABAB Staril 20mg tablets BNF
0205051K0AAAAAA Lisinopril 20mg / Hydrochlorothiazide 12.5mg tablets BNF
0205051K0AAABAB Lisinopril 10mg / Hydrochlorothiazide 12.5mg tablets BNF
0205051K0BBAAAA Zestoretic 20 tablets BNF
0205051K0BBABAB Zestoretic 10 tablets BNF
0205051K0BCAAAA Carace 20 Plus tablets BNF
0205051K0BDABAA Caralpha 20mg/12.5mg tablets BNF
0205051K0BFAAAA Lisoretic 20mg/12.5mg tablets BNF
0205051K0BFABAB Lisoretic 10mg/12.5mg tablets BNF
0205051L0AAAAAA Lisinopril 2.5mg tablets BNF
0205051L0AAABAB Lisinopril 5mg tablets BNF
0205051L0AAACAC Lisinopril 10mg tablets BNF
0205051L0AAADAD Lisinopril 20mg tablets BNF
0205051L0AAAGAG Lisinopril 5mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0205051L0AAAHAH Lisinopril 10mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0205051L0AAAIAI Lisinopril 2.5mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0205051L0AAAKAK Lisinopril 15mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0205051L0AAANAN Lisinopril 7.5mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0205051L0AAAQAQ Lisinopril 5mg/5ml oral solution sugar free BNF
0205051L0AAAYAY Lisinopril 20mg/5ml oral solution BNF
0205051L0AAAZAZ Lisinopril 20mg/5ml oral suspension BNF
0205051L0BBAAAA Zestril 2.5mg tablets BNF
0205051L0BBABAB Zestril 5mg tablets BNF
0205051L0BBACAC Zestril 10mg tablets BNF
0205051L0BBADAD Zestril 20mg tablets BNF
0205051L0BCACAC Carace 10mg tablets BNF
0205051L0BEAAAA Lisopress 2.5mg tablets BNF
0205051L0BEACAC Lisopress 10mg tablets BNF
0205051M0AAAAAA Perindopril erbumine 2mg tablets BNF
0205051M0AAABAB Perindopril erbumine 4mg tablets BNF
0205051M0AAACAC Perindopril erbumine 1mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0205051M0AAAFAF Perindopril erbumine 8mg tablets BNF
0205051M0AAAHAH Perindopril erbumine 8mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0205051M0AAAKAK Perindopril erbumine 4mg/5ml oral solution BNF
0205051M0AAALAL Perindopril erbumine 4mg/5ml oral suspension BNF
0205051M0BBAAAA Coversyl 2mg tablets BNF
0205051M0BBABAB Coversyl 4mg tablets BNF
0205051M0BBACAF Coversyl 8mg tablets BNF
0205051N0AAAAAA Perindopril erbumine 4mg / Indapamide 1.25mg tablets BNF
0205051N0BBAAAA Coversyl Plus tablets BNF
0205051P0AAAAAA Quinapril 10mg / Hydrochlorothiazide 12.5mg tablets BNF
0205051P0BBAAAA Accuretic 10mg/12.5mg tablets BNF
0205051Q0AAAAAA Quinapril 5mg tablets BNF
0205051Q0AAABAB Quinapril 10mg tablets BNF
0205051Q0AAACAC Quinapril 20mg tablets BNF
0205051Q0AAADAD Quinapril 40mg tablets BNF
0205051Q0BBAAAA Accupro 5mg tablets BNF
0205051Q0BBABAB Accupro 10mg tablets BNF
0205051Q0BBACAC Accupro 20mg tablets BNF
0205051Q0BBADAD Accupro 40mg tablets BNF
0205051R0AAAAAA Ramipril 1.25mg capsules BNF
0205051R0AAABAB Ramipril 2.5mg capsules BNF
0205051R0AAACAC Ramipril 5mg capsules BNF
0205051R0AAADAD Ramipril 10mg capsules BNF
