Hypertension (uncomplicated) - Elixhauser primary care

David Metcalfe, James Masters, Antonella Delmestri, Andrew Judge, Daniel Perry, Cheryl Zogg, Belinda Gabbe, Matthew Costa

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Hypertension (uncomplicated) comorbidity category for Elixhauser index, defined in Read codes for primary care by David Metcalfe et. al.


  • Metcalfe, D., Masters, J., Delmestri, A. et al. Coding algorithms for defining Charlson and Elixhauser co-morbidities in Read-coded databases. BMC Med Res Methodol 19, 115 (2019).

  • Elixhauser A, Steiner C, Harris DR, et al. Comorbidity measures for use with administrative data. Med Care. 1998;36(1):8–27.

  • Lyons J, Akbari A, Agrawal U, et al Protocol for the development of the Wales Multimorbidity e-Cohort (WMC): data sources and methods to construct a population-based research platform to investigate multimorbidity BMJ Open 2021;11:e047101. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2020-047101

Clinical Code List

Rows: 63
Code Description Medcode
14A2.00 H/O: hypertension 2666
6146200 Hypertension induced by oral contraceptive pill 32976
661M600 Hypertension self-management plan agreed 109611
662..12 Hypertension monitoring 4444
6627.00 Good hypertension control 16565
6628.00 Poor hypertension control 27511
6629.00 Hypertension:follow-up default 30776
662F.00 Hypertension treatm. started 21826
662G.00 Hypertensive treatm.changed 13188
662O.00 On treatment for hypertension 3425
662P.00 Hypertension monitoring 13186
662P000 Hypertension 9 month review 102406
662b.00 Moderate hypertension control 18590
662c.00 Hypertension six month review 18482
662d.00 Hypertension annual review 19070
662q.00 Trial reduction of antihypertensive therapy 99259
67H8.00 Lifestyle advice regarding hypertension 98230
7Q01y00 Other specified high cost hypertension drugs 101649
8B26.00 Antihypertensive therapy 18057
8BL0.00 Patient on maximal tolerated antihypertensive therapy 11056
8CR4.00 Hypertension clinical management plan 12680
8HT5.00 Referral to hypertension clinic 5513
8I3N.00 Hypertension treatment refused 22333
8IA5.00 Trial withdrawal of antihypertensive therapy declined 106279
9N1y200 Seen in hypertension clinic 27634
9OI..00 Hypertension monitoring admin. 5215
9OI..11 Hypertension clinic admin. 27525
9OIA.11 Hypertension monitored 24127
G2...00 Hypertensive disease 204
G2...11 BP - hypertensive disease 8732
G20..00 Essential hypertension 799
G20..12 Primary hypertension 107704
G200.00 Malignant essential hypertension 15377
G201.00 Benign essential hypertension 1894
G202.00 Systolic hypertension 4372
G203.00 Diastolic hypertension 83473
G20z.00 Essential hypertension NOS 10818
G20z.11 Hypertension NOS 3712
G24..00 Secondary hypertension 7329
G240.00 Secondary malignant hypertension 31755
G240000 Secondary malignant renovascular hypertension 59383
G240z00 Secondary malignant hypertension NOS 73293
G241.00 Secondary benign hypertension 57288
G241000 Secondary benign renovascular hypertension 25371
G241z00 Secondary benign hypertension NOS 51635
G244.00 Hypertension secondary to endocrine disorders 34744
G24z.00 Secondary hypertension NOS 16059
G24z000 Secondary renovascular hypertension NOS 31387
G24z100 Hypertension secondary to drug 31341
G24zz00 Secondary hypertension NOS 42229
G25..00 Stage 1 hypertension (NICE - Nat Ins for Hth Clin Excl 2011) 105371
G25..11 Stage 1 hypertension 105316
G26..00 Severe hypertension (Nat Inst for Health Clinical Ex 2011) 105989
G26..11 Severe hypertension 105487
G27..00 Hypertension resistant to drug therapy 105480
G28..00 Stage 2 hypertension (NICE - Nat Ins for Hth Clin Excl 2011) 105274
G2y..00 Other specified hypertensive disease 18765
G2z..00 Hypertensive disease NOS 7057
Gyu2.00 [X]Hypertensive diseases 69753
Gyu2000 [X]Other secondary hypertension 102458
Gyu2100 [X]Hypertension secondary to other renal disorders 97533
U60C511 [X] Adverse reaction to other antihypertensives 30770
U60C51A [X] Adverse reaction to antihypertensives NOS 44350


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Version History

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2367 Hypertension (uncomplicated) - Elixhauser primary care coldeaa 2023-02-14 currently shown

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