0205051R0AAAEAE Ramipril 5mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0205051R0AAAFAF Ramipril 2.5mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0205051R0AAAGAG Ramipril 1.25mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0205051R0AAAHAH Ramipril 10mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0205051R0AAAKAK Ramipril 1.25mg tablets BNF
0205051R0AAALAL Ramipril 2.5mg tablets BNF
0205051R0AAAMAM Ramipril 5mg tablets BNF
0205051R0AAANAN Ramipril 10mg tablets BNF
0205051R0AAATAT Ramipril 2.5mg/5ml oral solution sugar free BNF
0205051R0AAAUAU Generic Tritace titration pack tablets BNF
0205051R0BBADAD Tritace 10mg capsules BNF
0205051R0BBAFAK Tritace 1.25mg tablets BNF
0205051R0BBAGAL Tritace 2.5mg tablets BNF
0205051R0BBAHAM Tritace 5mg tablets BNF
0205051R0BBAIAN Tritace 10mg tablets BNF
0205051R0BBAJAU Tritace titration pack tablets BNF
0205051S0AAAAAA Felodipine 2.5mg modified-release / Ramipril 2.5mg tablets BNF
0205051S0AAABAB Felodipine 5mg modified-release / Ramipril 5mg tablets BNF
0205051S0BBAAAA Triapin 2.5mg/2.5mg modified-release tablets BNF
0205051S0BBABAB Triapin 5mg/5mg modified-release tablets BNF
0205051U0AAAAAA Trandolapril 500microgram capsules BNF
0205051U0AAABAB Trandolapril 1mg capsules BNF
0205051U0AAACAC Trandolapril 2mg capsules BNF
0205051U0AAAFAF Trandolapril 4mg capsules BNF
0205051W0AAAAAA Imidapril 10mg tablets BNF
0205051W0AAABAB Imidapril 5mg tablets BNF
0205051W0AAACAC Imidapril 20mg tablets BNF
0205051W0BBAAAA Tanatril 10mg tablets BNF
0205051W0BBABAB Tanatril 5mg tablets BNF
0205051W0BBACAC Tanatril 20mg tablets BNF
0205051Y0AAAAAA Perindopril arginine 2.5mg tablets BNF
0205051Y0AAABAB Perindopril arginine 5mg tablets BNF
0205051Y0AAACAC Perindopril arginine 10mg tablets BNF
0205051Y0BBAAAA Coversyl Arginine 2.5mg tablets BNF
0205051Y0BBABAB Coversyl Arginine 5mg tablets BNF
0205051Y0BBACAC Coversyl Arginine 10mg tablets BNF
0205051Z0AAAAAA Perindopril arginine 5mg / Indapamide 1.25mg tablets BNF
0205051Z0BBAAAA Coversyl Arginine Plus 5mg/1.25mg tablets BNF
0205052A0AAAAAA Irbesartan 150mg / Hydrochlorothiazide 12.5mg tablets BNF
0205052A0AAABAB Irbesartan 300mg / Hydrochlorothiazide 12.5mg tablets BNF
0205052A0AAACAC Irbesartan 300mg / Hydrochlorothiazide 25mg tablets BNF
0205052A0BBAAAA CoAprovel 150mg/12.5mg tablets BNF
0205052A0BBABAB CoAprovel 300mg/12.5mg tablets BNF
0205052A0BBACAC CoAprovel 300mg/25mg tablets BNF
0205052ABAAAAAA Olmesartan medoxomil 20mg / Amlodipine 5mg tablets BNF
0205052ABAAABAB Olmesartan medoxomil 40mg / Amlodipine 5mg tablets BNF
0205052ABAAACAC Olmesartan medoxomil 40mg / Amlodipine 10mg tablets BNF
0205052ABBBAAAA Sevikar 20mg/5mg tablets BNF
0205052ABBBABAB Sevikar 40mg/5mg tablets BNF
0205052ABBBACAC Sevikar 40mg/10mg tablets BNF
0205052ACAAAAAA Generic Sevikar HCT 20mg/5mg/12.5mg tablets BNF
0205052ACAAABAB Generic Sevikar HCT 40mg/5mg/12.5mg tablets BNF
0205052ACAAACAC Generic Sevikar HCT 40mg/10mg/12.5mg tablets BNF
0205052ACAAADAD Generic Sevikar HCT 40mg/5mg/25mg tablets BNF
0205052ACAAAEAE Generic Sevikar HCT 40mg/10mg/25mg tablets BNF
0205052ACBBAAAA Sevikar HCT 20mg/5mg/12.5mg tablets BNF
0205052ACBBABAB Sevikar HCT 40mg/5mg/12.5mg tablets BNF
0205052ACBBACAC Sevikar HCT 40mg/10mg/12.5mg tablets BNF
0205052ACBBADAD Sevikar HCT 40mg/5mg/25mg tablets BNF
0205052ACBBAEAE Sevikar HCT 40mg/10mg/25mg tablets BNF
0205052ADAAAAAA Azilsartan medoxomil 20mg tablets BNF
0205052ADAAABAB Azilsartan medoxomil 40mg tablets BNF
0205052ADAAACAC Azilsartan medoxomil 80mg tablets BNF
0205052ADBBAAAA Edarbi 20mg tablets BNF
0205052ADBBABAB Edarbi 40mg tablets BNF
0205052ADBBACAC Edarbi 80mg tablets BNF
0205052AEAAAAAA Sacubitril 49mg / Valsartan 51mg tablets BNF
0205052AEAAABAB Sacubitril 97mg / Valsartan 103mg tablets BNF
0205052AEAAACAC Sacubitril 24mg / Valsartan 26mg tablets BNF
0205052AEBBAAAA Entresto 49mg/51mg tablets BNF
0205052AEBBABAB Entresto 97mg/103mg tablets BNF
0205052AEBBACAC Entresto 24mg/26mg tablets BNF
0205052B0AAAAAA Olmesartan medoxomil 10mg tablets BNF
0205052B0AAABAB Olmesartan medoxomil 20mg tablets BNF
0205052B0AAACAC Olmesartan medoxomil 40mg tablets BNF
0205052B0AAADAD Olmesartan medoxomil 10mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0205052B0BBAAAA Olmetec 10mg tablets BNF
0205052B0BBABAB Olmetec 20mg tablets BNF
0205052B0BBACAC Olmetec 40mg tablets BNF
0205052C0AAAAAA Candesartan 2mg tablets BNF
0205052C0AAABAB Candesartan 4mg tablets BNF
0205052C0AAACAC Candesartan 8mg tablets BNF
0205052C0AAADAD Candesartan 16mg tablets BNF
0205052C0AAAHAH Candesartan 32mg tablets BNF
0205052C0AAAJAJ Candesartan 8mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0205052C0BBAAAA Amias 2mg tablets BNF
0205052C0BBABAB Amias 4mg tablets BNF
0205052C0BBACAC Amias 8mg tablets BNF
0205052C0BBADAD Amias 16mg tablets BNF
0205052C0BBAEAH Amias 32mg tablets BNF
0205052I0AAAAAA Irbesartan 75mg tablets BNF
0205052I0AAABAB Irbesartan 150mg tablets BNF
0205052I0AAACAC Irbesartan 300mg tablets BNF
0205052I0AAAFAF Irbesartan 150mg/5ml oral suspension BNF
0205052I0AAAGAG Irbesartan 300mg/5ml oral suspension BNF
0205052I0AAAMAM Irbesartan 100mg/5ml oral suspension BNF
0205052I0BBAAAA Aprovel 75mg tablets BNF
0205052I0BBABAB Aprovel 150mg tablets BNF
0205052I0BBACAC Aprovel 300mg tablets BNF
0205052I0BEAAAA Ifirmasta 75mg tablets BNF
0205052I0BEABAB Ifirmasta 150mg tablets BNF
0205052I0BEACAC Ifirmasta 300mg tablets BNF
0205052N0AAAAAA Losartan 25mg tablets BNF
0205052N0AAABAB Losartan 50mg tablets BNF
0205052N0AAADAD Losartan 100mg tablets BNF
0205052N0AAAEAE Losartan 50mg/5ml oral solution BNF
0205052N0AAAFAF Losartan 100mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0205052N0AAAGAG Losartan 25mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0205052N0AAAHAH Losartan 12.5mg tablets BNF
0205052N0AAAIAI Losartan 2.5mg/ml oral suspension sugar free BNF
0205052N0AAAJAJ Losartan 50mg/5ml oral suspension BNF
0205052N0AAALAL Losartan 12.5mg/5ml oral suspension BNF
0205052N0BBAAAA Cozaar 25mg tablets BNF
0205052N0BBABAB Cozaar 50mg tablets BNF
0205052N0BBACAD Cozaar 100mg tablets BNF
0205052N0BBADAH Cozaar 12.5mg tablets BNF
0205052N0BBAEAI Cozaar 2.5mg/ml oral suspension BNF
0205052P0AAAAAA Losartan 50mg / Hydrochlorothiazide 12.5mg tablets BNF
0205052P0AAABAB Losartan 100mg / Hydrochlorothiazide 25mg tablets BNF
0205052P0AAACAC Losartan 100mg / Hydrochlorothiazide 12.5mg tablets BNF
0205052P0BBAAAA Cozaar-Comp 50mg/12.5mg tablets BNF
0205052P0BBABAB Cozaar-Comp 100mg/25mg tablets BNF
0205052P0BBACAC Cozaar-Comp 100mg/12.5mg tablets BNF
0205052Q0AAAAAA Telmisartan 40mg tablets BNF
0205052Q0AAABAB Telmisartan 80mg tablets BNF
0205052Q0AAACAC Telmisartan 20mg tablets BNF
0205052Q0BBAAAA Micardis 40mg tablets BNF
0205052Q0BBABAB Micardis 80mg tablets BNF
0205052Q0BBACAC Micardis 20mg tablets BNF
0205052Q0BCAAAA Tolura 40mg tablets BNF
0205052Q0BCABAB Tolura 80mg tablets BNF
0205052Q0BCACAC Tolura 20mg tablets BNF
0205052R0AAAAAA Telmisartan 40mg / Hydrochlorothiazide 12.5mg tablets BNF
0205052R0AAABAB Telmisartan 80mg / Hydrochlorothiazide 12.5mg tablets BNF
0205052R0AAACAC Telmisartan 80mg / Hydrochlorothiazide 25mg tablets BNF
0205052R0BBAAAA MicardisPlus 40mg/12.5mg tablets BNF
0205052R0BBABAB MicardisPlus 80mg/12.5mg tablets BNF
0205052R0BBACAC MicardisPlus 80mg/25mg tablets BNF
0205052R0BCAAAA Actelsar HCT 40mg/12.5mg tablets BNF
0205052R0BCABAB Actelsar HCT 80mg/12.5mg tablets BNF
0205052R0BCACAC Actelsar HCT 80mg/25mg tablets BNF
0205052R0BDAAAA Tolucombi 40mg/12.5mg tablets BNF
0205052R0BDABAB Tolucombi 80mg/12.5mg tablets BNF
0205052R0BDACAC Tolucombi 80mg/25mg tablets BNF
0205052V0AAAAAA Valsartan 40mg capsules BNF
0205052V0AAABAB Valsartan 80mg capsules BNF
0205052V0AAACAC Valsartan 160mg capsules BNF
0205052V0AAADAD Valsartan 40mg tablets BNF
0205052V0AAAEAE Valsartan 40mg/5ml oral liquid BNF
0205052V0AAAFAF Valsartan 320mg tablets BNF
0205052V0AAAHAH Valsartan 160mg tablets BNF
0205052V0AAAIAI Valsartan 80mg tablets BNF
0205052V0AAAJAJ Valsartan 3mg/ml oral solution BNF
0205052V0BBAAAA Diovan 40mg capsules BNF
0205052V0BBABAB Diovan 80mg capsules BNF
0205052V0BBACAC Diovan 160mg capsules BNF
0205052V0BBADAD Diovan 40mg tablets BNF
0205052V0BBAEAF Diovan 320mg tablets BNF
0205052V0BBAFAJ Diovan 3mg/1ml oral solution BNF
0205052W0AAAAAA Eprosartan 300mg tablets BNF
0205052W0AAABAB Eprosartan 400mg tablets BNF
0205052W0AAACAC Eprosartan 600mg tablets BNF
0205052W0BBAAAA Teveten 300mg tablets BNF
0205052W0BBABAB Teveten 400mg tablets BNF
0205052W0BBACAC Teveten 600mg tablets BNF
0205052X0AAAAAA Valsartan 160mg / Hydrochlorothiazide 12.5mg tablets BNF
0205052X0AAABAB Valsartan 160mg / Hydrochlorothiazide 25mg tablets BNF